Tories lose ‘Contempt Of Parliament’ vote on Brexit advice (04Dec18)

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The Conservatives government loses a “Contempt Of Parliament” vote on not publishing the full legal advice they got on the Brexit process.

Recorded from BBC News Channel HD, 04 December 2018.

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48 Responses

  1. R Riddick says:

    The shenanigans continue, as Brittain is steadily taken by Islam.

  2. Tom Ford says:

    We voted -Out or In -Out won -so why the BS ? –

  3. Bon Chance says:

    ❌the 4th REICH UN
    in Morroco 10th-11th December 2018.
    the 4th REICH UN is Signing
    the Compact of Migrants.
    ❌to Remove the SOVREIGNTY OF NATIONS.
    ❌to Remove FREE SPEECH of WESTERN

  4. George Macpherson says:

    Get in. Well done Labour you did it.

  5. The Watchman says:

    Everyone has contempt of parliament and it’s singular failure to execute the democratic will of the people. You can see why eventually people have no choice but to vote for radical alternatives to rid them selves of this useless political class.

  6. YetAnotherYoutubeChannel says:

    Good, now the people can see what Brexit will actually mean for the economy, and make a decision based on facts not on feeling. I don't understand how this is a bad thing

  7. THE HOLY SPIRIT says:

    Parliament is contemptable
    Whats the point in overpaid civil servants if they dont serve? Democracy is dead and chaos is here.

  8. Ceteris paribus says:

    I voted for Brexit but now I want to remain. There is too much at stake. We the people should have a final vote on May's deal vs all other options including an option to remain.

  9. Waterybint * says:

    The courts, the ECJ, the EU, Parliament, the media and the establishment are all doing everything they can to stop Brexit. But, it won't work! 17.4 million people will not roll over. All these bullshit polls they keep spouting about how everyone has changed their mind. Utter propoganda. I know of not one leave voter who has changed their mind, not one! Labour will fall if they push for a losers vote. 5.4 million Labour voters voted leave. If Corbyn wants to commit political suicide then he will support the effort to over turn the largest democratic result in the entire history of these Islands. Go ahead Corbyn.

  10. themadhatter34 says:

    I won't be voting ever again if we don't leave the EU..the British public are far to easily manipulated because they are not seeing that the media and politicians have been pushing for a second vote from day one since we won

    It's been a none stop attack on leaving from remain and they have totally tried to stop us from getting our freedom's a utter disgrace

  11. Robert Healey says:

    proving they are liars and theives

  12. terry ph says:

    We will never be completely out of the EU ..Parliament doesn’t want it , never did, there will always be some deal or the other, like Norway or Norway plus or Canada or Iceland.but we’ll never be free of them.

  13. W Leon says:


  14. Going Postal says:

    I like to come here to watch the meat puppets dance.

  15. Messenger Charles says:

    Why not have a referendum for every bit of legislation? Then the PEOPLE can really rule and these 640 criminals and useless tossers can clear off.

  16. DARTH VADER says:


  17. Den Pictor says:

    Are these lay MPS sure on what they are voting for or is this to compleated for them to understand, and do they know how to get unemployment benefits when they're all out of work because they're untrustworthy.

  18. bobby zee says:

    Dare the dragon out plzzzz

  19. bobby zee says:

    don’t listen to this evil tories the are killers and lairs plzzzzz vote her out plzzzzzz

  20. morbid angel says:

    I just feel sorry for all the Jews if Corbyn gets in

  21. laurejon says:

    Its not contempt, its the government lying to the people in order to lock the UK into membership of the European Union in perpetuity and ensure the UK cannot chart its own course.

  22. Gerry O'Neill says:

    If these Don t deliver the brexit that the people voted for then they haven't done their jobs so they should all be sacked.

  23. Thomas Hall says:

    The document will help to topple May. There are obviously items in it that they don't want Parliament to see and discuss.

  24. Fred says:

    I support the Conservative Party but am pleased to see that Parliament has found the Government in contempt. Parliament is entitled to have the details of legal advice provided by the Attorney-General to the Cabinet.
    This issue goes beyond party politics by asserting the supremacy of Parliament over the Ministers of the Crown.

  25. Andy Baker says:

    its all planed ,

  26. Steve Bird says:

    Contempt of the voters more like!

  27. B4LLY86 says:

    Yes – 51.5%
    No – 48.5%

    Take the vote again you treacherous c*nts.

  28. puffin51 says:

    this is the Commons, and a Westminster-style Parliament, at their best. The Government dislikes it intensely, but it has been brought kicking and screaming before a sovereign Parliament to explain itself. This is why the Prime Minister and the cabinet – the executive – must themselves be members of the House, not a separate branch, and most certainly NOT an unelected body outside it. If the EU had been constructed on similar lines, I think it probable the British would never have voted to leave.

  29. Whippet Lass says:

    doesnt look like any of these go to food banks , does it.

  30. Catherine Duffy says:

    We voted for independence, taking back control and leaving EU institutions. We expected to lose some growth. no deal. WTO is the way to go

  31. Whippet Lass says:

    demand an election , get rid of this vile corrupt government that has done nothing but cause poverty and misery.

  32. Nemie says:

    Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Lies…

  33. palimpsestransparent says:

    Brexit should simply be cancelled now we fully know it was a bad idea. No second referendum needed, as the first referendum was advisory only. Advisory means the goverment asks the people their opinion but ultimately chooses the option that is right for the country. And that option is remain.

  34. terry tunney says:

    May should be jailed

  35. benny graham says:

    bercow didn't answer the question–what if the government fails to comply with the order of parliament?

  36. David Evans says:

    They honestly treat this like a big game! Worried about their political parties and own skins that could disappear in an instant, instead of 63 million lives and the future of a nation for decades to come.
    Fair representation at the ballots should start to fix this broken system.

  37. Disco Stu says:

    Democracy is breathing it's final breathes in the UK. The Brexit that never was is looming. 17.5 million voters disillusioned with politics completely. That woman had no intention of delivering Brexit she's even agreed to allow the country to be flooded by African migrants by agreeing to sign the UN compact on global migration. It's all been one big lie.

  38. Agent Smith says:

    Nothing will change in this country till people point out and call out the problem in this country. And its the liberal middle classes they're the problem in this country. They're weak, cowardly and treacherous and they're the enemy of this country the sooner you people realise this the better.

  39. Joe Ninety says:

    Tories will SUFFER for this #GreatToryBrexitSwindle. Democracy will be dead. Referendums, a thing of the past. The Lords…gone. Tories un-trusted, for generations.

  40. Peter Stevenson says:

    They take no notice when we vote

  41. Martin Smith says:


  42. me hee says:

    Good I hope this brings the nation to a no deal European Union independence sooner.

  43. Bykermann says:

    Doesn't it make you proud to be British? Is that sarcasm?

  44. Gareth Wigglesworth says:

    The thumbnail…why do all politicians do that with their lips? Annoys me

  45. peter hurrell says:

    Are we surprised, at these idiots.

  46. Mr T says:

    Implications of owing the EU nothing Come March 2019

  47. C Lonie says:

    pink leather tramp jacket wtf

  48. John Apleased says:

    I think its time we all went to Parlinment and dragged these corrupt scum out and put the lot of them in prison. Duplicitous lying devious prostitutes.

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