Tim Farron talks to Leave voter as Theresa May hides away

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15 Responses

  1. My_No_1_American Bulldog says:

    vote UKIP far better than rest of the jokers.

  2. Peter Pan says:

    looks like jeremy corbyn brother maybe he left his tie next to diane Abbotts bed also

  3. Magsangel says:

    My family didn't die in the world wars to listen and put up this shit, get lost Farron your nothing but a globalist puppet, who has no loyalty to England and the English people.

  4. GEO 1371 says:

    Tim, if that's what your doing then come to the North East to get that and more off me!

  5. Cameron Hargreaves says:

    It's hard to stand in front of a camera and get yelled at by idiots so Tim did well to contain himself. Some people will never listen, and so they will never learn.

  6. 20quid says:

    Props to Tim Farron. That's how you deal with someone you disagree with, instead of barracking them with "you lost, shut up, get over it, remoaner, remoaner"

    It's good to see that at least one person in Britain still has a level of politeness for which the British used to be known for.

  7. mandy dandy says:

    You English is stupid you give 12.2 billion in aid to 12 of the most corrupt countries, including North Korea you give 6 Billion in health tourism millions in migrant benefits Millions in India
    & this idiot wants to raise taxes for the NHS the reason it's in trouble is because you give billions away & mass immigration, means no housing schools hospitals transport

  8. JG says:

    Imagine a world where you had to choose between Corbyn, Dim Tim or Sturgeon. Hopefully you LibDems finally realise that your illiberal, anti-democratic position is not wanted.

  9. You're Right but... says:

    Shame the noisy old bloke didnt have the guts to listen.

  10. Francis Mendy says:


  11. TeaCup says:

    What's prat. He knows know what he speaks

  12. Jake J. Lewis says:

    You mean as Theresa May runs the country?

  13. dave009ish says:

    Tim Farron , leader of the council tax hikes , getting his butt whipped , just like what happened in todays election.

  14. David Gutteridge says:

    Nice to see the Lib Dems have lost some council seats. Let's hope they do even worse in the general election. It would be nice to see the permanent smug grin knocked off Farron's face. Perhps it's not a smug grin, but a deformity. Let's face it he's pretty weird looking creature.

  15. Stormking 55 says:

    That guy was brilliant. Told terrible Tim exactly what he needs to hear. Well done mate.

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