Tony Benn’s last TV interview (EP 58)

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Tony Benn died on Friday aged 88. Here, we give our viewers the chance to watch his last ever interview, when he invited Afshin Rattansi to talk to him at his home. Tony Benn said memorably that first they ignore you, then they say you’re mad, then DANGEROUS, then there’s a pause and then you can’t find anyone who disagrees with you. He became a national treasure in later life even as he continued to rail against imperialism, austerity and capitalism. Afshin Rattansi also goes underground on this week’s (Deputy) Prime Minister’s Questions.

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43 Responses

  1. Junaid Egale says:

    RIP Tony…

  2. Quinn Bailey says:

    RT is so hard to watch. It presents itself as an alternative media source for real news, and then leads questions just as bad (or worse) than the other networks. Tony Benn is still great though.

  3. Shuggy Thomas says:

    Was an incredible fella. May is zilch in comparison.

  4. mattcast44 says:

    In some ways it's a shame that Tony Benn's last interview was with RT. Note that the interviewer's scurrilous attack on the BBC was made in a separate segment. Tony Benn profoundly disagreed with much of what the BBC said and did, but as far as I know he never definitively condemned it as RT seeks to say here.

    I was lucky enough to obtain an interview with Tony Benn towards the end of his life as part of my research project. Despite the fact that he was over 80, he made me tea! He smoked his pipe for an hour or so and spoke as eloquently as you'd expect. I agree with everything Tony Benn said, the man was a visionary . If he had ever become PM the country would be a different and a much better place.

  5. fantablum says:

    Millionaire from years of socialism. Proves labour works.

  6. Christian Armentia says:

    RT it will be great if you added a version with Spanish subtitles

  7. Richard Sharpe says:

    Now I have to confess I didn't agree with Tony Benn's but I liked and admired him as he stuck with his views like Enoch Powell

  8. Gib Mattson says:

    Russia Today is just another lying propaganda machine. iT HAS ITS OWN REASONS TO LIE and propagandize just like media outlets do the world over.
    And Tony Benn is being used by a lot of right wing liars on You Tube. They are portraying him as someone who wanted to get rid of the EU. He was pro European unity but wanted change in the system; greater democracy within it. He did'nt want the old nationalism of the European nations. He did'nt want an end to the EU. He wanted it to change.

  9. Paul Booth says:

    Tony benn and Dennis skinner know what's best and they both are the best politicians to walk on the earth along with Enoch Powell

  10. Djgingecoldwell Coldwell says:

    Watching this in 2018, it is hearting and sad that much of what Tony Benn said then before his death is still so true now or some of his observations have been either confirmed or officially revealed.

    What he said in reference to Blair was so true in regards to, New Labour being a new Tory party inside the Labour party, however it Gauls me and is sad for the families and to the anger of those involved, Blair is still in the clear and will not face prosecution for the start of the second Gulf war. Which cost so many lives and money (which could have been spent on the NHS and Education) on a sexed-up dossier of information, and giving and standing with then then-President Bush's plans to attack Iraq, which ultimately turned into a mess, which has destabilized the middle east.

    He was also so spot on about the mainstream media, only serving the needs of their owners and not telling the whole story, and truth being suppressed or spun, because they don't want people to know the truth or worse not to care or ask questions, so those with an agenda, can carry on regardless

    I wonder what his feelings would have been about the rise of Donald Trump, the lost direction of both the Tory Party and the infighting within Labour party with the rank and file members insisting on having Corbin as their leader, and not the choice of the parties elected MP's, who seemed like Blair Clones.

    Still, miss this great national treasure and sharp mind, and loved his diaries, British politics is a darker place without him, loved to of seen him with Bernie Saunders working together.

    The world might have been a better place, however as Tony said people need some form of hope so change can come.

    However maybe, with the Trump presidency and the mess being created by this self-serving buffoon people are starting to wake up and question their reality by getting a voice and saying "no" to him, his corporate buddies and the sexist and racist ideology, which is set up to divide and rule through fear.

    However we will see how it plays out.

  11. Simon Jones says:

    A deluded man who for some reason had something against the rich, even if the rich made the poor richer. He would have prefered if everyone was equally a lot poorer than the poorest now. Equality was everything for him, even though complete equality would produce stagnation. He thought himself a good theoretical socialist, but thats no good if you do not also understand human nature, wants and aspirations.

  12. tomtalk24 says:

    Feel bad for Tony in this interview. Bit Ali G. Bet he thought Afshin was an idiot with some of those questions. Probably tried to fist bump him after.

    Sad and a shame to see the man like this, obviously not all there and looks very frail. Britain's greatest socialist politician, they don't make them like that any more.

  13. PAUL,A1 says:

    Tony Benn, A very wise man. one of the best ! i will look up more about him. he was always good on TV interviews .
    even if you don't agree with everything , He is still a nice bloke!
    A Real Character in Politics.
    We don't have any like him today.
    Nigel Farage is also one of the Best ! People need to listen to Nigel. He is not wrong !

  14. fantablum says:

    ONE RICH SOCIALIST A MILLIONAIRE.Who said socialism does not work.Lovely working class sitting room. Socialists get a life.

