The Andrew Marr Show 02/11/2018

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30 Responses

  1. Gerald Rogers says:

    Who insisted on the backstop…Oh…the EU…that says it all.

  2. Gerald Rogers says:

    Who wants a deal…we have a deal its called being a member of the EU.
    perhaps its the people that imagine leaving the EU is like falling off a cliff?

  3. Irish Highbee says:

    Wasn't Saturday the first day of advent?

  4. Gerald Rogers says:

    SO REFERENDUM 2—NARROW PRO EU VICTORY – due to contempt of Brexit people who stay away because they feel their vote pointless)
    What if we don't like the terms of our new membership…do we get a third referendum.
    If the government is obliged to join…the EU could insist on max contribution…and full euro adoption…
    No getting out then!
    Macron's global nightmare here we come…666
    And when the riots spread all over Europe the nature of this globalist monster will be revealed as it crushes descent like every totalitarian regime there ever was.
    And well meaning nice liberal people everywhere will realise how naive they were…but it will be too late…
    I fear this will be the future for Europe…It need not be the future for Great Britain.

  5. Mark Felts says:

    Gove could have got a part in the thick of it and not needed to act.

  6. David Lambourne says:

    I have not faith in referenda results. Faith in democracy is another matter.

  7. neil F says:

    What a bitch Delia turned out to be and gove is just a fkng turncoat backstabbing snake

  8. James Hodgson says:

    Typical BBC left wing remainer bias again

  9. Martin says:

    What do Brexiteers now think of Gina Miller and her action to get Parliament a vote on this deal ?

  10. frenchie jones says:

    Can't the BBC find anyone from the Brexit side with any credibility or intelligence , to tell the people the benefits of a no deal Brexit. ….what , …they can't?

  11. PincherMartyn says:

    Date wrong. BBC full on Brexit bashing. No change there then.

  12. Sandra Winterton says:

    Gove Is what he looks! a Weasel, snotty nosed, back stabbing creep!

  13. Martin Carter says:

    Crazy to publish a legal advice that says the UK would owe £3.9 billion in circumstances when we have a House of Lords advice that says we don’t . On whose side are these clowns ?

  14. Phil Madgwick says:

    Gove is just another duplicitous puppet and is lying through his teeth, oh, i forgot, he's a tory. This deal is, in fact, a means by which the UK will remain in the EU as a vassal state, in perpetuity, without any say in whether or not we are able to leave, unless the EU say so. This deal was put together for that very purpose and is a total betrayal, which was always the plan. I've said it many times before, the referendum result was such a shock to the establishment, because they never believed, in a million years, it would go the way it did. Since then they have spent all their time trying to create the circumstances that would force another vote, by creating enough Brexit related fatigue and confusion, that would deter the leavers from voting again, and frightening the remainers into coming out in greater numbers. At the moment they are very uncertain how that vote would go, so, until they are sure there will not be another referendum. Their only chance at getting the result they want is through lying and deception. It may end up with an engineered general election which, if the labour party wins and subsequently ends up remaining in the EU, the blame for the inevitable total betrayal of democracy will be placed firmly at their door. It' all been a scam from the beginning.

  15. Christine F says:

    dElia is an amazing cook but she clearly des not understand the fundamental differences between cultures and the inequity within the country. She demonstrates that she lives in a bubble.

  16. Max Steel says:

    People gave there life’s in two word war so that we could live in a free democratic country. This generation don’t realise they are surrendering it

  17. Darren Lewey says:

    'This is a great country' Well yes. Man United are a great club but they're 16 points behind the leaders. Greatness counts for little if you seek to put yourself at a disadvantage by having the wrong approach.

  18. bo ptah says:

    Gove just continually lied. all the things he said were based on the 'wish list' political declaration which is not legally binding.
    Also the NI backstop is not a threat to the EU. Because it will be easy for the ECJ to rule that the UK must pay to be in the CU and SM after all. This is just the government trying to push the 'wish llist'. pretending it to be legally binding.

  19. david crespin says:

    Is it true that Mr Welby is the most boring man in Britain?

  20. alan linthwaite says:

    Hmmm Bullshit

  21. Terence Clark says:

    Me thinks Gove is showing bi-polar tendencies.

  22. jaalmorrell says:

    Delia, what a rambling idiot. Go and put the dinner on love.

  23. dlk1dlk1 says:

    Wrong date!

  24. jaalmorrell says:

    how can we have this PC idiot as head of the CoE?

  25. jaalmorrell says:

    what % of his salary is Marr giving to the homeless?

  26. fred bampot says:

    Blair said if leave won a second vote he'd get behind brexit and try to make it work. Well, why doesn't he do that NOW?

  27. Stephen Vail says:

    Gove – You are loosing your support – Simply a highly intelligent tart. Playing for position.

  28. Stephen Vail says:

    Deep thinking cook – Really – Back to the kitchen – Off you go!!

  29. Steve Efc says:

    Me thinks Gove been promised PM job to turn 360 deg's on Brexit – traitor

  30. paul knight says:

    Poor old Delia,they had to edit this interview quite a bit.They had to cut out most of the gibberish she was talking.Get back to the kitchen,what the fuck do you know about peoples reason,s for wanting brexit.

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