Sitting Down with QAnon Conspiracy Theorists – The Jim Jefferies Show

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Jim gathers a group of QAnon conspiracy theorists to find out just how outlandish their beliefs are.

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The Jim Jefferies Show is here to shake up the humdrum formula of the political late-night show. Jim tackles the news of the day with no-bulls**t candor, piercing insight and a uniquely Aussie viewpoint.

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22 Responses

  1. Baby Bunch says:


  2. Julia Elisabeth says:

    How horrible and untasteful this is.. these are not real Q supporters just actors playing dumb to be maken fun of so people don't actually read in to the facts. How horrible it is that people have opinions on subjects they don't know a thing about. This world is covered with ignorant people with a julius cesear complex. If you don't know what you are talkinh about it is just best to shut your mouth.

  3. Jerry Shirley says:

    Hope all you idiots commenting on here know this is a staged video from left. you know all those nutty people you're seeing all the time in the streets stopping real Americans from working that kind of the left psychos like over in California.

  4. the nforcer says:

    So sad you guys spend hours upon hours watching comedy shows, actors, mainstream news and sports yet you can't even spend 10 minutes to research anything they say. Much easier to laugh it off and call them "nutters" than to actually investigate for yourself. So arrogant. If you think they're so crazy, how about retorting with facts & evidence instead of just mocking others?

  5. Daletoledo says:

    go to hell jim you british piece of dung

  6. NPC 3924 says:

    its funny when the main steam idiots just do report at the same time all the time

  7. Tom J says:

    That was great.

  8. Anna Krause says:

    Jackass controlled CNN. These people are stupid.

    Why would they even be a bit concerned if Q was a Larp…

    They ARE in panic mode… Too bad.

  9. 5 Sin Che says:

    Well, the guy on right is high, in my opinion, and does nothing but hurt the other's arguments, "HAITI hahaha"( 2:56 ).. but jeff we can hardly gather any actual perspective on these individuals due to the use of selective editing. It seems as though some of the people in this video have opposing and nuanced views about Q. Either they are all telling the truth, or they have a mental illness and you are exploiting them, and that's not very progressive of you. love the show btw, lul..

  10. Guuleed Hassan says:

    Jokes on you we’re right LMFAO

  11. Mr. Boggs says:

    Look at Qscum still getting butthurt over this, lmao. Take your pathetic little tinfoil cult and fuck off.

    #QMoron #ThesePeopleAreThick

  12. Free Your Mind says:

    I was really hoping he would’ve just ripped into them. It was sooo easy. Lmao

  13. mrtraffic97 says:

    These people are the best argument for liberals to love the 2nd Amendment… They each own multiple guns and you own zero.

  14. handyhippie65 says:

    "i'm like a smart guy." sadly for us, being like a smart guy, is not the same as being a smart guy. same as this group are like humans, but i'm beginning to believe they are really reptillian replicants from the the 5th dimension. it makes as much sense as anything any of them said. mebbe more.

  15. Future Past TV says:

    what did I just watch

  16. Emily Witherell says:

    Gene pool like this is going to be gone in 100 years- let's hope they're really scared of diseases and won't procreate!

  17. Dogfather of Hull says:

    Love the fake laugh track Cant wait for your heroes are smoked. Losers

  18. Dogfather of Hull says:

    You leftest losers are DONE Pussies MAGA

  19. Dogfather of Hull says:

    HaHa You Zombies will see. Trust the plan. Q These people are stupid

  20. eri rama says:

    These people are for real? I thought this was some kind of Jim Jefferies prank to the viewers, until I started reading the comments and you are all serious. I still can't believe it though, they can't be real.

  21. Raul Leal says:

    Bald guy is a plant.

  22. Anne Schubert-Reyes says:

    The laugh tack is annoying.

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