Theresa May’s Tory conference speech – watch live

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Conservative conference 2017: Theresa May to announce energy price cap legislation in her closing speech.

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22 Responses

  1. The Guardian says:

    May's speech starts at 36:39

  2. Paul Warren says:

    Bunch of right wing toss pots..

  3. Anthony Cook says:


  4. ElectricJohnny says:

    Hapless. But she's a tenacious political survivor. I'm astonished she's still in office.

  5. Mr233191962 says:

    The British !! And where did you find such a beauty ? Yes, even dumber than Clinton !!!

  6. orbitaldildo says:

    Will go down as one of the worst leaders in recent history.

  7. Jason Can says:

    Очень красивое произношение, постановка речи and голос. Красава! Very beautiful pronunciation, speech and voice. Handsome!

  8. Simba Chiutare says:

    Why she gets standing applause then people talk wrong about it

  9. goldencheast says:

    She looks so dishonest

  10. Michael O Neill says:

    Never in the history of the UNITED KINGDOM have we had such a weak leader, this is what happens when you let the left have their way, May is totally useless and only got the job because she lost all the files on the Westminster pedophiles,

  11. dave pamell says:

    Id love ti finger her

  12. Green Meadow says:

    God help us all  –  we're doomed.

  13. Futures says:

    home ownership you mean anxiously renting a home from a bank until you become old and broken and then if you need 'care' you are thrown into some rubbish wearhouse known as a care home and while you are at it you will take and sell what little all our hard work might have gained –

  14. Futures says:

    wow British dream I appear to have woken up in conservative nightmare

  15. mallaka8 says:

    Florence and the Machine didn't give permission for their song to be used. Florence Welch said that if the Tories had asked she would have refused.

  16. P CM says:

    Love our PM!

  17. dave pamell says:

    Bet shes great and dirty in bed

  18. IVANOVIC says:

    At least she's not corrupt.
    I can't say the same as to the filthy Brazil's president.

  19. Maria grazia Idda says:

    British dream???what are you talking about???

  20. Albert Tantivit says:

    I like how the camera pan to the audience right when the letter F dropped out of the wall.

  21. The gaming Turnip says:

    to our English friends: I truly find this speech worrying and painful to watch. I truly hope however that evething will go smoothly in the coming months for the UK.

  22. A2VM says:

    Go conservatives, F**k labour

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