South Australia needs an intervention.

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If the South Australia Government was a person, it would be an obese 40-year-old man with awful body odour who lives with his mother, refuses to work, and plays X-box all day. He pauses only to demand more cheesels and iced coffee, or to complain when the lights go out.

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13 Responses

  1. Zap Brannigan says:

    adelaide needs a multi function polis……that will kick things along……failing that, more tram tracks to nowhere should sort the traffic congestion problems.

  2. GodBotherer1 says:

    South Australia could be a place for nuclear power. Nuclear power could provide opportunities for manufacturing in South Australia with cheap nuclear energy.

  3. Lucius Avenus says:

    All you have to worry about with SA youth, and not so young, who are permanently connected to their xbox or whatever, is that the towel around their waist as they sit on the couch doesn't end up wrapped around their head.

  4. Cristian Anton says:

    What a crum state.

  5. Vuk11 says:

    Lmao love this guy, so savage.

  6. Drumsgoon says:

    Hahaha great guy to listen to

  7. AJT Junk says:

    Holy shit David's a savage haha

  8. Tezza Wrath says:

    Getting it said. Take a bow Mr Leyonhjelm.

  9. Yianni Papazis says:

    From SA. I agree 100%.

  10. Cam B says:

    Xenophon's going to love that one, looks like he wasn't even present though!

  11. TheDrouyn says:

    bravo senator. encore please!!!

  12. Cracker says:

    water grabbing by the glass load, south australians take the inefficiencies of government to another level

  13. TheRealFallenDemon says:


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