Sir Keir Starmer: ‘Inevitable’ Labour will press no confidence vote if Brexit deal rejected

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Sir Keir Starmer says Labour will start contempt proceedings against the government if the prime minister fails to publish the full legal advice for Brexit.

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27 Responses

  1. Mrs Mac says:

    Sky news should stop misleading people. Tommy Robinson has not been employed or joined UKIP. He is an unpaid advisor. Majid Nawaz a convicted Terrorist is used by Sky and others as an advisor? Tommy went to Prison recently for a bogus contempt of Court case? He also advises on Prison reform etc. Makes sense he has experience of it.

  2. DIOMTV says:

    2nd vote on leaving …NO NO NO its a done thing bugger off

  3. DIOMTV says:

    Just deliver NO DEAL majority of adults in this country had a vote and won . Just do it no arguments

  4. john lowdon says:

    Sir Kier Starer, who cuts his hair the Council ?

  5. Richard Hughes says:

    He's terrified of no deal because he knows the EU institutions are mostly useless, and going to WTO will prove it to the world. Most if not all of the advantages of the EU are available in other parts of the world without losing your own domestic affairs and paying a fortune for it.

  6. Tineke de Vos-Elsenaar says:

    Second referendum. Brexit is dead.

  7. Greg Smith says:

    National Socialism is a socialist religion and Hitler was their prophet. Communism is a socialist philosophy and Karl Marx was their philosopher.

  8. Financial Freedom says:

    She is a leftist puppet, oust the stupid b**ch already.

  9. Zaarin2007 says:

    I like him but Keir Starmer always looks panicked

  10. David White says:

    More fake news

  11. catherine duffy says:

    On television they are playing to a mass audience thinking people are going to believe what they say.

  12. catherine duffy says:

    They are trying to treat us like idiots using the alternative close.
    We voted on leave or remain not leave or a trade deal. Chequers deal is no deal so default to WTO is fine we keep 39 billion pounds as well
    This is in the Tory manifesto that we are leaving. Theresa May has repeatedly said leave means leave .No deals better than a bad deal
    To remain she would have to have a general election
    Scotland couldn’t have another referendum when they didn’t like the answer so why should this be treated differently
    It is enshrined in Law that we leave on March 29 2019 at 11pm
    No to chequers deal default to WTO and the leavers get what they voted for which is to be independent, take back control and leave the Eu institutions.

  13. Will’s WJW Channel says:

    Starmer is the worst type of career politician. He’s desperate for power and to be the Labour leader.

  14. catherine duffy says:

    Scotland should be allowed to have another referendum on the union then why have they to wait a generation. Good for thee but not for me eh

  15. John King says:

    Her Majesty's loyal opposition has a job. That job is to oppose the government. The clue is in the name. Yet we get the Tory press telling us that Labour are disloyal for doing their job. They make as much sense as Trump.

  16. Rubbery Nose says:

    I wood not want to eat sardine with him

  17. james williamson says:

    This is all two faced. They are using the situation to gain control and stay in the eu. They do not give a damn about the people, or the vote to leave. Every last one of them from the tory to the labour to the libdem needs to be kicked out of their seats.

  18. John Smith says:

    And then they will attempt their own act of treachery and betrayal, by ignoring the vote to leave the EU, and I thought dictators were all in the Middle East and a part of South east Asia, turns out some reside in the houses of parliament

  19. Ed Wilson says:

    May's deal is going to be rejected. Crashing out and relying on trading on WTO rules is so bad no sane politician would allow it so, cancel Article 50 letter – there is no other choice.

  20. ancietman says:

    People like Starmer have done all they can to derail brexit even though their manifesto pledges to support leaving the EU. Now they have got their wish Mays deal is remaining in all but name and yet hes still bl##dy moaning.

  21. Eamon Os says:

    It is unacceptable to conceal the truth Mrs May. Conservatives….your party will not be forgiven if May succeeds with her fake deal

  22. Narayana Haryomtatsat says:

    Brexit is the best possible way UK to become England

  23. joe caterman says:

    labour being highly irresponsible here. encouraging con MP not to vote down May's deal. Shut up labour! May's deal would be terrible for the UK!!

  24. Ady Mitch says:

    At least labour will stop that fucked up universal credit bullshit! And stop the fucked up assessment process! And stop all the suicides that May's and Camerons government have caused!!!

  25. Mark Edwards says:

    This has turned into one very important revelation.
    The Westminster swamp is very very murky !

  26. Colin Mill says:

    I suspect a second referendum would only offer a choice between May's deal and Remain which, of course, is no choice at all as May's deal is actually a hard remain (trapped in the backstop in perpetuity with no equivalent of Article 50 as an escape route).

    Perhaps this is the time for us all to consider the question: what is the EU and what is its purpose?. I find this speech by Peter Hitchens to be a well argued and sobering assessment of that question:-

  27. Davy Tornado says:

    After the last Labour government we were bankrupted, flooded with immigrants and left with LORD Mandelson and SIR Tony Blair multi millionaire, after the next Labour government we'll be bankrupted AGAIN, flooded with more immigrants AGAIN and left with LORD McDonnell and SIR Jeremy Corbyn multi millionaire.. Seems like we never learn.

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