Reporting In: Emma Vigeland DESTROYS Host In Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Debate

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Notes from the field. Malcolm Fleschner checks in with TYT reporters working on the front lines, giving them a chance to share their experiences and perspectives.

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42 Responses

  1. demonic turtle says:

    Emma is like one of those girls you date for a week then dump after you can’t stand her talking about how bad “other” white people are

  2. richard lopez says:

    I would love to punch her in the face

  3. Patrick Horgan says:

    Love you Emma

  4. Frank Barrie says:

    emma is awesome… however, no destruction (as it says in title of the vid) in this video lol

  5. Kain Frost says:

    I think the word "Destory" was used as a joke and to get your attention

  6. occam says:

    I just love how this dude stepped up to the plate to take care of his wife’s young African American son. What a hero and what a great example to all step dads in the world.

  7. bjj4ever86 says:

    You spelled destroyed wrong. Im pretty sure you meant to say "politely converses with"

  8. Roberto García says:

    She did a great job. Congratulations

  9. David Schlessinger says:

    interview- Gen x versus Millennial

  10. Janessa Villalba says:

    Old people vote too, old people live in NY too, so is she just gonna ignore them?

  11. s h a d ø w b a n n e d says:

    How was the traffic today, AOC?

  12. Bill Pii says:

    Destroyed?! it sounds like 2 tyt people have a friendly conversation. lol I hate to see what you title your video where she actually destroys someone. "MEME comments MURDER!" lol

  13. Haspdfposadf Hpsadonifaidf says:


  14. daroe23 says:

    "DESTROYED" as a YouTube title has now officially jumped the shark.

  15. a2zme says:

    Can we please stop w/ all these CLICKBAIT adjectives in the titles… figured +TheYoungTurks would be above that kind nonsense 🙁

  16. Michael Noeldner says:

    I think Emma will be Alexandria's Press Secretary when she becomes President.

  17. Buddysimo Simonetta says:

    Hey she doesn,t play the play along to get along politics in America.

  18. Aly Julmiste says:

    Why is the host questioning AOC method of campaigning when she she won doing it her way?

  19. Moon Watcher says:

    I have to correct Emma. Trump is not anti establishment. He merely conned the world into thinking he was. The man is and always will be a greedy elitist pig and fits right in with those politicians in washington.

  20. Poorly Dunbar Videos says:

    so much stammering. It was painful to watch but I wanted the info

  21. Tweek MeNipps says:

    EV has a great career in media ahead of her. Intelligent, well informed and gutsy. The ignorant, in comments, talk about looks and use sexual innuendo. Grow, the hell, up!

  22. jmarg25 says:

    I think everyone needs to drop the word DESTROYED in video titles

  23. Eric Gandara says:

    Bernie Sanders isn't gonna be President

  24. mud cat says:

    Anyone know where I can get a cardboard cutout of Emma

  25. International Harvester says:

    Joss at Vox and Emma at Reb HQ

  26. fazbeartechusa says:

    TYT host destroys tyt producer

  27. Sir Bang-a-Lot says:

    Emma needs to sit on my face

  28. Gregory Campbell says:

    I hate to distract from the great work she has done over the years but Emma is one of the most naturally beautiful women I've ever seen. Please anyone suggest others like her.

  29. Kat Sam says:

    Emma should be a congresswoman instead of AOC

  30. Pablo Ucan says:

    CNN viewers are incredibly old! Like maybe 30ish even! Ewww, like gag me with a spoon even! Such insightful commentary from one that can barely even "do Instagram" even. Who cares about old people, it's not like they vote or anything, right? Right? Young people are where it's at; smooth skin and noses into the glass teat Forever!

  31. Terry Grant says:

    Wow, an idiot loves an idiot. No surprise there.

  32. sage ohio says:

    Emma ever runs for office she has my vote

  33. Belky Hernandez says:

    You are wrong on this one Emma. Elected officials are supposed to care about everyone. Ageist!

  34. elemental fractal says:

    Emma is a great talent. She could work for any organization and I'd be a fan of hers

  35. nhra gold says:

    She is a socialist, what more is there to say!?

  36. laug66 says:

    Malcolm dances around Emma's establishment bias as though it does not exist. it really is sad someone with bigger balls like Michael Tracy is not doing his job

  37. Richard Lewis says:

    I don't understand how anyone could go on FOX, State run Television. You want to know what is going on in the US watch Television stations over seas like BBC Spanish TV so on. Then you get the true story of what is going on in the US.

  38. Jay Smith says:

    Even if she did ‘destroy’… why does the word ‘destroy’ need to be capitalized in the title?

  39. Darryl Flinch says:

    Click bait…………. "DESTROYS".. Come on really. They were talking and nobody was trying to destroy each other.

  40. Thaddeus Ghostal says:

    LOL Vigeland with the "corporate sellout" shot at Dore, nicely played!

  41. Cheryl Tyler says:

    Emma, Please don't say publicly that you voted for Hillary Clinton. You live in New York and could easily have voted for Jill Stein so the Green Party could get public funding. It's the TYT Clinton voters that are the reason you're losing so many subscribers. I maintain my membership because of Aggressive Progressives and Jimmy Dore and Malcolm.

  42. Zack Sherman says:

    Awesome interview. Ms. Vigelund is a very talented woman.

    As for the content: democrats need to move further left. The only reason those corporate Dems won is because most of these progressives are unknowns. We need more progressives on MSM or more progressive media options so we can get the message to become more widely known.

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