Tim Martin on Question Time – taken apart

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A few days back, Tim Martin appeared on Question time. A 1-min clip of his performance has gone viral on Twitter. So error-packed was that one minute, that we should take the time to dissect it to bits… Enjoy!

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37 Responses

  1. Mihai Ciubotaru says:

    Let me enlighten you…the whole EU philosophy was to create at continental level such an entangled economic, administrative and political system that not one country can ever wage war against another European country….and it works….just look on what this philosophy succeeded to do on the Irish island. Not one country can produce a tank, an airplane…anything that does not have components produced in another European country. From this perspective, Brexit is lunacy!! You simply can not untangle this web!

  2. Tony truth says:

    the UK won't leave the European Union European Union is a luciferian cabal. the so-called humans who support this . the disguise they are using will no longer exist very soon

  3. Nelson Inn says:

    Fuck Wetherspoons. Support local independent pubs and bars.

  4. steve allen says:

    1 min 43 seconds and you have lied twice. Don’t think I’ll bother listening anymore

  5. Dissonantia Cognitiva says:

    You don't have free trade agreements in the EU.
    EU sets tariffs from abroad and EU sets quotas for production, which is the same as tariffs as it limits what you can export
    Also you have to ignore the economics as economy is not a science, it has shown to be skewed statistics with biased wishful thinking in order to achieve the expected outcome.
    You are a scientist, so you know about forecasting, random walk, Monte Carlo, etc, and you know in general how useless that is for economics
    The more maths and theories you put on top of a subject, the more you distance yourself from that subject

  6. LittleVillage24 says:

    As an outsider I don't understand the Remainer position. Do you honestly believe you can go back to the EU?! Let's pretend Merkel gives the UK permission to come back to the EU, do you think you can come back without paying a price? Plus how on Earth are you going to ignore the result of the biggest democratic event in British history?! Another referendum? The people who want another referendum believe the British people are too stupid to understand the complexities of Brexit but you want them to vote AGAIN?! If Remainers win the 2nd referendum but win by a slim majority does it trigger a THIRD vote? Thanks to the efforts of the Remainers a no deal Brexit is inevitable which means billions of pounds saved on membership dues, 40-80 billion pounds saved on the "divorce" bill, your laws and immigration policies will be set by parliament and no more bailouts to failing EU states.

  7. Richard Garratt says:

    nah Tim Martin is right his pubs are great too.

  8. trident3b says:

    17:54 The Weatherspoon gibberish sequel. "Enjoy".

  9. Steve Stephens says:

    What utter nonsense by a delusional Commentator. 50% of all UK Trade is currently undertaken by WTO rules, and any Trade with the EU after a Brexit [No deal] can be undertaken on WTO where some Tariffs would be actually lower than the inflated EU Tariffs. Productivity in the UK is all time low, and staying in the EU offers no solution to that whatsoever in that all UK exports are driven via the Customs Union and its artificial Euro tariffs that protect other EU member States competing for the same business.
    The EU is a political dream that has run aground and the UK needs to get out on a No Deal Brexit and start making trade deals with many emerging markets, Africa, Asia etc before it really implodes and their are 27 more all after those very Trade deals.

  10. Alan Marr says:

    Of course no tarrifs would be ideal for the purveyors of junk food. The sort of food full of hormones and pesticides banned in the UK and Europe. Our farmers can't compete with these produces of poisonous food .Also our farmers have to consider animal welfare which the sources of cheap food don't. So we can understnd Mr Martin he would like cheaper food, but would the public like the consequence so it . Many countries outside the EU still use Carcingenious(cancer producing) substances in their agriculture . Do we want to eat this rubbish even if it is dirt cheap! One wonders why the Brexit promoting people are so irresponsible!

  11. J A Hennessy says:

    makes more sense than the so called scientist's for eu, I've only seen on bloke spouting bolloxs, and he isn't the owner of a major pub group. what a dope

  12. Chris L says:

    Talking shite…What do we expect from someone that sells cheap booze? I hope the new tariffs he supports screw his entire business model.

  13. Michael Ottewell says:

    Thanks Mike – This is the truth about Martin and deluded people in the BBC QT audience who were cheering him on. The BBC should be ashamed for showcasing this nonesense.

  14. jay cam says:

    Complete fool that has very little knowledge and rides on the gravy train ignorants will get you no where!

  15. Dave Thompson says:

    The most depressing part of this is the numpties in the audience applauding him!

  16. K L says:

    This officially seals and ratifies how worthless Question Time has become. I stop watching it long ago.

  17. K L says:

    Brexitard Martin looks like a Womble (a scary and demented one at that)

  18. L K says:

    This is why I don't watch QT anymore. It has lost all credibility by giving glorified pub owners a platform to spout shit they know nothing about.

  19. Iazzaboyce says:

    An uncontested figure for EU27 nationals working in the UK is ‘3 million’. Dr Mike would argue this benefits the UK economy. But, how much of the money earned in the UK is actually spent in the UK? Let’s for the sake of argument assume that, on average each EU27 person earning pounds in the UK converts 50 pounds each week to euros and this money is spent in the EU27. If this assumption is realistic, it equates to the UK economy losing 7.8 billion pounds every year.

  20. Dan Crean says:

    Are you a fucking moron, its not just about trade its about taking back our laws.

  21. ANTHONY DAVID says:


  22. Peter Young Peter Young says:

    Martin is a right wing Aussie, he just wants Wine and beer from Oz for his pub chain, to give his pals the custom instead of the French, Italian and Spanish. He wants to break the hold that EU wine producers have on the UK market in favour of Oz producers. The morons cheering in the audience are like lambs to the slaughter to the greedy, lying toe rag. I will never enter one of his shit pubs again. It's thanks to him that all our local pubs have closed down, whilst he peddles weak watered down beer to the moronic masses. Fuck Wetherspoons, support your local craft ale pub.

