Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko Pick Between Tory Lanez & Joyner Lucas and Talk Independent Grind Tour

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29 Responses

  1. Prac MWO says:

    Lil did they know tory ate em

  2. Ian says:

    Why no subtitle

  3. Jayke Hall says:


  4. richard thacker says:

    on that track he sounds like he was bitting the Lil Wayne flow thou

  5. richard thacker says:

    they r great with the rap & everything they do i love all there music & all of the new people u all put out for us they r great

  6. Paul Houck says:

    I'm salty af he skipped OKC this tour smh

  7. linda walker says:

    these two men are giants in the industrial, just love them both . extreme talent.


    Tech lit off that Pink Henny concept lmfaoooo

  9. Kem j says:

    Fucking genius advertising with that beer

  10. ZaZa Rama says:

    Tory would NOT want it wit Strange. Period. Krizzy would murder dawg

  11. NJ Techn9cian says:

    Another Great Interview with Sway Tech & Kali!

  12. Emmy JR says:

    Joyner Woo!

  13. Weabe says:

    Joyner Won 1
    Tory Won 1
    BTW, did ya'll know that on Speedom Tech, Krizz and Shady battled?.

  14. Tarkatan says:

    Sway: I'll hope he challenge one of y'all
    Krizz: I wish a nigga would
    That shit had me rolling

  15. Scott-Michael says:

    Always glad to see Tech. Been reppin strange for 15 years.

  16. Dominic Campbell says:

    I don't drink beer at all, but I wouldn't mind trying that Bou Lou.

  17. Treyvon Thompson says:

    Joyner got bodied fam

  18. Nick L says:

    Bro.. Tech is one of the greatest artists of all time. This dude is soooo underated man. Str8 up!

  19. Rochelle Anson says:

    Tory Lanez getting bodied by everybody!!!

  20. Xiang White says:

    Like: joyner won
    Comment: Tory won

  21. charles stafki says:

    Strange did do me a solid growing up though.

  22. jeremy bruce says:

    I live in KC and can confirm Bou Lou was amazing.

  23. Greekain says:

    Daaamn whoever is behind the monitor with the track list is a fucking GC! Glad to see Mind Sex by Dead Prez was there!

  24. Jayke Hall says:

    12:16 me everytime my girl tells me she cheats on me

  25. Malcolm Roberts says:

    My nigga tech and krizz kcmo baby

  26. Malcolm Roberts says:

    I got some I never opened them either and never will

  27. john leyva says:

    Tech Tech! Tech!! N9ne N9ne!! N9ne!!!! Planet Rock

  28. travis bickle says:

    Joyner joyner joyner

  29. Carlos Castaneda says:

    Met tech nine at his independent grind tour. Super nice guy as well as krizz. Best concert ive been to hands down.

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