Trudeau Buying The Canadian Media & Selling Global Compact for Migration – Endeavour

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Canadian YouTuber Endeavour joins Henrik to discuss Justin Trudeau buying off the Canadian media and the push by the UN to get many nations to sign the Global Compact for Migration.

In the second part we discuss the “Yellow Vest” revolt in France and the catastrophic Brexit deal for the UK, while EU comes out of the negotiations getting everything they wanted.

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25 Responses

  1. Lizzy Jane says:

    Hey guys! Another rally will be held this Saturday organized by the Canadian Coalition for Responsible Government. The rally will protest unlimited immigration into Canada with Trudeau signing this in the UN. CHECK OUT THE CANADIANS COALITION FOR RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT!

  2. Truth Hunger says:

    There's a protest December 8th in Ottawa at 10 or 11 AM.
    Everyone in the area should attend!!!

  3. Wade C says:

    Canada will be in the same state of rioting as France in not too distant future. Trudeau is pushing the very same agenda if not worse. Trudeau is not only just letting illegals come through the Canadian border. He is a leading promoter of the United Nations global migration compact. he wants to erase every countries borders altogether. He is working every angle to steal more of our money through another tax. On top of these, gas tax, income tax, consumer GST/HST tax, business tax, a carbon tax will be added to every consumer use that is already taxed that we have. What ever you buy will be considered to have been created by expending carbon dioxide. He is spending our tax dollars indiscriminately while at the same time he is making it impossible through gender concerns, environmental laws, etc… for the work to get done that he is spending our money on. He increased the family child tax payments only to bring in more immigrants with very large families while subsidizing them in every other way with our tax dollars till they are settled. $500.00 per month is not much for a family of 1 or 2 but is a living for a family 8 or 9. They can come to canada and chill while we work to feed them. They are enacting laws that they will be treated better than our own people in every way! Priority at jobs, health services, social services etc… Any thing else will be discrimination against them. He is working every angle to destroy our economy, sustainability, our sovereignty by erasing our borders altogether and by insulting every trading partner we have..

    I suggest that Trudeau will become the next reelected leader of Canada. Not because the Conservative government is also globalist like the liberal government in policy or because the PPC will split the vote. It will be because main stream media is still the predominating factor propagating liberal news in Canada. The majority of our people still only see the false narrative of liberal media. We will soon after be like France with yellow jackets in the streets throwing and flaming what ever they can as soon as people wake up to the truth. Let us just hope it will not be to late to get our Country back. When it does happen our business districts should board up and add metal siding to their doors and windows if they want to escape the looters. When it does happen don't blame the looters, many of those people will be desperate also.

  4. Diana Blackman says:

    Trudeau is a liberal/communist bastard leading Canada down the garden path to ruin.

  5. Betrayed 1914 says:

    The UN and migrants have no right to invade our soil , it is our right to stop the invasion of migrants on our soil.

  6. David Primeau says:

    It is great that Canada is so diverse. I can go to Chinatown, or the Greek section, or the Portuguese area and then go home where people who are like me and who have the same morals and values live.
    What some people fail to realize is that when immigration increases too much there is no time for people to adjust to it. When too many people are let into a country that have morals and values that are different from the adopting country they never learn to fit in which causes strife and even war. They form their own enclave and never fit in. Look at Michigan in the USA and what is happening there. Last week a local government did not enforce female genital mutilation laws.
    Canada has enough migration and we don't need an increase. Also, Canada needs to control its own migration policies and not get them dictated by the UN. Look at Brexit, the UK can't back out of the deal and are still governed by people who don't even live in the country.

  7. Aaron Irby says:

    Wow… this is actually good news in regards to Canada's media. If the Government has to subsidize them that means no one's watching. (It's good news as long as the Internet doesn't get locked down anyway).

  8. ForestMagusFilm says:

    The United States, Canada, The UK, Australia and Northern Europe were the pearls of the Earth. And that 60's generation forward sold it out in exchange for cheap retail, low-cost landscaping and higher stock value.

  9. brennan clarahan says:

    Surrey Protest UN Migration Pact 19211 Fraser Highway 11AM-4PM Dec.9,16 or 23 or 30

  10. A M says:

    Trudeau is a Globalists puppet…..!!

    This man is dangerous to the whole of Canada…..The U.N. Migration Compact is a threat to the whole of western civilisation…..!!!!

    Fight this now……!!!

  11. supermantra says:

    Dictotor Jihadi UnJustin

  12. Maple Leaf says:

    The problem is simple. The Muslim agenda is to divide and conquer. Ever wonder why so many Muslims are into politics or did you ever wonder why there are hundreds or even thousands of Muslim organizations? The answer is that there is an organized effort to overthrow our democracy and use Canada as Caliphate central. Then they are closer to waging war directly on the USA. Canadian taxpayers are naïve as to what is happening and way too many trust the mainstream media, which is just a tool now to brainwash citizens. If we don't start fighting back, the only alternative will be civil wars. Just take a look at Europe!

  13. James Vennes says:

    Maxime Bernier is a libertarian I don't like libertarian.

  14. Certified Marine says:

    Trudeau can say and do whatever he wants. He doesn't represent me, or other Albertans, and most of Western Canada. If he was re-elected, the West would vote to separate withing the hour!! HE IS NOT MY PM, AND NOT ALBERTA'S LEADER. WE KNOW HE'S A JOKE, SO EVERYTHING HE DOES, IS IRRELEVANT!!!

