Tory candidate caught urinating in homeowner’s coffee mug

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Jerry Bance was service technician before becoming election candidate when caught on CBC-TV’s Marketplace in 2012 urinating in mug and dumping contents into sink
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26 Responses

  1. NotoriousHD says:

    Number 20 Coffee Mug Piss Stain, the last thing you would want is someone urinating in your coffee mug

  2. Jerry Pacheco says:

    If this is the worst of Canadian scandals I wish I could have that type of scandals here in America instead of our criminal scandals.

  3. rvpstudioscanada says:

    This is from the Canadian show "Marketplace" who busts bad businesses.

  4. Stewart Schofield says:

    Big shit this does not faze me he is only a candidate and if you read today Justin Trudeau just lost one and is now dipping fast in the polls…read on..The Liberals think they’re going to win, and here’s how we know: they’ve already been caught in an unethical conflict straight out of the Adscam playbook.
    Just yesterday, the co-chair of the Liberal’s national campaign was forced to step down after he was caught emailing advice on how and when to lobby a Liberal government.
    This is an unbelievable development; one that will shake the Liberal campaign to its core.
    But then again, conflict of interest is nothing new to the Liberal Party. This is the same Liberal attitude that resulted in millions of dollars being given as kickbacks to Liberal insiders and firms during the Sponsorship Scandal.
    And it’s the same Liberal Party that still owes taxpayers millions of dollars from Adscam… and this latest scandal just proves they haven’t changed a bit. AMEN

  5. tunaleg says:

    Should've got some piss jugs off Ray

  6. Just a Guy says:

    i didn't see him pee in a cup! show some evidence!! i assume he confessed, and there is evidence of the confession!? I don't believe anything CBC dishes out. I would investigate it more but I simply do not care about this story. Pissing in a cup is more than Stephen Harper has done for the country

  7. Patrick Schabus says:

    "He must be someone who is Adept at Stephen Harper´s trickle-down theory of economics" Tom Mulcair

  8. Subhash Jolly says:

    Bahraini Bali hanuman

  9. The Internet Killed Music says:

    I hope he gets brutally murdered.

  10. DarkMoisture says:

    Tories are dick sucking pee drinkers. Their party is as clean as a urinal wall during the first intermission of a hockey game!

  11. Fut king ios says:

    It happend 3 years ago

  12. bubblinbrownsugar616 says:

    Jesus. Now I have to go spit this lemonade out and gargle 100 times. UGH!!!

  13. comandantenr says:

    Like si vienes por Salvador Raya.

  14. yan zhang says:

    Someone need to find this guy and do something to him, please.

  15. Nick Dobbing says:

    Public life, it's not what it used to be.

    When I heard the story, I thought OK, for whatever reason, the guy is caught desperately short and doesn't want to use the washroom. Timing, clearly, was of the essence; sometimes that's just how it is. However, I had an idea, surely he'd used his own empty Timmy's cup or what; something he brought along. Leaving her mug in her sink for her to wash… my, that was bold.

    Poor devil. I wouldn't wish a moment like this on anyone, whatever their political stripes. Whatever happens now, thousands upon thousands of people will know only this one thing about who he is. Seems he'll be on a different path than he had in mind.

  16. Potwheelz says:

    He must be European? Ura peein in a Cup! That's for sure!

  17. Dunning Kruger says:

    He didn't even rinse enough. Fucking pig.

  18. Eric Vasaio says:

    Couldn't believe it! Such a pervert he is!

  19. endpotprohibition says:

    Typical Con. Can't wait to get rid of these degenerates next month.

  20. RexBot says:

    That's disgusting he should be charged.

  21. Captain Carter says:

    Mr.Harper good luck finding job after 19 october.

  22. Washington Redskin says:


  23. PhillipRottingham says:

    The Conservative Party of Canada: Pissing off Canadians, one mug at a time.

  24. bananananaO9 says:


  25. damf says:

    I think this needs to be addressed more seriously, I hope there were heavy repercussions

  26. Inderpreet Dhaliwal says:


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