The Doctors – Newsnight Reveal

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Revealed in the credits of Newsnight, the right and wrong Doctors including the next even though it seems like the BBC don’t know their own show.

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20 Responses

  1. Hade says:

    Tom Ellis as Dr. Who???

  2. Paul McGinn says:

    People tend to forget, the episode where the first Doctor met the Darleks for the first time was a retelling of a Peter Cushings Doctors movie plot

  3. SpockBorg5 says:

    she? more progressive leftist bs

  4. Avebury Eddie says:

    Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmmm !! Yes yes yes !! So Tom Ellis it is, then 🙂

  5. Datak Hazel says:

    OMG! TOM ELLIS!!!!

  6. hello sweetie says:

    Stepping down from the role of Doctor Who. Peter Cushing played a completely different character called Doctor Who. Good job there. This whole thing is so messed up

  7. Doctor Senpye says:

    13th doctor: a dude in a suit CONFIRMED!

  8. Spacefrisian says:

    Ill throw in Mark Sheppard, his character is dead on Supernatural, and he already appeared in Doctor Who before….random guess.

  9. nathan 100100 says:

    wtf the idiots the one before tennant was the ninth then it was tennantas the tenth/11 matt smith was also the 11th and capaldi is the 12th

  10. Wolverine X says:

    did anybody else hear her say "whoever she maybe" meaning that…..

  11. EA SPORTS axb says:

    Watta the HELL Tom Ellis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????

  12. MrTonyheaney says:

    No. 6??? thats incorrect he was an actor who came back to play No. 1

    Idiots BBC

  13. Yesterday and Today says:

    Surprised no one said anything about the Delaware theme at 1:02 to 1:06

  14. Monty Python the Flying Circus says:

    Next Doctor Who should be either

    1. Adrian Lester. 2. Hugh Laurie. 3. Michael Palin. 4. Idris Elba. 5. Rory Kinnear. 6. Robert Lindsay 7. Reece Shearsmith. 8. Max Beesley or 9. Raymond Coulthard.

  15. Jessica Bowden says:

    This is so fake they even said peter capaldi is stepping down from the 13th doctor and they r saying who is going to be the 15th aye sure why don't u skip 14 ya idiot because Christopher Eccleston is the 9th David tennant is the 10th and Matt smith is the 12th the war doctor does not count he is the war doctor not a numbered doctor and I'm really happy to post this comment because di u know wit I love dr who that's why I'm so mad

  16. AnnBearForFreedom says:

    "….number fifteen, whoever SHE may be." Am I the only person who caught this??

  17. Mirza Hartaman says:

    So the next doctor is Lucifer?

  18. littlesmew says:

    That's clever because the number 15 is shot in such a way a to make it impossible to say whether it's a man or a woman…

  19. challenger says:

    It's tom ellis from lucifer . that clip is from the show

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