RESPECT: George Galloway

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Respect’s George Galloway predicts his party will collect three seats and could have a crucial role in a hung Parliament in the 2010 UK General Elections.

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4 Responses

  1. The Young Turds says:

    nah i dont respect fools

  2. theworldvideos1 says:

    @jackofus Well he lost his "respect" after the election anyway LOL !!!!

  3. theworldvideos1 says:

    @GodfreyBouillon2 He lost his "respect" when he himself lost his seat !!! LOL

  4. Amareto says:

    Liberate women in Afghanistan? Why don't you liberate North Korean pple?
    Why don't you Liberate Tibet pple? You couldn't (NATO)even destroy Taliban with 66 nations….

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