The mathematics of weight loss | Ruben Meerman | TEDxQUT (edited version)

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This is the edited version of The Mathematics of Weight Loss presented by Ruben Meerman.

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40 Responses

  1. Lindy says:

    Needs to spell check his slides, and got confused somehow between low carbohydrate and low protein, but an engaging presentation.
    I have to say though, that I had already pondered this question many many moons ago and reached the same conclusion.

  2. Nuzki Abib says:


  3. GC AL Future says:

    who repeated this video more than once?

  4. Gary K says:

    20 minute video to explain the 'maths' of weight loss. Here it is in 4 words; eat less move more. done.

  5. Gautam Chettiar says:

    Lose 10 kgs in a week

  6. I.P. Knightly says:

    Eat less and exercise more to lose weight? This is a radical conclusion, why have we never been told this?

  7. Marvin says:

    21:26 min to conclude what we already know. Superb chemistry math, but let me save you ~20 mins…”eat less, exercise more”

  8. Good'ol Antny says:

    AITCH !!!!!!

  9. IQ encodoc says:

    Regardless of pretty words and chemistry, bottom line is calories out need to be greater than calories in to lose weight.

  10. Nadia Mathew says:

    What about when you go swimming? some please explain that.

  11. Astrobleme says:

    Good talk! This man made the info within very easy for me to digest. Thank you

  12. Vicki Ross Tudor says:

    That balloon experiment is fascinating.

  13. Lack of Focus says:

    The chemical equation says 55 moles and so on. You need to take the molecular mass into account before you talk about kilograms.

  14. cndvd says:

    Has this guy had a weight problem ?
    In weight loss, it's NOT : "If there is a Will….there is a Way." It's actually : "If there is a Way….there is a Will."
    Get to know when your body "burns" and goes in to a Thermogenic State. Then create that state more and more.

  15. steve Escobar says:

    Knew all that stuff from A level biology, nothing new there.

  16. Phil M says:

    Nice one!

  17. Anker A says:

    Could it not be derived that the more cells that feed the brain the better? I think that if my brain has enough cells to feed it's needs it is happy, and so should I be.

  18. TheMamspoker mamp says:

    There is only one way to lose weight: don't eat.

  19. Eden Seven says:

    My eyes are glazing over. ZZzzzzz

  20. Boot says:

    Started watching this, guy setting up his products on a table, thought it was one of those infomercials where they are advertising some new cleaning product.

  21. futilitariano says:

    What the heck is a kilogram?

  22. Camille says:

    WOW! I thought wrong. Thank you for this TED

  23. Design By Alfredo Hernandez says:

    Niceee, can you say this again in English, great vid

  24. Paul Le Fevre says:

    Finally, I've seen something that spells out weight loss as I know it and believe it. EAT LESS FOOD + DO MORE EXERCISE = LOSE WEIGHT. It is that simple. Don't tell yourself or let anyone else tell you any different. Ruben says it's easy, I don't agree with that. It's hard, you get really hungry eating less food than you're used to, especially if you 'comfort eat'. Don't get me wrong, it's easy to understand, just hard to actually do.

  25. Deirdre StLuke says:

    Meanwhile, he completely ignores such medical conditions as diabetes which causes issues with sugar and makes it hard to metabolize even if you're controlling your blood sugars.

  26. Gray Grumbler says:

    No – the chemistry (weights) are incorrect.

  27. Lanier Nelson says:

    At the end he said low protein diets when I think he meant low carb diets. Correct me if I'm wrong but to put your body in a state of ketosis you dont eat any carbs or very few. I did this training for an Ironman.

  28. Andrew Sides says:

    question. If we don’t eat the plants they will remain in environment and become peat moss and eventually a fossil fuel? So if we eat more plants and make more CO2 then surely we are indirectly contributing to climate change by ‘reducing’ future stocks of fossil fuel?

  29. Alma Knack says:

    surely low carbohydrate
    , said twice either that or high protein.

  30. Amy Pollock says:

    Ok. I am glad someone did the math for this. However, since mice/rats are NOT analogous with human beings this leaves his findings somewhat in doubt.

  31. Carlo Wittich says:

    seems like a fun guy, the advice he gives is wrong nevertheless

  32. Jim Koral says:

    The breathing part is quite accurate. I regularly inhale things like pies, doughnuts, potato chips, beer, wings, etc.

  33. Plus Bonus says:

    Summary ; eat less, move more and keep breathing.

  34. D Me says:

    I was once 6'8, 346 lbs. Now, I'm 6 ft, & a fit & trim 175 lbs. I'm living proof that responsible crack use works. (say no to drugs, kids).

  35. Matt Trifiro says:

    This is one of the most educational and entertaining videos I have ever watched. If Ruben had been my teacher, I might have become a biochemist.

  36. Glenn Krieger says:

    Here's a quirky caveat. If you are losing weight, please don't perform CPR. When doing mouth-to-mouth, the large amounts of CO2 in your exhaled breath may hasten the potential death of the victim. On the flip side, if you happen to be gaining weight, look for every opportunity.

  37. Rserpe says:

    Jeez… Even the physicists in Australia are hot.

  38. checkboard says:

    "I don't think I need to introduce myself, do I?"
    *Me thinking WTF is this guy? *

  39. Free Man says:

    This is bizzare, Gave up Meat Dairy, almost except cheese and plant based high carb high sugar. And i just started running, i couldnt run more than a few kms before joint pain now 21 kms in a day no big deal.
    Also give up the Supermarket processed food with SOY (poison) in all the European foods and Get off the Fluoridated water.

  40. WagTheDog says:

    Fascinating and fun talk! I got the impression that oxygen intake affects the efficiency of the weight loss process. If so, it should be easier and faster to lose my monster belly if I move from the dizzying 5,400' of Prescott, AZ to some Beach town to continue my "eat less, exercise more" routine … not so?

    BTW, he essentially poo-poos the Keto diet (which I'm on) as possibly causing "depression" … I sure would like a link that proves that hypothesis. Thanks!

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