Sexy Brad Renfro

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8 Responses

  1. dusti smith says:

    I miss him so much…He would've gone so far…He was an amazing talent…He had "It",and he was a natural star…

  2. Oliver Hernandez says:

    To me this is kinda gay they’re just showing him shirtless

  3. allegri9cl says:

    The cure made me fall in love… really sad..

  4. roedhunt says:

    He was molested by Bryan Singer on the set of Art Pupil and probably was forced to pose like this for older GAY men, and you promote it. Lovely. You do know he committed suicide after turning to drugs and crime, right? Which was right after the movie.

  5. Anne Araujo says:

    se tiver um assim , chama aí!!!

  6. Xtra Delite says:

    Beautiful, smart, talented. Unfortunately, youth is wasted on the young. I feel sorry for his tragic life.

  7. Claudia Rodriguez says:

    I was in love with this guy when i was a kid

  8. Cattt01 says:

    Does he really have a star?

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