  23. Plato 77 says:

    Tim Martin isn't even worth commenting on!

  24. gary dates says:

    you speak out of both sides of your mouth just watch what you said in this video ,you argued cheep and expensive and some propaganda on things that may or may not happen

  25. CKB says:

    this video misses the POINT. he's a remainer and these sort better get this massage: REFERENDUM; WE voted to LEAVE THE EU. then you can help, to recover from the damage the eu has done to democracy and the culture of euorope…your type make me sick.

  26. Kevin Buckner says:

    Tim Martin's not the idiot. But this guy is! His point 1) I've listened to Martin on many occasions… he is talking about being free to trade with whomever we like. The flipside to his first point, that he conveniently sidesteps, is that the EU is the land of tariffs!
    Point 2) The £39B is extortion. It might be worth paying if it came with a pre-approved (based on the fact that we have 100% alignment already) trade agreement. On its own it is extortion that puts the mafia to shame. We are one of the three major net contributors so quite how this guy makes it sound like we are net recipient explains a lot about his ignorance frankly!
    Point 3) When the economists lie and exaggerate as they have done since before the referendum, and have been proven to have done so, yes, you have to ignore the economists. I listen to the likes of Mark Blyth to get a more accurate line on impact on economy and the broader financial perspectives of the whole debate. Why? Because he and others like him are not snout in trough, bought establishment experts.
    Point 4) "When you get the fish, where are you going to sell the fish to?" Is he serious? We (legally) have rights to about 10% only of the fish taken from our territorial waters, courtesy of the CFP. Even if we can't find buyers (why would that be the case????), we can become self-sufficient again, in most high-demand fish. At the moment, we buy fish caught in British waters from Spanish (and others) fishing fleets! In the same sentence, he makes the other Remainer 101 error: let me correct him; you do not need a trade agreement to sell products between countries! This is basic stuff!
    Point 5) Tariff barriers as literal barriers for UK exporters. I'd buy a bit of that concern, but 99% of Remainers will state that the pound will instantly devalue after we leave. They will state that as a negative. Well I'm sorry, you can't have your cake and eat it. A deflated (correctly so as the pound is still over-valued) GBP will add way more of a boost to UK exporters than WTO tariffs will impede their efforts to sell overseas.
    Point 6) The EU imposes tariffs on other countries outside the EU, and in particular on food, shoes and clothes. That's what Martin is talking about. At the moment we cannot remove those tariffs because the EU say so. Once we are outside of the EU (not on May's crooked deal mind) we can. Simple.
    Point 7) We collect taxes via EU imposed tariffs and send that money to the EU. He agrees with Martin. What? Oh, and apparently, tariffs collected in Sweden might be spent on science projects in the UK. Sounds a bit like a magic money tree to me. What an idiot!
    Point 8) Well, what do you know, he is one of those Remainers that wants their cake and eat it! He's just said the pound is going to nosedive. I guess a bit like it did after the referendum, erm and then recovered. Guess what happens when the pound plummets as he predicts, it will suddenly become profitable to farm produce in the UK for domestic consumption. Doh!
    I can't listen to any more of this pea-brain spouting complete and utter rubbish, making points that are ill-considered and made to fit his biased views.
    It does though highlight why so many Remainers believe the EU's own propaganda.

  27. badjemima says:

    Tim Martin is a complete f*cking idiot, as are the twats in the audience applauding him. Why are people so proud of being pig ignorant? Educate yourselves, ffs.

  28. Kevin Buckley says:

    Why do they have these populists on QT the BBC allows them to spout there nonsense that make promises that sre unobtainable.
    This man is suggesting we don't pay what we owe. What country would do a deal if we do not pay.and the audience love it..
    Just like Gove Johnson and the big red bus the BBC has lost it's respect and become s plaything of thr rabid right.

  29. Ray Smyth says:

    Of course the stupid Brexshiteers will believe the rich fat bastard Tim Martin who cares nothing for all the stupid Brexshiteer applauders that they managed to find to put in the audience. Off ye go lads!

  30. deeingalaplike says:

    He's a fucking bell end, filling his pubs with propaganda. Fair enough, have an opinion, but I go for a pint to get away from Brexit, not have it rammed down my throat.

  31. exundfluriba says:

    Superb analysis Mike

  32. David Lawrence says:

    You’re talking bollocks. The Uk imports $644 billion every year compared to Portugal $78 billion and Sweden $154 billion so to suggest the tariffs collected in those countries are going to fund local uk projects is, to put it politely, disingenuous. The uk is collecting more in tariffs than all the other countries excluding Germany. That money comes from the premium on our prices. How many oranges do we produce in the uk? None. So when we charge 12% tariffs on South African oranges we’re subsidising Spanish orange growers. FACT.

  33. 4bawbees says:

    Brexiteer baloney Wetherspoonfed to unquestioning sheep

  34. colin says:

    We voted out you thick twat

  35. Ragnar says:

    0:50 we don’t even have WTO membership outside of the EU!

  36. GoldenToothBrush says:

    When the economists that are against brexit keep getting it wrong why shouldn't we ignore them? I mean there is only two possibilities here, one they are actually incredibly incompetent or two they have an agenda!

  37. Martina Merckel says:

    The audience just don't understand the benefits of EU trade agreements set up with the rest of a globalised world hence this evil man peddles lies and misinformation with such ease, it's painful to watch them cheer him on without realising they'll be poorer if he has his way.

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