“The EU is Winning!” Jacob Rees-Mogg Spars with Remoaner

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“The EU is Winning!” Jacob Rees-Mogg Spars with Remoaner

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20 Responses

  1. Gary Churchill says:

    Just great to see at 9 minutes onwards JRM completely losing Ollie Robbins . He is way out of his depth on such a serious part Robbins just basically shows what an uneducated arse he is. Shouldn't take on JRM. Gonna get ugly and violent if you try and f*ck us over. You've no idea the amount of Nationalism that runs deep in the the British psyche. Beware Parliament! We don't march that often but IF you dare to overrule us you're going to get big marches. We're taking our cues from France now……unbelievable but it is what it is. The Establishment overruling the populace. Could get really nasty.

  2. Peter Nicho says:

    You missed the reply to jacobs last question where he had laid his trap on the european law for superior law on domestic law.

  3. Geoffthebull says:

    This man should be in control of EU negotiations. He would tie them in the very language they use. As the EU loves rules so much…..This man has all experience to handle such rule based nonsense.

  4. Alan Woolmer says:

    The EU are trying to tie us up in knots,and making a very good job of it.

  5. Carole Reynolds says:

    As others have said who is this Robbins guy & why is he even having this debate? Having listened to him a lot of ego driven drivel with no solutions or support for the people who voted OUT!

  6. Jusb1066 says:

    wanna spar rees-mogg? dont bring your nanny, i will punch you to the floor

  7. Oldglen Sea says:

    Stephen Barclay thinks he's clever; Jacob really is. Barclay's another Gove.

  8. 1001space says:

    I wish I was as cool as the mogg

  9. bob head says:

    don't fukc with the mogg.

  10. Mark Duxberry says:

    EU will still need the uk …do you think a third world country like spain is going to kiss good by to 18 million brits going on holiday there …

  11. The Beachdancer says:

    He says that business wants certainty. What they are getting is a document that proposes best efforts to agree something, and meanwhile there is another 'backstop' which may or may not be put into action. That sounds very uncertain to me. The only way of giving certainty is by saying that the UK leaves in March and will trade under WTO rules. (That may not be a good idea, but it is fairly certain)

  12. denisesinclair1 says:

    I have more chance of winning the lottery.then may as tote of getting this corrupt deal through.and I don't do the lottery.

  13. Sociable Netw0rker says:

    DEMOCRACY is dead in Britain. June 1215 – March 2019 RIP

  14. clive Lee says:

    I suppose 50 thousand years is temporary in comparison to the life of the universe

  15. Gerry O'Neill says:

    J.R.M should have been brexit Secretary he wouldn't bow down to the E. U MAFIA

  16. Felix Fedre says:

    Time to hang the remoaner traitors.

  17. Lapalon says:

    The links below are "awakening" about the real situation that No deal would lead to which is not hell on earth as depicted by some high profile remainers. The other one is about " S13 of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act.
    I took them from Jacob Rees Mogg's twitter.

  18. Rabbit says:

    Jacob the wise puts these two traitorous snakes back in their putrid boxes !!! He is calm, polite, and deadly accurate in his dissection of their smarmy betrayal agenda !!! Good on you for exposing these creeps to public scrutiny. If only he was in the only party that supports democracy !! UKIP !!!!!!

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