Stephen Sharer – Share the Love (Official Music Video)

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Share the Love – Original Song by Stephen Sharer ft. Carter Sharer and Lizzy Sharer


Today Stephen Sharer, Carter Sharer, and Liz decided to make the most epic music video vlog ever. Stephen and Carter ran outside to get things started. Stephen started by modding Nerf guns to make them stronger. Carter then stepped things up a notch and pulled out the Worlds Largest Nerf rocket launcher. Stephen then gave the Worlds Largest Fidget Spinner a huge spin. Then Carter climbed in the skid steer machine, Stephen jumped in the pool. Carter dumped the huge bucket full of Orbeez and made a huge Orbeez waterfall all over Stephen. Then Carter hopped on his mountain bike and rode down the hill and hit the huge mega ramp and just like in the Roman Atwood Backflip Challenge, Carter did an epic backflip into the pond. Carter then rode on the Worlds biggest hoverboard and to top it off he did an epic wheelie on his dirt bike. Now it was Liz’s turn to make things epic. Liz started off by running on water and across the pond. She then filled up a huge water balloon on the trampoline and climbed inside. Then Stephen and Carter bounced her and the huge water balloon on the trampoline. Then Carter popped the giant water balloon while Liz was flying through the air on the trampoline. Then Stephen, Carter, and Liz ran down to the pond and climbed on the floating water trampoline. All at once they jumped off and did a backflip into the water. To top it off the Sharer’s all climbed in a lime green Lamborghini and drove off into the sunset. If you thought this was the most epic vlog ever then comment #MusicVideo and smash the like button.

This music video and song captures the spirit of the Stephen Sharer channel and consolidates the positive message to help spread love around the world, Share the Love.

😊 This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! Share The Love!! 😊🤘

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Music Production – MixMaster Pro Studios (
Publishing – Rob Sanchez
Instrumental – Nicolas Taft
Songwriter – Carter Sharer, Lizzy Sharer, Gabriel Reed

Video Production – Eplo Media (
Producer – Ryan Prunty
Director of Photography – Zach Tidwell
Production Coordinator – Kelsey Sharer
Video Editor – Zach Tidwell

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    I love it

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    Can I be part of the sharer crew

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    Did Lizz say a swer word in the song

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    This song is so amazing I wish I can here this song forever!!!!!!!

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    Share the love ❤❤

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    I love your song it cute how you gize sing

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