Remainer Gina Miller brands Boris Johnson ‘a repeated liar’

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Anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller launched her latest battle against quitting the EU today promising the ‘unspun facts’ about Brexit. The former model-turned amateur politician said she wanted the ‘light of transparency’ to shine on the Brexit debate. Ms Miller, 53, has launched a series of campaigns on Brexit since successfully challenging the Government in the Supreme Court over Article 50. She will speak at next week’s Liberal Democrat conference amid continued speculation she wants a full-time political career.

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13 Responses

  1. Jo Soap says:

    Oh no who keeps giving this jumped up frustrating woman time in the media to get her ridiculous ideas over.
    She is NOT a politician as she would like you to think .
    She’s a jumped up nobody who has had too much tv air time to stir up trouble .Like Teresa May,
    Shes not even British.She came from Guyana to find and grab some unsuspecting person /persons who she worked for to back her claims..

  2. Marilu 222 says:

    Look in the mirror, there’s no such thing as an ‘ethical’ financial dealer in the ‘Futures’ market as this woman expects us to believe she is, it’s like the pot calling the kettle white!

  3. John Walker says:

    A Lyrebird (Gina Miller) is programmed to learn repeatedly spoken words, and endlessly repeat them, without knowing what they mean.

  4. John Walker says:

    Why are the media giving this obnoxious, fame hungry, self-opinionated immigrant, a platform for her anti-British views?

  5. Mandy Khoo says:

    She seems too certain and rather arrogant…sure she means we'll but rather rehearsed???

  6. Tiny Nijman says:

    Some fresh and positive response to the Brexit debacle and unclearness of it all.
    Thank you Gina ! For your common sense !

  7. William Marshal says:

    You didn't end the chaos … You started it !!!!

  8. Snowy Owel says:

    Gena miller is behaving in a treasonous undemocratic betrayal of the British people who voted to leave the EU and WON the referendum we are leaving the EU

  9. Nairda Morton says:

    Oh how very kind of you to offer us the benefit of your "public service" now that you're a "transparency campaigner". You want to do some "straight talking" about the "likely costs" of Brexit. And put right the "repeated lies" of Boris Johnson. YOU said your court case was not about stopping Brexit. But you're oh so honest? You also say you would rather remain and reform? Didn't You notice that David Cameron tried that before the referendum. The EU wouldn't reform. So you are deluded in your beliefs Ms Miller. I bet your so called "straight talking" will be totally biased also.

  10. Tommy Jackson says:

    She is not pushing for the same referendum on leaving the EU, she is pushing for a new referendum for people to vote on the kind of deal you with the EU they want. It is essentially common sense really.

  11. Barry Beard says:

    Once again this loud mouthed woman is being paid to stop brexit.shes the liar not Boris.

  12. M Bicks says:

    We decided our future. We voted to leave the EU. People like you just cannot accept the result. If remain had won, we would have accepted the result.

  13. 4bigmonk says:

    Shes after 15mins of fame lol… one really likes her..wot a borin cow

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