Responding to Corbyn’s WEIRD Hanukkah message

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Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t found the time to deal with the antisemitism in his party.

But he found the time to send the Jewish community the WEIRDEST Hanukkah message ever.

We responded to his weirdness

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42 Responses

  1. Counter Hegemony says:

    Ooh look a life-long campaigner against racism being smeared as a racist. (When have I seen that happen before?!) These people do all they can to pretend that critics of apartheid Israel are antisemites, whilst doing all they can to pretend that Palestinian suffering is a fiction. Shame on you apologists for Israel's crimes.

  2. Musa Ali says:

    His message is clear and honest, he is a man who has fought against racism all his life- the reason why there is soo much hate against him is because he has spoken out against Israel’s brutal military occupation of Palestinians, the daily human rights abuses Palestinians suffer at the hand of the Israeli army and settlers. Jeremy Corbyn is best man to be PM.

  3. Saksham Tiwari says: This video is from Al Jazeera that shows the sufferings of Palestinians. Can you please make a video addressing those issues?

  4. John Stephen says:

    I'm a Gentile and also a Zionist. Why you ask? I can't stand Corbyn. He talks Taqiyah….Lies to popularise Islam. When I worked in Saudi I was asked by Muslims to convert to Islam. I told them I'd rather convert to Buddhism. I have studied Islamic and Theravada Buddhist ideology. So the Muslims started to throw stones at me. They only stopped when I shouted 'Ok, Ok, stop, Islam is right.' In this way I escaped a stoning. But of course they ae not right. More recently when I've traveled to China Thailand and Myanmar I've found Islamic terrorists reguarly attack Buddhist Temples. My experience is Muslims will smile at you when they are a minority. But when they become a majority they will open full throttle and engage in killer Jihad Allahu-Akbar mode against everyone around them. Corbyn is like a small simple child with no understanding of the problem.

  5. andreas obuaculla says:

    what a puke inducing hanuckah,message corbyn ,didnt take long few years ago to talk about his hamas"friends" he's a disgrace to british jews,and as far as that goes anyone of faith,what next,will he spout off,mouth just like Trump total soup sandwich!

  6. dudefrombelgium says:

    ok corbyns video is not to my taste but at least give him credit for some scenes. like, he chose the shop because loving your fellow person and helping strangers is an important mitzva.

  7. Sidney Smith says:

    *60 dislikes? And no one can see the growing Anti-Semitism against my brethren I hold dear. The must be disciples of Corbyn. Not much left of England since they turned traitors on Israel. Pray Corbyn doesn't win or England will be finished and a few years and will be history.

  8. Wayne Power says:

    Cotbyn is hittler reborn

  9. Chaz Dadkhah says:

    Fuck off my newsfeed you zionist prick. Fuck the Jewish community

  10. bishap global86 says:

    If you guys love isreal so much.why don't you live there

  11. Naughtyus maximus says:

    He's trying to sound so sincere but it's all fake just like him, he's such a phoney god help us if him and his cohorts get in

  12. ned barker says:

    Corbyn the bastard will never rule over the English

  13. Beast click says:

    I genuinely can't find one example of Jeremy saying anything against the Jewish people , this message was awful though as he was forced into this for political gain ,

  14. bollywood classic says:

    corbyn for pm

  15. F Morant says:

    What he on about. He just opens his mouth and let's his belly rumble!!

  16. Gidon Bennett says:

    The only antidote to this imbecile and his analysis on the meaning of Hanukkah is DONT VOTE LABOUR!!!!!

  17. too late says:

    So he hates the jews but wants all the scummy muslim refugees here.

    And is this story telling time for kids or what fuck old rottin lefty cunt corbyn is …


    Solidarity to Hamas!

  19. Karen L. says:

    It's hard to listen to this vile, miscreant's, fake message.

    I have come to the conclusion, that he didn't make the video, with the intention of convincing British-Jewish voters, that he's their friend. I think that he made the video, to convince British, non-Jewish voters, that everything, that they have been hearing, about him being an anti-Semite, is not true, because he made such a lovely video, about Chanukah. He is probably, trying to win over, those non-Jewish voters, who might be sitting on the fence , when it comes to voting for him. It's PR garbage, at it's worst. He sounds so disgustingly, fake. The words just slither, right off of that snake tongue of his.

