Room 101 – Jon Richardson – Jon’s Brain

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  1. TheTaterTotP80 says:

    Tbf Dogs do think about things all the time. Any creature with a brain will, which is most of them. Then you get into do creatures without brains but that are intelligent, which exist, think? They must do, via some sort of nervous system, but then what about the creatures without known nervous systems? Such as slime mold that exhibits learning. Does it think? It learns and adapts. The brain is just one of many tools used in and for intelligence. There have been humans born without brains due to hydrocephaly who had neural networks on the inside of their skull. They thought.

    What was I saying? Why did I go on that rant? Genuinely can't remember what my original point was. Just that Dog's aren't less intelligent than humans, it's just difficult for us to measure intelligent anyway, especially in other species. They do think.


    he's right it must be bliss having the brain of someone like Joey Essex.

  3. GryRAbild says:

    I need to find more neurodivergent comedians… This is so relatable.

  4. bobysmile21 roblox says:


  5. WarlegganFangirl1984 says:

    This is my life with my brain too!

  6. ~ Bright Romeo ~ says:

    OMG, this conversations are so precious.

  7. MrCool Mug says:

    I totally agree about the toilet roll, omfg, i want the end facing out, you arseholes.

  8. timyoungfanclub says:

    Don't worry, Jon is right (and thereby you are too) about everything he says.

  9. Claire says:

    I am Jon Richardson!

  10. MilliVanilli says:

    I can relate to every single thing he moans about. Please, good people of youtube, tell me you are the same!!

  11. Don Productions says:

    Was just thinking, He actually should be on a reality show. Hes funny and has a point when he ridiculs or disagrees.

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