The British Government helped plan the attack on the Golden Temple in 1984

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The British Government helped GOI in 1984 – The SAS were involved in the assault on the Sri Akal Takht Sahib and Harimandir Sahib, as were the British in 1849, so its twice. ‘It might increase tensions here particularly if SAS involvement were to become public’ !

I as a British born Sikh like many others are completely disgusted and heart broken, that the country we live and were born in aided and abetted the Government of India on its illegal attack on the Golden Temple complex including the Sri Akal Takht Sahib of the Sikhs. Where thousands of people died on Guru Arjan Dev ji’s martyrdom day, when the Golden Temple was packed with Sangat. Was this a part of the SAS plan accepted by Gandhi? To kill as many Sikhs as possible?

It is totally sick that this has been withheld from the Sikh community for thirty years, and conveniently only brought to light after the death of Margaret Thatcher. Sikhs have been going to Number 10 asking for help for human right abuses in Punjab, while all along the Establishment were a part of one of the most tragic days not just for Sikhs but for mankind, due to the massive loss of life, and large numbers of people wounded.

Many people living in the UK lost family members during this period of unrest, and had family members who were jailed, or wounded. The British Government needs to give the Sikh community answers fast. An apology will not be sufficient, nothing less than the truth will suffice. The Sikh community of 500, 000 needs reassurance that this will never happen again, and nothing less than that will be accepted. More importantly the only appropriate ‘apology’ would be to aid in the fight for justice for those who died and are in prison.

Over a hundred thousand Sikhs died for the British in World War 1 and 11, is this what we get back in return for the sacrifices? That the establishment were hand in glove with the GOI who terrorised our places of worship. To shoot to kill, to impose military law in Punjab, and extra-judical killings and rapes!

One member of Parliament has done a great service by telling the truth. Tom Watson Labour MP writes on his blog:’ The ‘Stop Deportations’ web site carries “Top Secret and Personal” documents purporting to come from the National Archives and recently made public under the 30 year rule for Cabinet papers. The claim that the British Government colluded with the government of India over Operation Blue Star, the raid on the Golden Temple in Amritsar, will cause huge upset and offence to many British Sikhs.

I’ve only seen the documents this morning and am told there are others that have been withheld. This is not good enough. It is not unreasonable to ask for an explanation about the extent of British military collusion with the government of Indira Gandhi.

In the year when Sikhs commemorate their role in the centenary of World War I and mourn for loved ones lost in the events of 1984, this latest revelation will be deeply felt.

I am writing to the Foreign Secretary about this matter and will raise it in the House of Commons. I expect a full explanation.’

A link to the documents in the collection:

The blog by Phil where it first appeared:

The legend Tom Watson MP Labour Blog and comments:

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15 Responses

  1. BigV says:

    You mention that your grandfather fought in Burma. He must have been a brave man. But are you aware that the first massacre in Amritsar happened before that war in Jalianwalabagh under the same British Indian army that he served?

  2. BigV says:

    Did any foreign government help sikh extremists murder innocent Indians and foreign citizens on the Air India plane over the Atlantic? Thats another question that I think we do not seek an answer to. The whole episode is best forgotten.

  3. AmberPanda says:

    Who cares, clear off.

  4. suk d says:

    well said

  5. John Dough says:

    Dear Kamalroop – Any chance of condemning the terrorists who occupied the Golden Temple? Is the Golden Temple an appropriate place to build trenches, stockpile guns and ammunition?

  6. Suki says:

    We want complete full justice, accountability and the release of all Sikh prisoners still languishing in jails.

  7. thathal says:

    Hello Kamalroop g please be strong and fight this in courts of UK.  My grandfather also fought in Burma he was martyred there!

  8. sunny1378 says:

    Get over it fuck face. If you dont like England take a hike. fukkin terrorists deserve to die..

  9. lyannick1 says:

    the only good thing about this is that it might bring international attention to Operation Blue Star 1984 and the plight of Sikhs in India before and since then.  I'm in the US.  And non-Sikhs in the US have no idea what happened in 1984.  It is my hope that the publication of this letter will shine a light on the atrocities that have occurred and continue to occur in the Punjab.  No apology is sufficient.  Britain should take up the mantle of Sikhs, throw a light on human rights violations that are still occurring and give aid to the Panth in educating the world.  Britain should support a U.N. resolution to declare Operation Blue Star and the Delhi massacres as Sikh genocide.  

  10. Aman Grewal says:

    i m really disappointed by seeing police of British Government!!

  11. Raju Raju says:

    Is India not even able to conduct a operation without help from our UK masters, shame on Brar and congress cronies

  12. Free Soul says:

    Looking for remorse or an apology in the wrong place veer politics, they just spin lies!

  13. Dilawar Singh says:

    Thousands of Innoent Sikhs were Martyred in this Opertion…
    Special thanks to Ms. Thatcher for playing the "Double Game"…

  14. 1234567890 1234567890 says:

    im leaving the uk its a shit hole, going down hill.

  15. DrSingha23 says:

    Feel your pain bro

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