Tory Lanez addresses Cassidy claiming he stole his bars. “You on some Old head stuff”

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DJ Akademiks Speaks on Tory Lanez addresses Cassidy claiming he stole his bars. “You on some Old head sh*t”

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42 Responses

  1. Kas Dadon says:

    He sound like he stole the shit #getyourown. Real talk that’s why I don’t listen to this new shit it’s just a bunch of remixes I ain’t about old or new is about biting shit or being original cuz it’s not only cas it’s mad heads just like jay z did back then and nobody said nothing due to dick riding look it up jay z 6 minutes of biting on you tube

  2. Skan1 wittharaygun! says:

    Young rappers think it's okay to steal rappers bars and style and think it's okay! GTFOH You claim you got talent you a thief ! He won an L

  3. Kraig G says:

    You shouted him out because you look in suspect

  4. very Hideous says:

    Theres a difference between stolen and inspired. That was stolen period. Ex: u can like someone's shoes but if u take a shoelace people r gonna notice. Thats fax

  5. tytetee says:

    He shouted him out at the end of the flow. That could be considered a citation. The only thing more he could have done is use "quotations" when he said the lines.

  6. Arthur Lafavor says:

    But he stole from cas don q Kendrick

  7. J Rod says:

    but he did steal, and you didnt work on your craft clearly enough, if you paying homage pay homage, but the way you spit it…and it came off…thats straight fraudulent

  8. Nate Benedict says:


  9. Mitch lee says:

    You be stealing niggaz lines foh. Cassidy will smoke your bald headed ass

  10. Eazy Money says:

    This nigga a whole hoe out chea. Stop stealing niggas shit because u just stole a young nigga from New Orleans shit. Pussy

  11. Goddan Martial says:

    tell Cassidy go fuck himself

  12. Just Agree says:

    tory dont know how to stay in his Lane with this muzic shit

  13. Mitchell Bartley says:

    Ak is right do a song together

  14. Edward Whiteside says:

    Tory the bar recycler.
    He spit it like he wrote it.
    Keep auto tuning

  15. Taffytuff Killer says:


  16. C.L.A.N MUSIC EMPIRE says:

    Who is BILLIAS CLAN?

  17. Donna'!m Hunter says:

    Inspire is the new word for biting?…lol.. Biting is biting…period…Y'all " new Kat's" …haha need to come up with your own rhymes.. No exceptions or excuses….

  18. Eryk Bado says:

    It's not the words it's the flow and how u say the shit.

  19. Eryk Bado says:

    Tell da truth he bit the bars and shouted Cass out and called don't to let him know he was going on the same beat. Then he other even that nice. Dead that noise duke.

  20. Dan Kiberu says:

    “No idea is original, there’s nothin new under the sun… it’s never what you do but how it’s done…” —NAS

  21. Rob Flamez says:

    Tory Right u good bra

  22. Co Banks says:

    Lol anyone saying he was “inspired” or any bullshit like that is retarded. He used the same cadence, flow and damn near word for word on the couple bars he took from cass. He shouted Cassidy out bc he clearly had Cassidy on his mind bc he took a few bars from him

  23. Debrian Spell says:

    cassidy is a vet who hasnt said what he said already

  24. Uhm Ok Fuck You And Your Respect says:

    Tory Lanez reporting on you now

  25. ousmane niang says:

    fuck u cassidy

  26. Zion Kyng says:

    But Drake is an exception becauseee?!?!?

  27. Shyne 1337 says:

    Tory can spit, regardless if he stole a line. Drake stole lines, Jay Z stole lines. It's called being inspired.

  28. Horatio H20 says:

    only in hip hop you cant quote or paraphrase haha

  29. Juice Jizzo says:

    Ooooooooo. He stealing. No…no…you don't steal !!!!

  30. Joe Leavyjr says:

    Naw naw u A fuck Nigga

  31. jason mcneil says:

    thats tha last song i heard from you

  32. Bert Castro says:

    but i didn't hear the whole rap

  33. Bert Castro says:

    and to be real the older niggas talking some real shit that makes sense so enough is enough with the old rap shit way better than this new shit I can't even call it rap

  34. Bert Castro says:

    Nigga he shouldn't be still shit smfh whoever respect that is a culture vulture they self Foh with that young and old shit with that have to do with bar's dumb nigga

  35. MrRanDUMB StrongIsland says:


  36. Tribe Unique says:

    Look homie, you getting flagged by multiple rappers for biting bars.

  37. Lavelle Murphy says:

    He do sound like him!

  38. Naseem Priester says:


  39. MONEYLUX says:

    If you use someone else’s lyrics in your song. You don’t shout the original artist , that’s stealing.

  40. spider 1 says:

    YOU should be in jail by now theif…. clone ass nigga

  41. Mr Bundles says:

    yall keep talking bout cassidy…what about those bars from Don q

  42. Kentrel Laquan says:

    Tory lanez need shut that shit up

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