The Marcon Regime is turning France into the Minority Report!!

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The Marcon Regime is sending its police to dress-up as protesters to divide the YellowVest as snipers being spotted on roof-tops, Riot police storming restaurants and video Evidence of France Police dressing up as protesters!!

Here are the links:

France: No, that’s not the Maidan in Kiev! What you see here are the snipers of the Macron oppressor regime, targeting protesting citizens with yellow vests in Paris! The balance sheet yesterday: 2 dead, 220 injured and 250 detainees.

#France: The usual suspects and their black-clad friends of the Antifa, camouflaged with yellow vests, has beat up peacefully protesting citizens in #Paris!

#France: The #YellowVests at the exposure of police officers who had disguised themselves as thugs!

Incredible scene in a restaurant. Seems like from “Minority Report”. Police chasing protesters inside of the restaurant. #GiletsJaunes #1erDecembre #France #Paris #YellowVest

#G20Summit Video of Macron and MBS chat , you can hear #France Prez saying “you never listen to me”, #SaudiArabia CP responds “I do of course listen”

#Breaking #Paris: it seems here’s some evidence, #Macron’s regime forces are in preparation (looks like #police are getting sniper rifles) #GiletsJaunes #YellowVests #ChampsElysees #resistance #1erDecembre #France #MacronDemission ✌

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32 Responses

  1. Ahmed Hussin says:

    France beauty nation…

  2. justin william salter says:

    macrons got a hooknose hes a jew

  3. Sebas G says:

    good exposure

  4. GoblinLion02 says:

    We need to form Antico or Antiso: Anti-Communist/Anti-Socialist

  5. chris christ says:

    To all the DWEEBS Saying "It's Macron NOT Marcon" Yeah WE ALREADY KNOW BITCHES!!!

  6. Alpha Group says:

    Macron=Poroschenko Kiev sniper

  7. Antonio Novais says:


  8. Antonio Novais says:


  9. rolph bluesky says:

    trump is right when it comes to fake news suport tommy who shows the real news

  10. rolph bluesky says:

    soon to be Canada

  11. Irish iz says:

    This is the future of the Globalists. If we don't stand and fight WITH France buy protesting our own government the Globalists will win. They are making their move in 8 days when they sign the pact with the UN the boarders will fall and MASS migration will come . When they come if you speak ill of them you will go to jail.

  12. Ron Kennedy says:

    His name is Macron. Not Marcon.

  13. Mr Fishfinger says:

    M.A.C.R.O.N. FFS

  14. Hans S says:

    MACRON not Marcon, ok?

  15. marge 222 says:

    Good work!

  16. Flaming Warrior says:

    Rolling out new world order.

  17. It's Angela says:

    This is crazy it should be stopped soon as possible

  18. R Mohr says:

    France, is up for grabs ! Either the Russians go for it or Saudi's take it. . . …

  19. Renee Hust says:

    All the Kings horses and all the Kings men can't put Europe back together again.

  20. j t says:

    This happens all the time… Its routine.

  21. pc igrock says:

    Same technology of street war that used in ukraine, syria, started in
    Iithyania in 1991 with ghost snipers

  22. hweyun says:

    Good report man. I said 10 years ago: Europe and USA are moving towards Martial Law. Everybody thought I'm nuts.

  23. Jolene N says:

    look for helmets and that's Antifa. They know they plan harm is why they wear helmets.

  24. armynorb says:

    What is REALLY funny, is that in the Ukraine, the west had destabilized the country, the violent protesters were called "peaceful" and were fired on by "snipers" and the west condemned the government, without proof it was the government! now, the French police are killing their own with snipers… and not a peep! The poor French people cannot effectively defend themselves… talk about vile tyranny! I can see a massive strike against the government, a new French Revolution and the guillotine taken out of mothballs…

  25. XaldinDeter says:

    This is absolute chaos currently in our country

  26. Zalia Lyon says:

    They are not fighting over gas..they are fighting cuz France raised their taxes to give to refugees n if you owned to homes they took it n gave yo refugees.n that's rhe point of these invasions to collapse the economy. .n it's happening all over's y some countries like Britain wanna leave the EU. .India n Sweden got chipped. .France Got The tatoo the EU is making all businessmen get chipped for security reasons. .Maybe that's an other reason y Britain leaving the EU yeah it don't surprise me antifa n cops are doing this..niw their gonna do it here..invade us with migrants til we can't support ourself causing riots ..the last caravan went 11 mikes south to meet up with the next one..when asked how they knew about the caravan..they said from ads in newspapers n television promising free food, medical n housing..crazy right

  27. goldy girl says:

    It's great that you're showing this Lee it's likely going to be here in the UK next !!! We have a treasonous prime minister!!!

  28. Dianne Boynton says:

    Welcome to liberalism.

  29. there's hope says:

    i see London, i see France, i see auntie fada's pants.

  30. SM says:

    Better off Dead then Red.

  31. Alexander Afxendiou says:

    And all cops involved with this will go to hell in these non negotiable times were most go to hell

    Most police most soldiers are obviously going to hell in these non negotiable times were most go to hell

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