Theresa May faces MPs in the Commons following G20 summit | ITV News

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Prime Minister Theresa May addresses MPs in the House of Commons following the G20 summit.

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17 Responses

  1. roger mashie says:

    Move over… deal or general election.

  2. mark Williams says:

    Let's hope that democracy wins Theresa may really isn't listening to the people the vote was to leave I believe now that the best vote would be a no deal! No more talks of another referendum or trying to reverse brexit! Theresa may is a sell out remove her!

  3. Kazzimia reeve says:

    Chailey school students are on zero hours contracts

  4. Kazzimia reeve says:

    Chailey school kids have f grads

  5. Kazzimia reeve says:

    Chailey school kids carry knives

  6. Kazzimia reeve says:

    Chailey school is antisemitic

  7. Kazzimia reeve says:

    Chailey school kids live in in social housing

  8. Kazzimia reeve says:

    Chailey school has gang violence and bullying problems

  9. Kazzimia reeve says:

    Chailey school gals have under age sex

  10. Kazzimia reeve says:

    Sexual harassment is a big problem in chailey school

  11. Michael Parker says:

    We don’t want the rotten deal of mays we just want out without paying the 39 billion because nobody can say what it’s for ,we can always go to wto

  12. Jack Striker says:


  13. Peter Lemmon says:

    De Facto is not a permanent arrangement, do not be fooled by this Front Man.

  14. BigWilki123321 says:

    This gentleman sounds more like a shill for the present government's untenable position than an honorable, impartial attorney general. Making his points in theatrical tone as if the future lives of the the majority of British people were some sort of theatrical production.

    It illustrates quite clearly that conditions within British society have degraded so badly, that even people with such apparent esteemed integrity, such as senior judicial figures, are corrupted by influence and financial interest. That is not how justice is served.

    Sections of this government, and indeed the whole political class, and their friends in business are an absolute disgrace to every principle this country was built upon and they are sowing resistance within the general population which they, ultimately, will be unable to control, all because they cannot let go of their advantageous economic position which is reliant of Britain's EU membership and which the British people have voted to reject.

    I never thought, as an Englishman, that I would be economically enslaved by my fellow countrymen, in league with a foreign entity. They're playing with fire.

  15. Peter Lemmon says:

    Then sign a withdraw without any penalties and fetters all rights remain the title inasmuch as when this disgusting E.U. leach itself are no more entitled to anything regarding The U.K. Thus the U.K. Is a sovereign Nation Under no Obligation and or Debt or Any Concession of Property or Order of Political enslavement., As Such The Brexit Order Shall Such Mandate Sovereignty without Debts As Such Are Illegally Impossible and the U.N public International Law Shall not Prevail.

  16. red squirrel says:

    A backstop with no backstop and she knows it, and where is May , what is it , tell me no secrets and I will tell you no lies.

  17. gary dates says:

    there are loads more problems than the backstop

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