The Cast of Mindhunter In Conversation

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Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, Anna Torv, and Cameron Britton sat down with Vulture’s Abraham Riesman for a conversation about the critically acclaimed series’ first season, the series’ real-life inspirations, and exactly what level of creepiness fans can look forward to enjoying in season two.

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  1. Gabrielle Stewart says:

    I had to cover the bottom half of my screen just so I could concentrate on what they were saying. Christ.

  2. Kevin Mckenny says:

    Great cast. Never heard better answers. I was listening intently to all there answers. Was like watching the show itself. Really. Great job guys.

  3. john s msi says:


  4. john s msi says:

    am i the only one who feels Holt McCallany was super anxious because thats exactly how i act in social settings eyes down sometimes i smile etc etc am i right or is it just me ?

  5. teguh pandirian says:

    they are my family now. already miss them, can't help but wait for season 2

  6. Autisticus Asperganoid says:

    Suffering from heavy withdrawl symptoms waiting for second season come on!!!!!

  7. Leper Messiah says:

    Presented by AT&T security

  8. Thea O'Hea says:

    38:20, 44:00 – actual teenage girl Holt McCallany

  9. ru ha says:

    been waiting for the season two!! love david fincher, love those characters, i was so stunned by how cameron britton recreates ed cemper! great series! LOVE form JAPAN

  10. R says:

    Amazing Q&A panel
    All actors are so eloquent about everything surrounding their character and show its brilliant
    And a treat for me
    Pls come back soon with season 2 #Mindhunter Is a v dark bleak and real place which is always a fascinating to me "human psychology"

  11. Joseph Callahan says:

    Holden is a sociopath, despite Groff's denial. He's a narcissist. Holden doesn't care about the feeling of others, he uses them, he puts his needs above others regardless of how it affects others, and more! Sorry, man.

  12. sldn74 says:

    I can't believe the interviewer didn't ask Anna more substantial questions. She hardly got questions about her character or the relationship between Wendy and the two agents. The show does a really good job of giving characters like Wendy and Debbie an important role and showing how these two brilliant women understand the world differently than the agents and how their understanding and expertise influences and challenges both Holden and Ford's view of these killers and how they understand male psychology. I would've loved to hear Anna's take on how Fincher approached this for her character and Debbie's and how he's exploring this complex intersection of gender, sexuality, power and violence.

  13. Paul Bell says:

    Off with her head!

  14. Yeah you lose Harry says:

    The actor Ed kemper needs to sit down for a interview with the real ed kemper

  15. Letho of Gulet says:

    Ah, man Dennis Rader's was in the show? What a spoiler.. I haven't seen him.

    JK. I already knew it was him the moment they showed the actor's 1st scene.

  16. 80teg says:

    This show is so good that Groff/Holden, who is doing a good job playing the character, is probably the worst one of the 4 on the panel. Tench & Dr. Carr are IMO the best, with Kemper and the FBI head a close 3rd/4th.

  17. Anthony Jones says:


  18. millhunkydc says:

    They are filming parts of Season 2 across the street from me right now in Sutersville, PA.

  19. heather bee says:

    My favorite show! Can't wait for Season 2!!!

  20. Daniel Lye says:

    I only know Cameron Britton through the show, so his voice really sounds eerie to me because of how well he acts on the show as Ed Kemper. Damn it's hard to take him as a regular person.

  21. Anijack1 says:

    23:29, what's going on with kamper 😀

  22. Danielle Adams says:

    All psychopaths are narcissists, not all narcissists are psychopaths.

  23. thefrankonion says:

    Cameron Britton's character is the backdrop for this entire series. Without Ed Kemper you would not have Mindhunter.

  24. Phillo Photographer says:

    Holy shit! I thought the same thing. First time I saw her on the show I thought she was Carrie Coon.

  25. Anneli Elisabet says:

    Cameron Britton looks and sounds so kind and friendly, and then he pushes up his glasses and I'm like "NO. DON'T."

  26. Nawar Sama says:


  27. km099 says:

    Fantastic talk, thanks for sharing!

  28. LUCIUS SATAN says:

    The aura of David…..

  29. LUCIUS SATAN says:

    Season 2….

  30. Darryl Skywalker says:

    23:28 Trying to distract the interviewer Cameron? Lol.

  31. Abhimanyu Kohli says:

    Anna is so damn hot and pretty at the same time!
    Such a passionate team! Great show, indeed!

  32. debbah says:

    damn, are these mics too sensitive ? every time they take a deep breath I hear like they are doing it next to my ear.

  33. Fabo Andolini says:

    Ive watched all the great shows and as of late all the new greats like Ozark, Fargo, Bloodline, but Mindhunter is probably my new favorite….it loves up to the hype season 1…and Daniel Tosh is just fabulous!!!

  34. DOUBLETAKE tv says:

    I hope they make it up to Gacy with this series…so great.

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