See You on the Other Side

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See You on the Other Side · Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzmosis (Bonus Track Version)

℗ 1995 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Keyboards, Producer: Michael Beinhorn
Composer, Lyricist: J. Purdell
Composer, Lyricist: D. Baron
Coordinator: Kathy Sherry
Guitar: Zakk Wylde
Coordinator: Scott Vandivier
Drums: Deen Castronovo
Composer, Lyricist: Z. Wylde
Coordinator: Michael Guarracino
Keyboards: Rick Wakeman
Composer, Lyricist: O. Osbourne
Coordinator: Brian Coleman
Engineer: Paul Northfield
Assistant Engineer: John Bleich
Bass: Geezer Butler
Assistant Engineer: Matt Curry
Assistant Engineer: Chris Laidlaw
Assistant Engineer: Joe Pirrera
Assistant Engineer: Rodolphe Sanguineti
Assistant Engineer: Brian Sperber
Mixing Engineer: David Bianco
Mastering Engineer: George Marino

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22 Responses

  1. Edi Masido says:


  2. Edi Masido says:


  3. G Kho says:

    Любимая песня советских школах на дискотеке

  4. sam60172 says:

    for the tenants at 191 hillcrest tr. at 2am full volume and no complaints from anyone back in 1995 !!!

  5. BarbellRoy says:

    I skipped school the day this album came out. It was WELL WORTH IT just for this song!

  6. DeathbringerDrago says:

    Thank you Ozzy for posting see you on the other side with the full solo. I can play this on guitar.

  7. Shock steele says:

    Im Satanist but if heaven was real… i would wanna see my little brother…

  8. jason orsak says:

    Thank you ozzy for this song my mom died this helps

  9. Dalton Parks says:

    Tomorrow I go see my surgeon for hip transplant and I have many other ailments hope I wake from it amen this song I leave the world case I don't I'm tired anyway lol this world gets worst and worst everyday

  10. Mike Goodlock says:

    Gives me goosebumps baby!

  11. Jack Acosta Ascencio says:


  12. Daniel Huggett says:

    Never forget the men and Simon who served see u on the other side

  13. V81993redcamaro says:

    172 thumbs down wtf people have lost their since of self in the shit music of today this it the best album of his career and of the 90s. Get your shit straight people

  14. VanoftheDownAngel says:

    Here because of Murdoc from Gorillaz. Thanks you, pal, you showed me such wonderful singer 🙂 Give Noodle my regards! Love you both

  15. corder1991 says:

    See you on the other side dad… 12/18/58 – 8/16/96

  16. Gunslinger67 says:

    Impossible for me to listen to this without getting chills . . . an awesome classic

  17. Anthony Simeone says:

    This song and "Freebird" will be on my funeral's playlist. Love you, Ozz!

  18. Dark Fortress Pictures LLC says:

    Dedicated to my father. He wasn’t a mega Ozzy fan like I am, but he loved this song. It also helps that’s it’s in my top ten. 🙂

  19. Jennifer Montelongo says:

    At least were still here sd

  20. Jennifer Montelongo says:

    I cant fuckin see

  21. Jennifer Montelongo says:

    For tom who died cf cancer i ee on the other side sd

  22. Jennifer Montelongo says:

    Your welcome sd

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