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30 Responses

  1. Jake Zgaib says:

    He can run and he hid, coward Faraj

  2. Brian says:

    What a gutless Magot!

  3. bruno cass says:

    Amazing how LBC, Sky News, etc. do not allow comments on their YouTube videos. They treat Tommy, Anne Marie Waters, Gerard Batten with contempt but are too scared to receive comments from the viewers. Bunch of arseholes !

  4. UnemployedBlightyBoy vs. MassImmigraton says:

    Remember there were death threats and assassination attempts against Nigel, they've obviously threatened to come back !!
    Probably nothing to do with the religion of peace !!!

  5. e.g. Joey says:

    I Never liked that farage guy…

  6. Clayton Wiffen says:

    Lbc smear Tommy, but don't want to give him a chance to reply. Gutless.

  7. Bens Balls says:

    Farage you're finished, we don't give a shit what you say anymore, JUDAS.

  8. Anoni Mouse says:

    MK Ultra has got him hes gone

  9. anna mack says:

    To be fair to Farage, he probably didn't know anything about that.

  10. Major blitz says:

    The UK must be Purged of Islam, just like South Africa is purging itself of whites. WHATS THE FUCKING DIFFERENCE.??? I am ashamed of the west. Tolerance is putting up with something you don't agree with or like. I am no longer tolerant.

  11. Peter Butterley says:

    Do You really want to scare the Govt? Then wear a Yellow Vest.

  12. David Samways says:

    Farage. Good bye Nigel. One less traitor in UKIP. No one will miss you.

  13. Aaron Ward says:

    Farage is just trying to move to the centre (Left) now he has a media show. He is becoming one of them. Getting bankrolled now so why fight the machine… Shame…

  14. sherry hodges says:

    Garbage Farage just quit the UKIP!

  15. Mike The knight says:

    Farage is a twat

  16. Londoner G says: Gerard batten interview with Sargon of akkad

  17. FranLuckyFlute says:

    Nigel F has forecasted trouble on the march……To recognise Infiltrators on the march – will be the ones with Masks and Spray Cans. Rent-A-Mob from France.

  18. PLIP5 says:
    WOW, please watch from 5.15mins onwards.

  19. John Doe says:

    Is it not about time you got some t-shirts done and this be your first..
    On the front….
    on the back..

  20. David Lea says:

    Is that why you changed your name?

  21. MetalEngineer says:

    And THAT is how the media deal with the truth these days…

  22. steve steve says:

    Need to know the time and place of the brexit march on 9th

  23. John Forbes says:

    Just remember what ROBINSON helped keep in the LIGHT of day! Child raping groups( listen to the TELFORD POSTS ) Police abuse of Victims( Listen to the Mark Steyn {posts) Councilors also going to rape parties & Police officers also involved & if it one thing the Governments HATE it is EXPOSURE & not only this BUT no one has been held responsible !!!! SIMPLY UNBELIEVABLE & IT NEEDS TO BE SHOVED UNDER THE NOSES OF THE BRITISH ESTABLISHMENT AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY!!

  24. Svetka Aleshenka says:

    Great example of unaccountable gutlessness! Farage has shown his true colours!

  25. Paul Cox says:

    Is Tommy not a little to close though to some Jewish nationalist power brokers.

    Before you say anti Semitic I am not but just wonder like Farage who pulls the levers …

  26. Warren van Wyk says:

    Bwhaaaaahaaaaahaaaa!!!! Good on ya for recording them, [email protected]#$%&g wankers!

  27. Gerard Foley says:

    run nigel run

  28. Freddy Nicholls says:

    I knew he was a coward

  29. Gordon Bradley says:

    So even the stupids have realised Falange is an attention desperate, golf club gobshite ?
    We've known it all along !
    So funny !

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