Star Wars Fan Adam Scott Surprised by His Idol Mark Hamill

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Adam Scott is a huge Star Wars fan so in honor of Star Wars Day guest host Kristen Bell made his dreams come true with a surprise guest.

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Details of His Son’s Birth & Heart Disease

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Star Wars Fan Adam Scott Surprised by His Idol Mark Hamill

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40 Responses

  1. Matthew Boyle says:

    This guy looks like Derrick from step brothers

  2. The Mastema says:

    Really impressive…he remembers near-perfectly when he was 2 years old… Yeah sounds very credible, run for president, if people believe in that well, you'll become the 46th president..

  3. Dogfacedboy1980 says:

    He says 2nd birthday party. He meant to say 7th

  4. ShadowT23 says:

    That was probably such a surreal experience, psychedelic.

  5. Theman Joe says:

    oh hai Mark.

  6. MANUEL LOPEZ says:

    Lucke live IX

  7. Tech Gamer Ace says:

    So apparently it wasn't Adam Scott's 2nd birthday it was his 7th birthday I looked him up he was born in 1973. Empire came out in 1980.

  8. Sarai Santillan says:

    This makes me cry each time I watch it lol

  9. Don Vu says:

    TREAT YO SELF Ben Wyatt!!

  10. peter papadimitriou says:

    I love mark Hammel as well as Luke Skywalker

  11. TheSofferenzo says:

    “Luke Skywalker gave me this”

  12. Nolan Winter says:

    Mark looks good.

  13. Uchiha warrior says:

    i wish i can see mark Mark Hamill for once in my life with a photo of me an him but that will never happen 🙁

  14. MarcellusTheGreen says:

    All right, we know Mr. Hamill, but who is Adam Scott?

  15. Абдаллах Муслим says:

    idol??? have you forgotten the words – " don't have any idol"???

  16. chrisqzone says:

    So kool how hes fingers shaked

  17. Rix xy says:

    Mark Hamill in one of the coolest dudes in the world. If I was Adam I also would be completely blown away.

  18. The Jedi Master says:

    Mark: for me ???? Awwww no

  19. Manuel Lorenzo Abella says:

    i guess this is what the good place is like

  20. Red Baron says:

    Its sucks because the new show that Kristen Bell and Adam Scott are on is just hot garbage lmao. It sucks because Adam Scott has so much talent, but it looks like hes just doing whatever.

  21. Benjamin Knotts says:

    I would trade a moment with Mark Hamill to see another fan’s look on their face like this.

  22. corey jackson says:

    Star wars nation think of Luke it's not too late Chloe Grace Moretz should be playing his daughter out of the blue team up with Rey it would be amazing she is the right one

  23. Sarah Michelle Gilligan says:

    How much of a pro is Kristen, remembering to plug Adams new show at the end, after he had lost it…

  24. Phyrom Huy says:

    That's a true fan in Adam Scott…one of those "real" moments in life that you never forget.

  25. William McCormick says:

    1:25 Every major Star Wars fan identifies with this moment. If the theme for Star Wars appears at random in real life, you stop whatever you're doing and find the Star Wars.

  26. Lucas Ledin says:

    1:51 That is where he turned into a kid again

  27. adidas1984x says:

    Joker showed up

  28. Shawn Johnson says:

    So a two year old wrote a letter? A two year old thought that, if Hamill's schedule was clear that he would come? He remembers everything when Empire Strikes back came out……when he was TWO? Great story, but it's just that…….a story.

  29. Eddie Chavarri says:

    This makes me so happy. His reaction is priceless.

  30. Far A.R. says:

    Expecting Adam Scott to throw the lightsaber over the shoulder.

    But he embraced Mark Hamil instead. Not disappointed.

    Edit: Mark Hamill.

  31. w says:

    That's Kit Fisto's lightsaber!

  32. Elia Giudici says:

    Things like this restore my faith in humanity

  33. lu perugorria says:

    1:51 he looks so happy

  34. TROPIC says:

    this took me back to my childhood. in particular the anticipitation? and suspense i experienced when Empire was over until Return was not out yet. What would happen next? The good guys lost?! and finally my first glimpse of Luke on Jabbas ship, a magazine photo of the still unreleased film. So awesome!!

  35. Kevin Kollai says:

    Mark Hamill is a great and classy person! He really seems to love bringing joy to his fans when he is able to do so. He also has a great sense of humor and is excellent at comedy!

  36. John42ification says:

    Is that a light sabre, or are you just happy to see me?

  37. Mr_Di says:

    a LEGIT fan!

  38. Little Matty says:

    That is not Jimmy Kimmel

  39. Urie Market says:

    If I ever got to meet Mark Hamill I’d be crying

  40. Callum Orr says:

    I will marry the man who reacts to me the way Adam does to mark hamill

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