Red Dead Online Reaction and Mike’s Most Wanted Challenge: Show of the Week

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Surprise! The Red Dead Online Beta went live this week and no-one was more surprised than us, or more specifically than Andy who has mysteriously gone missing all of a sudden. We investigate that and share our opinions of Red Dead Redemption 2’s long-awaited online multiplayer mode, before Mike takes on a challenge in the game’s Most Wanted competitive multiplayer game mode.

Red Dead Redemption is out now on Xbox One and PS4.

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46 Responses

  1. rogue -52 says:

    Man jane is gorgeous

  2. Chris Pilcher says:

    Barber has a hairstyle that looks like Mike's hair, You guys should form a permanent posse and team up together.

  3. Facu Fuentes y Arballo says:

    Of course you didn´t cry Jane, you never have .Not even the day of experimemt C-37

  4. Connor Calder says:

    Its fine, RDRO wont be playable for at least 2 years. Much like GTA V it will take them a long time to actually make it massively enjoyable and even then I myself wont play it because people are gonna suck throughout the games lifespan. (Like GTA V)

  5. Luke T Simmons says:

    Andy goes missing but the Show (of the Week) must go on! Farewell Andy, you contributed…

  6. Jordan Riley says:

    Andy is my patronus.

  7. Xbox Xbot says:

    Screen cap of Jane equals like. Waiting for the 12 days of Christmas challenge!

  8. J. C. says:

    Damn it, Gambit, now we all know your secret identity if goofy Mike.

  9. Teresa hikes says:

    ya they need more customization of character.

  10. The Titan’s Shadow says:

    Forget tomato or tomaato, now it’s beta or beeta

  11. thanatos5150 says:

    Mike laying into the Institution of marriage like we don't see the wedding ring on his finger.
    I'm on to you.

  12. Aman Shaikh says:

    Plus, the limited hairstyle options may be due to the fact that you are literally entering a prison and thus need to have some sort of decent or a bit civilised appearance

  13. LunaArgentum10 says:

    I swear I hear Andy's laugh in the background at 15:00. Just me???

  14. Zulu Bunsen says:

    Just be aware that if you find Kili in a chest, Fili will be also close by.

  15. Red Menace 0 says:

    My problem is the "economy" in online. Very annoying, it's a big grind. Best way to go is hunt or find treasure after completing a hideout.

  16. KyleeAshton3 says:

    I didn't know Mike wrote King of the Hill… you know, Mike Judge…. I'll let myself out now.

  17. Simon Turner says:

    Are you completely sure bells are always good? Has no one here ever seen Annabelle: Creation????

  18. Ernesto Lone Wolf says:

    Someone needs to tell this man that the outside circle from the center of the aiming reticle is actually the one that matters the most, the higher the accuracy for a weapon the faster the outside circle will close in to the center circle, once the outside circle closes into the center you can bet your bullet will go straight there

  19. peb peb says:

    did anybody else noticed that poor lego eckbert DIED in the background

  20. Brendan Mc says:

    Andy: ''Eight years waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2 to come out…*relieved exhale* It was totally worth it. I need a holiday after all that clothes shopping! I'm sure it'll be quite sometime before any new RDR2 content comes out.''

    R*: He's gone on holiday! Release online, now! 19…19 Horse types, Andy! Eight years of horse ball rendering and you only use the *Horson*!?

  21. M0r7r3d0r says:

    Guys, Luke can take out the bins, just have Ellen tell him it's for the dinosaurs

  22. BGM Reviews says:

    Mike: 'the jingle bells and the.. jingly-ness they bring?'
    Me *skimming the comments and watching Doctor Who and not paying attention (sorry!)*: I beg your pardon?

  23. Sir Ravix of Fourhorn says:

    So Mike has Gambit's power huh?
    Kinetic Cards!!

  24. Steven Johnson says:

    I want mike, jane, luke, and ellen playing rd2 online possy mode with andy judging how they did

  25. Cheshire says:

    Aww lego Egbert fell off his stand

  26. The Penguin Wrangler says:

    Andy's will be the other end of the spectrum on the character creator? Really?! Did you see his Commander Sheppard?

  27. Enter a name here says:

    Weddings are good?! Don't you watch Game of Thrones?

  28. Alpha Mike says:

    The judges may say no to Jane getting a point but the computer says yes, oh wait… lol

  29. Alpha Mike says:

    Mike's power is the same as Gambit's apparently lol

  30. DallyDaydream says:

    I was going to suggest just exploding the bins rather than taking them out, but on reflection, that may create more problems than it solves…

  31. Alpha Mike says:

    Narascus will have underlighting called underhoofing

  32. Richard Frost says:

    Mike: "I'm gonna be a bit more stealthy."

    Me: "Who are you and what have you done with the real Mike?"

  33. henry db says:

    where is hitman 2?

  34. Dan Moar says:


  35. David says:

    7:02 Shire Laboeuf hahahaha

  36. deadbloodlust says:

    Griefing or avoid all pink moving dots as possible is the biggest problem with Red Dead Online.
    I swear we need a bounty system for the griefers.

  37. Jack McMorrow says:


  38. Winging It With Bleep says:


  39. Tristan Van Helden says:

    How was Andy playing red dead online on Xbox? It is only on PlayStation right now, there’s the proof we needed he was really killed by Krampus

  40. IOUT says:

    Seems like Jane and Mike got so wrapped up in talking about bells that they forgot to remind us to click the like button this time. Also lunch.

  41. Mr. PoT says:

    Would anybody like to game share red dead redemption please? On Xbox1?

  42. Qwiet Ryott says:

    Sociopaths and Machoists can keep this Shit Show they call RDR2O.
    I'll return to Solo story mode. ffs

  43. Alejandro Sosa says:

    Yeah why male characters no one likes man butt plus a female character makes me care more for the character like a older bro mentality.

  44. Sven says:

    So Andy is not taking out the bins, we'll that's rubbish then.

  45. Lego Corvo says:

    Did Andy win a contest to submit a Red Dead Online character and that's how we got Mrs LeClerk? Because seriously, gothic vampire cowboy could not be more his deal if it tried.

  46. Rodrigo says:

    I feel like moving buildings is their solution to 99 percent of their problems. Someone let a bunch of stray dogs in, move buildings. Someone let a bear in, move buildings.There was flooding in the building, move buildings. Luke accidentally started the apocalypse, move buildings. Jane's experiment went out of hand, well you get the point.

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