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Liberal Immigration Lawyer Found Guilty Of Widespread Asylum Fraud

Views:3063|Rating:4.91|View Time:4:14Minutes|Likes:108|Dislikes:2Liberal Immigration Lawyer Found Guilty Of Widespread Asylum Fraud A liberal lawyer from New York has been found guilty of widespread asylum fraud after she was caught running a scheme to help criminal immigrants enter the U.S.  Andreea Dumitru Parcalaboiu was...


TRUDEAU’S CRIMES (PART 2): Small-C Conservatives Fled The Center Thanks To Radical Liberal Policy

Views:3106|Rating:4.99|View Time:14:32Minutes|Likes:363|Dislikes:1TRUDEAU’S CRIMES (Part 1): https://youtu.be/3MT6JZLTJM8 TRUDEAU’S CRIMES (Part 2): https://youtu.be/S5EaUEmLg34 http://pleasedonatetomezei.ca PLEASE SHARE THESE VIDEOS AND THE ASSOCIATED PDF: http://trudeauscrimes.com DURATION: 14m32s — Want to know what the *profoundest* change has been on the Canadian political landscape since the election of...


Michael Kroger quits as Victorian Liberal Party president | ABC News

Views:2049|Rating:4.63|View Time:40Minutes|Likes:25|Dislikes:2Victorian Liberal Party president Michael Kroger has quit following the party’s disastrous result in last week’s state election, the ABC understands. Read more here: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-11-30/michael-kroger-victorian-liberal-party-president-resigns/10573382 For more from ABC News, click here: http://www.abc.net.au/news/ Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/abcnews Like us on...


Liberal Democrats (UK) | Wikipedia audio article

Views:0|Rating:nan|View Time:50:43Minutes|Likes:0|Dislikes:0This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article: Liberal Democrats (UK) 00:01:10 1 History 00:01:19 1.1 Founding 00:03:54 1.2 Ashdown (1988–1999) 00:05:40 1.3 Kennedy (1999–2006) 00:09:02 1.4 Campbell (2006–2007) 00:11:00 1.5 Clegg (2007–2015) 00:12:57 1.5.1 In coalition government with the...


Watch Me Debate Liberal NY Professor About Climate Change on RT!

Views:13904|Rating:4.77|View Time:10:27Minutes|Likes:1399|Dislikes:66Australian students staged a walkout from their respective classrooms in a collaborative effort to impact climate change. Their purpose was to awaken several OZ politicians, most specifically Scott Morrison, to their perceived realities of the impact of climate change. In this...


Anne Marie Waters On Liberal Media Smearing Tommy Robinson On Darren Osborne

Views:731|Rating:4.79|View Time:11:24Minutes|Likes:68|Dislikes:3My SteemIt – https://steemit.com/@nationalpopulist https://d.tube/#!/c/nationalpopulist Send In-Stream Donations – https://streamlabs.com/ukippers FUND MY CHANNEL: Become A Patron – https://goo.gl/jUq5vL Donations – https://goo.gl/LwUKre GAB – https://gab.ai/PatrioticPopulist JOIN CENTIPEDES – https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/ My Twitter – https://goo.gl/Urzq7Z Facebook Page – https://goo.gl/mqlBZA


Liberal Party (UK) | Wikipedia audio article

Views:0|Rating:nan|View Time:1:6:18Minutes|Likes:0|Dislikes:0This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article: Liberal Party (UK) 00:02:52 1 History 00:03:00 1.1 Origins 00:06:32 1.2 Gladstonian era 00:09:33 1.2.1 Ireland and Home Rule 00:11:00 1.2.2 The Newcastle Programme 00:12:09 1.2.3 Relations with trade unions 00:13:07 1.2.4...


Liberal Meaning

Views:537|Rating:0.00|View Time:28Minutes|Likes:0|Dislikes:3Video shows what Liberal means. A member or supporter of a Liberal Party. A member or supporter of the Liberal Party of Canada, or its predecessors, or provincial equivalents, or their predecessors. A Liberal Democrat.. Liberal Meaning. How to pronounce, definition...


Julia Banks quits Liberal party to serve as independent

Views:11223|Rating:4.09|View Time:2:26Minutes|Likes:67|Dislikes:15‘The Liberal party has changed,’ the member for the Victorian seat of Chisholm tells parliament as she quits to become an independent.  She says the ‘reactionary, aggressive right wing’ of the party has moved it away from the ‘sensible, centrist values’...



Views:974779|Rating:4.94|View Time:6:24Minutes|Likes:62195|Dislikes:745She thinks white men are a bigger terror threat than Islamic jihadists. You have to try hard to be this stupid. ORIGINAL DUMB ASS VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWRKVpdeRvk Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/PaulJosephWatson/ FOLLOW Paul Joseph Watson @ https://twitter.com/PrisonPlanet


How conservatives convinced me to quit being a liberal

Views:25925|Rating:4.63|View Time:3:15Minutes|Likes:1689|Dislikes:134TRIGGER WARNING: Watch the whole video before commenting. 🙂 If you appreciate my work, please consider supporting me on Patreon: www.patreon.com/CareyWedler or via Bitcoin: 1DKe1bPoZ6hjiKsEAUDix8DQ2HSGBdmTa5 AND PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL to help me fight the algorithms on Youtube! xo Find...