Staying With Partner After Insults? | The View

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39 Responses

  1. Val Di Medio says:

    I can't stand Sunny stories… B-O-R-I-N-G!

  2. Liz Tew says:

    Can "we" keep Anna? When Whoopi is at the table, can we swap her in for Meghan? Actually, just make Anna the perma-replacement.

  3. Erin Broderick says:

    Looks like the producers told Ana to lose the snide attitude and try to be likeable

  4. tam tai says:

    I am starting to like Abby a lot more, she loosens up more and more every time and she sounds real and light hearted….

  5. adam toso says:

    So boring without Whoopi

  6. kancil aspal says:

    DENUCLEARIZE North Korea
    ( After over 70 years never done )
    Hostages and remains returned ISIS gone
    MS 13 on the run
    Fair Trade
    Save Billions of dollars withdrawal from Paris accord and Iran Deal
    Secure Border
    Move US Embassy to Jerusalem
    Trump / Pence 2020

  7. Kim’s Life says:

    Sunny seems like a very likable person IRL altho politcally dont agree with her most of the time.

  8. Arnold Strong Numero Uno says:

    Men can be jerks and that is sad for women. Guys get delusional. Women, stand up for yourself.

  9. fridayglamour says:

    Many sounds like an a**hole. Not a healthy relationship if you feel you have to wear makeup to bed.

  10. Daniel Aliksa says:

    You can tell Meghan hate the guest

  11. Domestic Tranquility says:

    People usually put you down because they are insecure. Sonny probably felt Cher was too hot for him, so he needed to put her down. People are complicated.

  12. Matthew Sisti says:

    This was one of the first good segments I've seen on the View in years lol. This was a good panel.

  13. Phillip Long says:

    These women are definatly man repellant.

  14. Scott Dupont says:

    Speedy Gonzales Ana, Dummy Sunny, Joyless, and Whoopi cushion need to grow thicker skin and stop being snowflakes. By discussing this topic, it is clear that Republicans are winning, and President Trump is successful. CANCEL THE new zoo reVIEW.

  15. 1 says:

    Finally a different topic than Donald Trump….

  16. alliya m says:

    seriously why is meghan there if she doesn't contribute to the conversation

  17. CHICHO415 says:

    I'll take Ms. Ana Navarro! Luv my Latinas

  18. Code God says:

    Abby huntsman is blowing up

  19. Arturo Valdemar says:

    I love Ana Navarro.

  20. drtash21 says:

    Dang I think this might be the first time I've seen Republicans outnumber democrats on The View. Am I in the twilight zone??

  21. Belinda Joy says:

    That's a deal breaker, I had two exes that would constantly comment on aspects about me they didn't like. Notice I said "exes". ☺ That is a trigger for me, I would never insult my man and I won't accept it in return.

  22. Elena Land says:

    Anna is so irritating,the others (although I don’t always agree with their opinions ) come across as intelligent,balanced and energetic,Anna comes across as bitter ,nasty and really cynical

  23. Nepthu says:

    Most women I know complain about their husbands ALL the time. I always wonder why they got married.

  24. Heather Bonneau says:

    Love Ana! Glad they picked her. Would love to see her M-F though.

  25. Nikola says:

    Megan didn't say a word in this segment. She's pushed aside and bullied.

  26. Harry Potter says:

    Ana navarro has the Joan rivers persona and it’s the best

  27. mynameisgoose says:

    Lmao smart AND funny. Anna is a breath of fresh air.

  28. Jodie Banks says:

    The View is a nasty gross gaggle of stupid old hens. Really stupid and some really old.

  29. Roman KFM says:


  30. Lip stick says:

    Do not look at women, do not talk to women, do not have sex with women, do not work with women, do not hang out with women, and do not have any interaction whatsoever with women…
    Men, stay away from women, if you want to be safe… Men, you can not be friends with women!!!
    Men want sex!!! Women want babies only!!! And you wonder why you got divorced

  31. Javi Ruiz says:

    Love you Ana!!!

  32. Austin Klein says:

    About Cher. I Think she is the Most Beautiful woman.I've had a girl crush on her for years.

  33. Austin Klein says:

    I'm with Sonny on this. God doesn't care what you wear to church as long as you go.

  34. Lahjic7 says:

    Can you fire Abby?

  35. Talkindurinthemovie says:

    It's called leveling

  36. LaShonda Rochell says:

    Leave Megan alone some of you all enjoy being negative!

  37. Sonia Oates says:

    Of course Meghan is faking it look at her does she look like the type of person that can relax an have good time in the bedroom i would love to be a fly on the wall but as they say every hoe have their stick in the bush…

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