Roy Orbison – You Got It

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Music video by Roy Orbison performing You Got It. (C) 2013 Roys Boys LLC

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35 Responses

  1. Piotr Ostrowski says:

    Dzisiaj mija 30 rocznica śmierci.
    Today is the 30th anniversary of death.

  2. D.P plaster master says:

    December 2018 you got it?

  3. Alexandre Marques says:


  4. Mr S Gee says:

    Best song ever

  5. james jones says:

    he's still got it

  6. Danielle Amarante Miranda Miranda says:


  7. Maria Santos says:

    linda dê mais

  8. Paul McKee says:

    The late Great Big O!

  9. Chris Panteli says:

    This is my Favourite song of his

  10. Suzanne Gaskell says:

    Still loving Roy in 2018. The people who have the thumbs down have no taste!!

  11. Wes Farland says:

    Is this Texas or what? ??????..

  12. Dale Hudson says:

    I have grew up on his music during my childhood

  13. Edson Lemes says:

    Alguém no Brazil Divino Roy Orbison

  14. Michael Smith says: for anyone wondering this is the Live show from the video. Chilling to think he died 2 weeks later.

  15. Kadar Tamas-Aron says:

    Thumbs up if you listenning in 2018!

  16. marina luján boffelli says:

    Despertar con ese tema y todas las pilas cargadas para arrancar la mañana !

  17. EmiliA Preziuso says:

    Sorry ,a little mistake ,orbison and not osbourne…sorry

  18. EmiliA Preziuso says:

    This song is always a great pleasure to listen…Amazing…Roy Osbourne is always in our memories…thanks Roy

  19. bluegrassmagnolia superhulk says:


  20. Mo Meredith says:

    Oh man he had it in spades classy guy love you Roy xxx

  21. Flow Vevo says:

    Muito Bom!

  22. Macabre Malefica says:

    One of my goals in life is to feel the sort of love Roy sings about.

  23. Tony Marcovecchio says:

    This song defies all the conventions, not normal verse, chorus, bridge etc. A song in five distinct movements – and what about Running Scared? An absolutely unique composer and performer.

  24. MICKSS350 says:

    Roy Orbison could sing with a three or four octave range which set him apart from other performers of his time. It was claimed that Orbison and Enrico Caruso were the only 20th century tenors capable of hitting E over high C. One of his most heart felt and beautiful love song in my opinion was "Evergreen" if you have never heard it look for it on Youtube.

  25. Kerry Gros says:

    Just can’t get enough of this song

  26. Nunes. sempre sera lenbrado. Piedade says:

    Nunca vai ser , uma musica esquecida ..

  27. temuco city araucania says:

    Temuco chile…
    Buena musica???

  28. annisa mohammed says:


  29. Rick Snelgrove says:

    Thanks for the memories Roy Orbison. There will never be another you!

  30. Marissa Morales Acosta says:

    Me encanta que voz es invidente

  31. Jissela Del Aguila says:

    Los más bellos de este mundo Roy Orbison Dios lo tenga en su gloria

  32. myrna paz says:

    Even me and my best friend God is in control to receieved what God is teaching us to shared with the people who are in need and want to changed their for a better,

  33. myrna paz says:

    My son said Jesus is next to him, my daughter said Mum they need you here. Kaya nasabi ko po na alam ng dalawa kong anak.

  34. Scott Bowman says:

    I remember my dad bringing me and my sister home and he listened to this song several times during the trip. It was one of the last times I saw him. And what kills me more is he lived another 20 years. I hate that I let other people craft my view of him. I wish I could have one more moment with him.

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