  15. Certified Marine says:

    I hope Trudeau keeps doing the same thing. He said he doesn't care if 100% of Canadians are against the UN compact, he will sign it anyway!! Trudeau doesn't care what Canadians think about anything. He's systematically destroying the country, and focusing on ripping the western Provinces apart, when they must unite, in order to save themselves. With every destructive decision Trudeau makes, the West despises him more and more. No matter what he does, Western Canada will be fine. One thing he can't take from us, is our right to leave Confederation, and declare our own sovereignty. He is hated by a vast majority of Western Canada, and pretty much 100% in Alberta. His telling Canadians, he DOESN'T CARE WHAT THEY WANT, is great news for those of us that want to succeed from the East. We need to get rid of Trudeau, and the CBC, and our Country would improve 10 fold, instantly!! Everyone that already knows we need to separate, needs to organize, and form a single effort, under a single title, in order to consolidate our power, and effectiveness. IF WE SEPARATE, WE SOLVE A TON OF PROBLEMS AT ONCE. IF WE ONLY REMOVE TRUDEAU, WE ARE ONLY POSTPONING THE SAME PROBLEM! It's going to be a tough road, with a lot of corrupt people, trying to demonize our every move, however, it won't matter! Alberta already wants this, and if we held a vote tomorrow, it would be an easy win for separation. The beauty of it is, anyone that doesn't agree with separation, can easily move to the East, and the people there, can easily come to the West! We could easily bring in thousands of migrants, indigenous people of Europe, desperately trying to flee the chaos caused by the very immigration policies, Trudeau thinks he's going to force on us!!! So we can do our part for the refugee crisis, but it will be refugees, that have the same basic value system, culture, religions, etc. that we do.


    Do not sit back and say that the pact shouldn't be signed in your homes all the time. If you want to make a point, get out in the streets and let it be known. Get the community together and take action.

  17. asgoodasitgets97 says:

    Dear Master Henrick ,
    I volunteer to squat under your desk while you do your broadcast, as long as you keep kicking my oversized dildo up my worthless fucking faggot ass ,ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE AGGRESSIVELY OR LOUDLY MAKING A POINT!!! Ahhh !!! That would make me so happy…especially if your pounding your fist on the desk while you gas pedal my worthless hole. Yeah , I know … i deserve punchfucking punishment and sooner or later Im gonna get got good. And if I dont learn my lesson than i deserve what I get. Craving humiliation and loving verbal abuse and my face willingly being a spittoon target for you and your male friends during your next Long Distance Spitting Contest would also be a great experience for your group espcially if 1 or 2 of them have phlegm to hawk thick chunky loogies down my throat and make me say Thank You ,Sir !! Any ideas ?? txt me 647 447 8568.
    Send this message to Endeavour since he is from Canada and my sling and fuckbench are in Toronto

  18. sepulati0n says:

    White people teach their kids to respect everyone, everyone else teaches their kids to despise white people….White people will become extinct due to their kindness and stupidity…Our ancestors fought and Died for Our Freedom, only so that we could give it away to undeserving Migrants??? Build the wall! Its not racist, and even if it is, Id rather be Racist than a slave, working to pay for immigrant families….Do you think that “They” will treat us with respect when they become the majority and we become the minority? In Washington we are paying for a train that only crosses a few cities, and will serve less than 1% of Seattle, 20+ years from now…that will cost over 26billion dollars!!!!!!!!!!! But we cant afford 5 billion for a wall to protect the country from being taken over by Migrants???? Or other hostile invaders??

  19. Stuart Fox says:

    The one big question. Does any politician have the fortitude to remove all of the illegal aliens from our countries as well as legal immigrants who are convicted criminals? If not we are doomed to socialism and the consequent decay into 3rd world status.

  20. Big D Smith says:

    For all that support trudeau they should watch "How & Why Germans Bought Hitler's Pitch"(on You Tube). At the 4:00 mark Gen. Johannes Steinhoff explains how Hitler controlled the media. Educate yourselves people. trudeau is a dangerous person wanting control of the media. How, where, and when you spend your own money by having access to your personal bank account. These are facts, and I could go on.

  21. Donald Decarie says:

    He sucks Obama wife dick !

  22. Kevin S says:

    If united states doesn't help us with the Trudeau problem, the Chinese will assimilate and rain down on you guys.

    They will solve the Diversity problem by remove all other races

  23. Gary Snow says:

    The problem with Canada is there are too many French weenies running the place! They just love Europe so screw them let them be French Ottawa should break away

  24. boomer21 says:

    This is going to turn us into another western Europe, projections alone for 2019 after this suicide pact is signed will be 1.5 million. Once the first wave starts coming in there'll be no stopping it and it'll turn into an invasion frenzy. We either fight for our lives or we'll be taken over by Africa/Muslim savages who don't like us !!

  25. ung427 says:

    These immigrants are coming to different European countries and leaving their mothers and fathers, wives, and daughters behind, and then most of them complain when they get to the country that the food isn't good enough, and their house isn't big enough.. and they were promised more money for doing nothing.. and they very upset and threaten to go back home to their countries because it's better there. Trudough's brain is gone. So are retards sitting with him nodding their heads. They have a vision in their tiny brains, and this vision is not one of Reality. Humans like this should NEVER be in power. They lead to things like California, and endless poverty and eventually bloody revolution. Unfortunately, after they pass laws saying that you can be thrown in jail for talking about what you don't like or agree with.. that's just three seconds away from a bad situation.. And I mean Trudough drug out of his little mansion and taken away… and unfortunately it is only brought on by Trudough himself for his narrow mindedness, stupidity, mixed with self-righteous narcissism and blind emotion, reacting to his own delusions.. .

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