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Over the weekend, the 27 remaining members of the European Union gave their blessing to the British prime minister’s Brexit plan. The withdrawal deal now faces a yes or no vote in the British parliament on December 11. Until then, May faces an uphill battle to sell her deal to critical lawmakers.

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13 Responses

  1. Shamsi Shishvan says:

    She is lying, she is also supporting Saudis in their invasion on Yemen, by laying about the legitimacy of the ousted Yemeni government, how shameful of UK people, that they accept this level of lying!!

  2. blackrabbit212 says:

    Does she get her jackets from the same tailor as Michael Portillo?

  3. Joe Bloger says:

    who is the worst pm of all time looks like t may

  4. Bacon Crusader says:

    She has given in to everyone of the EU demands that ain't a deal, that's appeasement !

  5. Tom Hermens says:

    Spell out what the £ 39 Billion you want to give to Brussels is based on
    You know Mrs May a spreadsheet instead of waffle would do nicely!!!

  6. mark larkin says:

    Time to go love. Pack your handbag.

  7. Buddy Clem says:

    I know what Brexit is, but it sounds like eating a breakfast sandwich after exiting your house. Also, distracted driving is dangerous, and in this case, delicious.

  8. Adam Powell says:

    I like Mrs May's jacket.

  9. CBM 215 says:

    There can be no Plan B because that would give Parliament a real choice. There can be no real choice or they would take the better alternative and they must not be allowed to make a real choice, you know like choosing between two or more alternatives.

  10. Brendan Gavaghan says:

    No he's not! I've never seen him! GET JAMES O'BRIEN ON!!

  11. Richard Hardon says:

    We must leave the EU entirely! Let Britain be British, not a tiny EU controlled island. Second referendum will confirm the fact that 83% of the British population want to leave the EU.

  12. Greenpoloboy3 says:

    The deal has to be rejected or the UK becomes a slave state of the EU

  13. DW News says:

    Will MP's back her deal? And what happens if they won't?

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