  20. ShadyRestRetirement Home says:

    Forcibly removing families from their homes is nothing to celebrate – unless you're a complete psychopath.

  21. Lagolop says:

    Corbyn that price of utter drek, deserves a bullet betwixt the eyes!

  22. Badass Number 1 says:

    The Zionazis are the modern colonisers in Palestine. It's quite funny Joseph saying that God gave the Jews Palestine as if the Creator is an estate agent. The fact is the children of Israel killed and upset their Prophets -even poor old Moses PBUH couldn't get to the promised land because of the Golden calf and they tried to even kill Jesus AS as well as Muhammad PBUH. Corbyn isn't anti semitic/Jewish but the whole world is waking up . Israhell and apartheid should be transplanted to Antarctica.

  23. Proud Jesus says:

    Jews after jeremys blood lol i hope labour party becomes pro israeli free

  24. Tragic London says:

    joseph try substantiating your claims, your religious text is against the state of Israel. So does that make the torah and Talmud Jew hating?

  25. Mer Av says:

    Jeremy Corbyn is a psychopath. After seeing this, I truly believe that.

  26. Mark O'nee 1 says:

    I dont like him because i am of Jewish herritage , i disslike him because – family been in England since around 1050 .Weve supported England all the way through wars and peace .Married into some high status families and lost a lot of relatives to war , supporting England along the way .Last to die was my uncle Robert , burried in Haiffa war cemetary after being shot down flying for the RAF in WW2 .Currently have 2 nephews in the Army , 1 in the stores now and the other still in Bomb dissposal .
    My self serving for 9 years under RAF Strike Command .Weve even crossed the border into Scotland with my great great grandmother being Keir Eden Rob Moncreithe .
    Roads are named after my family and a former Lord Mayor Of London to boot .
    And this little twoddle of a nobody politician and his cronies have the gaul to resent our Royal family to the extent he would see them removed .He befriends Hammas and has a tea party for a Palestinian terrorist whilst making friends with the Iranians knowing they like to shoot and kill our police on the streets of London as well as having a beer in an Irish pub with the IRA when our street were under threat from the car bombing's, which had me walking them checking under vehicles for the lovely lunchbox bombs the IRA decided we deserved as Christmas presents .
    How he ever became leader is a mystery ! .
    Some times it goes deeper than tradition and herritage .
    I see him as simply being Anti – British …

  27. 123 456 says:

    We need more politicians like corbyn !!!

  28. Kierkegaard's Kool says:

    You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the Lordyour God. Leviticus 19.13

    Thus says the Lord: Do justice and righteousness, and deliver from the hand of the oppressor him who has been robbed. And do no wrong or violence to the resident alien, the fatherless, and the widow, nor shed innocent blood in this place. Jeremiah 22.3

  29. shaun muppet finder says:

    Corbyn – for the Muslim not the Jew .

  30. FlipFlopCamper says:

    He'll do anything for votes

  31. seanthomasdowd says:

    Comrade Corbynski at his most sycophantic

  32. Roland Tours says:

    Great video! Jeremy C just can't help himself. Just like some other leftists who can't admit that Anne Frank entertained some Zionist thoughts.

  33. Kevin Morley says:

    Jews don’t want Corbyn as prime minister because all they care about is money not lives. Fucking hypocrite

  34. Robert Taylor says:

    Cornyn will superficially attach himself to ANY minority. he doesn't understand any of it. It's all an act because he said bad things about Jews previously.

  35. tom colton says:

    Corbyn doesn't hate jews, he's spent his life fighting racism, he is against zionism, paid zionist shills & Israel terror state that you clearly support.

  36. RillydillyraspberryO ! says:

    What about the Palestinians who are forced to fight of colonialists from Europe ? BDS !

  37. Kester Dlee says:

    Corbyn is an absolute hypocrite! I describe him as a Left Wing Fascist.

  38. pete b says:

    I bet Corbyn went straight to the nearest Mosque to ask for forgivness afterwards

  39. G G says:

    Corbyn is Marxist not a Socialist and therefore unelectable.

  40. Philip Kelleher says:


  41. j t says:

    This is theater for non – Jews.
    What a bell end. Totally tone deaf.

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