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38 Responses

  1. Jeremy Jeter says:

    None one see's the fight closer than the judges. So draw it is. Dont matter who you had up winning. The judges see punches and landing not you at home watching lmao

  2. J FL HEADZ says:

    Dear bias delusionals, & DW haters!!!!

    This macthup!!!was fairly
    technically 6-6!
    Furry had 5 rnd n a given favored 1 rnd, that could go either way..just like the decision! Which made it a technical draw!

    Inn It was a close fight, which a split fight should results in a draw to be fairly clear!
    Stop discred & overlooking dW, which had 5 rnds and also given rnd along with knockdown KO!

    If decision was made on either side, it'll be robbery's on bothside! But technically DW had the KO! also furry getting favor thrown that wasn't landed most time, similar to dw at time but you can't deny, DW counters"

    Even when DW chin was tested..DW had made furry reset aswell..The judge made it a technical draw! Who the reason the "ref" or judge"…pick one."

    The.ref didn't WAVE it off!!!! Which he could of have done!"
    " The Judge could been have been complete bias" but Judge was NOT!!!!
    Acknowledge it! Stop being bias! If furry out pointed it wasn't by much, also take away furry counters that didn't landed as the commentary gave credit for. Furry dancing was the difference in movements,

    this is where your bias is,….face it! DW had also countered after furry pitttypat

  3. mifune says:

    "byeeee" lol

  4. Nicolas Cage - F**k You Subscribe says:

    Awake my child…AWAKE!

  5. henreyberry5 says:

    Why wouldn't Fury's trainer tell him to just keep his distance in the 12 round??…then it would be NO CONFUSION he won

  6. RingBox TV says:

    It seems for every step forward in the heavyweight division we take two back.

  7. futmut1000 says:

    Deontay is confused and got a lot of punches…Meanwhile Tyson Fury face is full of wounds and got knocked out like a POS into the ground…What a clown!!!

  8. joseph Jones says:

    Tyson fury won that fight no problem

  9. donvasea says:

    Smart guy

  10. Billy Bob says:

    Yes the British and Irish fans boxing fans are the bloody best it is always a lot of fun to see a fight with them A chanting they’re singing the overall support

  11. MsMoneyHunny1 says:

    Now the time Tyson should fight Joshua.

  12. lesliee okpi says:

    This sh** happens all the time in boxing Lennox Lewis vs Evander Holyfield first fight was same, Lennox got all d points but it was a draw by d f**king judges but d fans know who won… the promoters want double money from rematch period!! simply business . we know who won in Fury n Wilder too

  13. Christopher Mihaeíl says:

    Tyson Fury won that fight easy!!!
    Tyson lost 2 maybe 3 rounds…..!

  14. Ajax Castle says:

    Tyson Furry heavyweight champion of the World

  15. Sirjean5 says:

    He's definitely a warrior …. Coming clean off drugs, loosing pounds and match fit for the fight in such a short period, winning majority of the rounds against Wilder and getting up from a devastating knock out from one of the heaviest punchers in boxing at the moment. Now, that's 'A Champ' ….

  16. smokeyvelvet42 says:

    No Fury you didn't win the fight, otherwise, you have the WBC belt which you haven't, so accept the fact that you lost, now back to contemplating fighting someone like Dylan White or Joe Joyce or Shannon Briggs but the next opponent for Wilder should & must be Joshua !!!

  17. Mark M says:

    Next time Tyson will be even fitter faster hit harder wilder gave all he had at his best and still lost he s a fkin fool no man either a real fighting man would shake the hand of the winning man and ask for a rematch ….lol like gob wilder saying rematch rematch idiot lost and next time swear he is gonna hurt more and be hit n miss more lol he 'll be out smarted twice as much next time and hit harder n more No respect bloody cheat as going along with a cheat result I 'll smash him just walk in circles to his left he s like a one winged wounded duck daffy turd

  18. Shaune Mellis says:

    Wilder thought he won hahahahahaha wait hahahaha wilder you are a funny man hahaha..

  19. Антонио Родригес says:

    I hope that after this fight brits will finally accept that there is only one true champ in England and that is TYSON FURY

  20. Luke Spencer says:

    My boy fury looks like hes been in a car accident but i was hopimg he'd win

  21. Romeo Toro says:

    This is proof boxing is dirty everybody on wilder side and wilder was on enhancment drugs 100% fury overcame a machine

  22. Romeo Toro says:

    If was wilder i would not be able to hold the belt he nocked fury down n fury came back stronger than ever that was the most amazing thing ever if there was more time fury would have destroyed wilder when he atacked after getting up

  23. Romeo Toro says:

    Fury won according to boxing rules he won in the most amazing way ever

  24. Hanoi Tripper says:

    Is this that emotionally damaged extra baggage chik who interviewed him at big bear?

  25. Ryan Ritchings says:

    From one of the most hated blokes to the most loved

  26. Stephen Barrett says:

    You tube channels dead.
    Get a talent women.

  27. Chris Legionnaire says:

    i got a real fan of fury. i like this guy

  28. Garngad Gamers says:

    Loved how she tried bait him at the end into trash talking Wilder or AJ & he's like have a happy Christmas and a wonderful new year, humble as they come.

  29. Literal Vampire Potbellied Goblin says:


    The real champ for sure.

  30. Jack Badabing says:

    I love Fury and wanted him to win but i want to see Wilder vs AJ because i want to see AJ knock wilder out and i dont even like either of them but would love to see someone with knock out power deck him

  31. Bright Dogbe says:

    "I dont know what happened ..I put it down to the POWER OF GOD bringing me back to my feet…"-Fury…If u dont believe God exists,that was a testimony

  32. Ahmed Muflahi says:

    This guy is a legend

  33. Brandon Wells says:

    boxing is corrupt/dead. all hail the mma gods

  34. Angelo Merte says:

    Good fight champ

  35. Johnny Cantu says:

    I think he got that from the undertaker

  36. Scumbag Chris says:

    People’s champ

  37. MrNeverseen7 says:

    Even though whites Obviously lose..they can't take it.
    -Comanche Nation

  38. Dobrodziej says:

    I know I'm hoping on the bandwagon but fucking hell I love this guy. Massive Fury fan as of late here.

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