Tommy Robinson and others ! Who to choose ??!!

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6 Responses

  1. Safraz Latif says:

    Have you been drinking again – you seem to have acquired a strange American accent?

  2. zaggy3110 says:

    Robinson is a zionist.Zionism is just a wicked as islamism

  3. Solder Joe says:

    Islam is cancer. Add hypocrisy and you have feminism.

  4. Tito Chdry says:

    Besides youTommy Robinson is one of the Angles I was
    looking for.

  5. Red Robertify says:

    Just another extremist getting away with it. More company for Choudary….

  6. xyz productions says:

    You want an angel? Angel Gibreel gave us Holy Quran and solved all our problems.

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