  15. miamimo70 says:

    Wonderfully lucid, intelligent man, sad loss

  16. Queen Street Systems says:

    Thanks RT and RUPTLY and what a fabulous interview

  17. Communist - World says:

    A great human being and if everyone was like Tony Benn the World would be a great place to live .

  18. Trump 2020 says:

    neutron bomb israel!!

  19. Trump 2020 says:

    dude should have played Q in james bond!! and tom hardy should b new bond!!

  20. Trump 2020 says:

    democracy is fascism, and capitalism is the only moral system!! youtube yaron brook!!

  21. scabbycat cat says:

    Tony Benn- What a monumental HYPOCRITE. He says " only the rich could buy homes and thats what Thatcher and capitalism wants " yet this is the SAME MAN who OPPOSED the sale of council houses and the very thing that would GIVE the working classes home ownership !!! A very dangerous, deranged, deluded FOOL who would have brought RUIN upon this country had we followed his policies whilst he would have retired to any of his TWO homes as he pleased. He licked the plate of capitalism clean whilst pretending to champion the workers. A manipulative HYPOCRITE who was extremely economical with the truth when is suited him

  22. scabbycat cat says:

    Thank god Benn was never able to get his hands on real power. If Labour had won the 1983 election which was largely Benns manifesto we would all be driving round in Trabants now ( after waiting perhaps 2years for delivery ) and we would resemble something like east Germany b4 the wall came down. Benn didn't mind the poor being poor , just so long as the rich were less rich. A typical Champagne socialist pretending to champion the workers.
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  23. Eileen Partridge says:

    The words of Tony Benn will remain as fundamentally true and as valued in a hundred years time as they are today.

  24. Roy Tranter says:

    Tony Benn always cuts to the heart of a problem. He had a laser brain allied to a common touch. My political hero.

  25. jonathan hart says:

    Im so sad that Tony Benn didnt live long enough to see the rise of Corbyn and complete death of Blairism.

  26. David R Mellor says:

    so missed hed have loved labour now tho

  27. Tony Jackson says:

    RIP Tony Benn a great

  28. John-Paul Stuthridge says:

    I like Tony Benn a lot, and I'm a conservative who is traditionalist and respects monarchy a great deal. It is hypocritical for Benn to oppose bloodline government when his own family essentially inherit the position of cabinet minister every generation. They were elected but the idea that their current position made no impact on their descendants ability to win office is ludicrous. He was the product of private schooling whilst championing comprehensive education. Dodged the inheritance tax with some clever manoeuvres (which is right and is morally justified) but to do that after campaigning your whole life for planned economies through increased taxation seems palpably hypocritical.

  29. MsCharlieBrown78 (Charlie Rae) says:

    What a gent!

  30. Absy 2183 says:

    my hero

  31. Paul Booth says:

    I agree blair should be done but I don't think itl ever happen

  32. David Robinson says:

    As an unemployed school leaver in the eighties I felt this man was the only man who was in my corner, so much I felt moved enough to write to him and say thank you. Despite being one of the most active and busy politicians there has ever been, he wrote back to me and wished me luck as well as sending me information an joining the Labour Party and other causes that might interest me. He was a beautiful man with a beautiful mind. Literally years ahead of his time.

  33. robin 1 says:

    Whatever you may think of this Labour grandee – he always argued his case – no obfuscation and political Newspeak. Miss that level of politician with the preponderance of sound bite midgets.

  34. Robert Nettleship says:

    My political hero. A great, great, great man 🙂 inspired me to be a Socialist. Will be all my life.

  35. Robert Jones says:

    This is heartbreaking – so ill, so frail, and at the same time so clear-sighted. And here is Tony Benn, using the word 'Blairite', which, if you use it today, can get you suspended from the Labour Party. It's sickening ….. I didn't always agree with Benn, at times I disagreed with him fundamentally, but his honesty in this interview, when he must have known he was days from death, is agonizingly painful to witness because there is just NONE in the Labour Party today – other than in those who were inspired by him and support Corbyn, however inadequate he may be. Benn was a great man because he never retreated from his principles, even up to the very point of death.

  36. Mustafa says:

    "Tony Benn is dead.."

    Is this how one introduces someone who's died?

  37. arane hughes says:

    i must say I'm disappointed with the gun ad considering the relevance of this clip.

  38. xpat73 says:

    I always voted Conservative but always respected the man. He had integrity. RIP Tony Benn.

  39. AntPDC says:

    There are many things to admire about Tony Benn, but he had a number of slightly crazy flaws I think. It's just so dishonest, and absurd, for Tony Benn to imply – slyly as here – that HM the Queen wields real executive power. The Royal Prerogative is a remnant of Britain's past history. Successive, democratically-elected British Governments of all political stripes have specifically retained it for the purposes of swift executive action, just like the US President uses his Executive Orders as a means of bypassing the Legislature. It makes sense.

  40. carlos webber says:

    Whine Whine Whine

  41. James Eccleston says:

    Amazing man an inspiration to all.
    Take his energy and positivity and make a change!!!
    We can do it.

  42. WayT101 says:

    Tony Benn. One of a tiny minority of socialists who doesn't make me want to repeatedly smash my head into a brick wall. A decent bloke, shame most socialists don't have a slither of his composure and decency.

  43. harmlessdrudge1986 says:

    It's a shame Benn didn't realise he was being manipulated by RT to continually criticise Britain in order to further Russia's interests.

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