The Impact Of President George H.W. Bush’s Foreign Policy | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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Dan Drezner explains the appeal of former President H.W. Bush to Democrats and why he called Bush 41 the ‘greatest president of my lifetime.’ Peggy Noonan also discusses Bush’s relationship with Reagan.
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The Impact Of President George H.W. Bush’s Foreign Policy | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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26 Responses

  1. Morgan Farrell says:

    Mass murderers shouldn't be celebrated.

  2. McGill20March na says:

    Noonan's book, What I Saw At The Revolution, was really good.

  3. James L Taylor says:

    This is an awful discussion. They need Eugene on set to remind them of Reagan and Bush's racism–see William "Willie" Horton–Lee Atwater–the CIA"s drug war/Iran Contra and the War on Drugs, the opposition to Civil Rights, Los Angeles 1992. Only a panel full of white conservatives and liberals could have such a combaya discussion on such a record. Trump is the afterbirth of their Reagan Revolution–MAGx was first his.

  4. Mark Alexander-Warne says:

    For the former head of the CIA, George HW Bush was no foreign policy genius. He gave Saddam Hussein the green light on invading Kuwait in the first place and then tried to blame it on April Gillespie, the ambassador to Iraq . He and Reagan were so obsessed with the Soviet Union that they trained way too many Russian linguists at the expense of Arabic linguists. We didn't have enough for the first Gulf war and satellite military schools had to be set up hastily to train enough for the mission. How do I know this? I spent the summer of 1991 in Kuwait as an Arabic linguist in the army.

  5. Sound Author says:

    8:25 "And he said these words: 'By the grace of God, America won the Cold War.' He didn't say 'My administration won The Cold War'. He didn't say 'Republican thought and philosophy won The Cold War'. He said the American people won The Cold War."

    No. He said that God won the Cold War…which is nonsense. Nobody won "The Cold War". It's still happening. We destabilized the U.S.S.R with espionage and economic terrorism. Now they are doing what we did to them to neighboring European countries and, no thanks to Trump's undying loyalty to Putin, the United States. No maam, The Cold War is still very much ongoing, and the Russians are winning.

  6. Alexandurs says:

    Mica please stop mumbling and grunting while other people are talking.

  7. Swell Sounds Underground says:

    it will always be my creation but its many who will build it. because my country needs to be a place worth respecting again. for two years now its been the worst period since the great depression when they threw all the stock brokers off of the buildings

  8. Sandi Billingsley says:

    To bad the Bushes have been so hazardous to the environment.

  9. Wolfgang H says:

    George Bush backed Germany`s reunuion 100 % against the evil wills of many forces. Including repeated warmonger and exempire since 1940 (nowadays brexiting) England and France. For that I will be forever grateful. Greetings from the Fatherland to a MAN.

  10. Sam Downer says:


  11. Seth Man says:

    I have watched your show diligently and agreed with most everything you have said over the past 2 horrifying years. However, "Servant leadership," and the Bible and Jesus while talking about President Reagan because he cleaned up some water from the floor when he spilled it? C'mon Joe.

  12. SkyGemini says:

    I can't watch this, Bush was a horrible person and bad president. A racist liar. Shame on the media for glossing over the crimes this person and his administration perpetrated and the death they are responsible for. Next Shrub's going to get a medal for his illegal invasion? I hate to think how you're going to crow about tRump, if this is how you laud bad people.

  13. paladro says:

    if your only measure of a good man, is anyone but trump, then yes, senior was a good man… if we measure a man based upon his interactions with the public, then no, he was another war monger.

    amazing the rose colored glasses given this other criminal family from the gop.

  14. justamusta says:

    I'm sure I disagree with her politics, but Peggy Noonan is a class act.

  15. David The Gomer says:

    Can we please stop gushing over presidents for having basic common courtesy?

  16. raz ram says:

    I am sure you will praise Kissinger when he dies, another war criminal

  17. Deborah Austin says:

    Thank you for doing this piece – bringing light to values we so very need back in leadership. In contrast, Miller, who is the architect of many of the immigration policies, ran for HS student body president on the platform that he shouldn't have to pick up his trash because they have janitors to do that. Very telling of the qualities of that man who also has WWll concentration camp survivors in his family and you think should know better.

  18. Earnestine Crockette says:


  19. tom8181 says:

    bush menustration

  20. star7434 says:

    This is absolutely disgusting how mainstream media is whitewashing George HW Bush legacy. Bush was a war criminal, racist, and obstructed justice. Iranian contra, his inaction on AIDs, a lie to lead us to war in Iraq, the war on drugs, etc. The only difference between him and Trump is that he was "civil."

  21. Ely Pevets says:

    Lost in all this Bush adulation is how he and flunky Lee Atwater sensationalized and fact-twisted Willie Horton into a racist dog whistle in the 1988 election, clearing the way for the Republican smear machine that follows to this day, with trump as its crowning achievement. GHW Bush's actions back then led to destruction of his beloved GOP which is now a den of corruption and hate.

  22. Leroy Lowe says:

    Cleans up his mess? My kind of guy!

  23. Jason Faulkner says:

    I feel bad studying great people like George HW Bush after they die. I wish I learned, appreciated and spoke of their good intentions for America(ns) more while they lived. He was the last President from the Greatest Generation, and a good man. Makes me want to learn more about Jimmy Carter before he passes – perhaps the greatest Humanitarian President ever.

  24. Free Alex Jones says:

    George H W Bush was behind the Attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan….
    Reagan should have never picked this Globalist as Vice President….

  25. kikyo says:

    servant leadership definitely doesn't exist in our presidential leadership

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