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Tomorrow · Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzmosis (Bonus Track Version)

℗ 1995 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Keyboards, Producer: Michael Beinhorn
Composer, Lyricist: O. Osbourne
Coordinator: Kathy Sherry
Composer, Lyricist: Z. Wylde
Guitar: Zakk Wylde
Coordinator: Scott Vandivier
Drums: Deen Castronovo
Composer, Lyricist: J. Purdell
Coordinator: Michael Guarracino
Keyboards: Rick Wakeman
Composer, Lyricist: D. Baron
Coordinator: Brian Coleman
Engineer: Paul Northfield
Assistant Engineer: John Bleich
Bass: Geezer Butler
Assistant Engineer: Matt Curry
Assistant Engineer: Chris Laidlaw
Assistant Engineer: Joe Pirrera
Assistant Engineer: Rodolphe Sanguineti
Assistant Engineer: Brian Sperber
Mixing Engineer: David Bianco
Mastering Engineer: George Marino

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30 Responses

  1. Nicole DeCathelineau says:

    Ozzy was clean when he did this album, it sums up himself, he was diagnosed skiztofranic and then some.

  2. Led Zappa says:


  3. Mo Khan says:

    I fucking love this album. Fuck those people who say this album “sucks”. This is my favorite song off the Ozzmosis album.

  4. jakob187 says:

    I wish someone would do a remaster of this album to take away all the shitty production choices that Michael Beinhorn always does (also see: Mechanical Animals by Marilyn Manson, Natural Selection by Fuel, Uplift Mojo… by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Superunknown by Soundgarden).

  5. Nicole DeCathelineau says:

    Ozzy and Wasp. 2 favorites

  6. Jason Hardy says:

    OMF I love this song. One of his best IMO.

  7. Edilson Barros says:

    Muito bom!

  8. James Dio says:

    What's your opinion? HAHAHAHA

  9. Gia Ferrara DVM, PhD says:

    And some say Ozzy can't sing?!!!! Whaaaaat? He slammed this song! It's Dio that screwed up Sabbath. I stopped buying when they fired Ozzy. He's doing quite well on his own don't ya think?

  10. Randi neace says:

    Tomorrow Ozzy fans

  11. mr. mister says:

    This. Is. Perfect. From start till the end.

  12. dinosuarr says:

    I want this to be played at my funeral deadass

  13. canal Diogo motta oficial says:

    Thank you ozzy for vídeo

  14. ADC6828 says:

    Hell Yeah

  15. Matthew Gentry says:

    You know ozzy is one of those people or you can start listening when you're getting drunk and listen the whole night to nothing but Ozzy and you'll still have music to listen to after you've passed out

  16. Sandra osses says:


  17. Chris Biggers says:

    I've completely forgotten about this song angels of God haha he is a genius

  18. cade hanson says:

    i love it plus the sound efects are so cool

  19. Arcade Kaos says:

    Best Ozzy song ever definitely is vocals it makes me want to smash the entire world

  20. Dante Escobedo says:

    Ozzy Osbourne – Tomorrow – Lyrics

    Have You Read The Message,
    The Writing On The Wall
    Could It Be The Answer
    The Answer To It All
    What's Going Down In Heaven,
    I'm Playing With Your Head
    Don't Believe Them When They Tell You
    You'd Be Better Off Dead

    Living In The Thunder
    Driving Me Insane
    Can I Get A Witness
    To Take Away The Pain
    Walking On The Water
    Going Nowhere Fast
    Feeling Like I'm Walking
    With No Shoes On Broken Glass
    You Know It

    You Don't Have To Leave The Lights On
    I'm So Used To Being Blind
    No More Goodbyes Or Yesterdays
    So It's, I'll See You Tomorrow
    I'll See You Tomorrow

    Welcome To The Sideshow
    I'll Cut It To The Chase
    Yeah I Can Hear You Thinking
    It's Going All To Waste
    I Don't Mean To Offend You
    When I Look You In The Eyes
    What's All This Commotion?
    It Leaves Me Mystified

    Chasing All The Rainbows
    Falling From The Sky
    I Know Your Intentions
    Are All A Bunch Of Lies
    I'm Running Out Of Patience
    Falling Off Track
    You Better Start To Worry
    'Cause I May Not Make It Black
    All Right Now

    You Don't Have To Leave The Lights On
    I'm So Used To Being Blind
    One Good Reason To Blow Me Away
    So It's, I'll See You Tomorrow
    I'll See You Tomorrow

    Can It Wait 'Til Tomorrow?
    'Cos Tomorrow Never Comes……..

    Living In The Big House
    Dying By Rail
    If I Wanted Your Opinion
    I'd Call You Up In Hell
    Could That Be The Mailman
    Knockin' On The Door
    Or Just Another Light Weight
    Finally Evening The Score
    You Know It

    You Don't Have To Leave The Lights On
    I'm So Used To Being Blind
    No More Goodbyes Or Yesterdays
    So It's, I'll See You Tomorrow
    No More Reasons To Blow You Away
    So It's, I'll See You Tomorrow

  21. John Lujan says:

    Yeah, that's one of his many great songs.

  22. Erika Lioness says:

    Love this song

  23. Willy Cromar says:

    thank God for ozzy

  24. Thorsten habe einen google will auch Alles wissen says:

    To me one of his best song. I have heard, that at the age of 120 years it is over breathing on this planet. So maximum living at all is 120 years. So the master normally called "God", want to have trouble, because it can't be, that anytime Ozzy can't give his voice anymore. 🙂 So thank God for the bomb….. coming back to destroy the maker. Sorry, i had to say that 😀

  25. Spirit of God says:

    Hail to Ozzy Osborne.

  26. Waabooz Budakai says:

    First time.

  27. luisjeager titan says:

    beautifull song

  28. Kevin Bowman Studio’s. says:

    Can I get a witness to take away the pain can I get a witness to take away the pain

  29. PanteraAICtestament says:

    That solo still blows my fucking socks off after all the times I’ve heard it

  30. Sabrina Glydewell says:


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