UKIP NEC Votes Against Farage, Batten Here To Stay

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Nigel Farage’s motion to remove UKIP leader Gerard Batten from his position as party leader has been voted down.

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40 Responses

  1. ruby tuesday says:

    What Nigel has done comes as no surprise after all he put the boot in for Anne Marie Waters, he hasn`t even been bothered about UKIP for the last two years,he only wants UKIP to be successful if he is at the helm !

  2. Tommy DH says:

    batten is the best

  3. Philip Croft says:

    During the two LONG years of referendum Brexiteering. Nigel Farage bore the brunt of every falsehood about UKIP's ' racialist attitudes', and personal attacks on his immigration policy. We all saw and heard it, at every BBC and lefty LibTurd opportunity. It drove ME nuts, and I don't know how the guy restrained himself. Unfortunately, quite a number of gullible fools, either believed, or had doubts about the party's racial attitudes. I think Nigel Farage was fully intent on steering a strong mid stream course, and avoid all opportunities for ANYONE to lay that falacy at UKIPS door again. Hence, his attitude to anyone who held questionable views on vote losing issues, like immigration and race. I think he is wrong, and the situation regarding those issues , has become more critical, and can no longer be fobbed off.

  4. Querious says:

    I love Nigel Farage as well but support Gerard Batten and Tommy Robinson as well. Thank God for Tommy Speaking the truth AND for Nigel fighting the EU

  5. TheMadScotsman mckay says:

    Then you're a traitor to the cause then, Mr Farage. End of.

  6. Ronald Fraser says:

    UKIP, originally led by Nigel Farage, was a one policy political party which took 23 years to build up enough clout to pressure the government into finally holding a referendum on EU membership. This was something successive political leaders had vaguely promised but never got around to doing. Finally the referendum was held and the electorate voted to leave. Nigel Farage decided his job was done and stood down. The problem was that he had left the implementation of the will of the electorate to politicians. David Cameron apparently had assumed (and wished) that the people would vote to remain. When they didn't, Instead of acting like a Prime Minister and carrying out the wishes of the electorate, he threw his teddy in the corner and resigned. Teresa May, another remainer, took over and since then obstruct and delay seem to have been the order of the day. If the voted had been to remain and the Brexiteers had then behaved like the Remainers, they would have been accused of being bad losers. UKIP now has a new leader who is rebuilding the party and is also courageous enough to grasp the nettle and speak openly and factually about the threat from the ideology of Islam, and to dare to support Tommy Robinson who also speaks openly and factually about it from his own life experience. The fact that the NEC have voted to support Gerard Batten indicates that Nigel Farage has lost touch with his grass roots and has also become PC about speaking the truth.

  7. Alasdair I'm not a bot Macgillivray. says:

    Tommy is the man & this is was a smart attempt to utilise Tommy. He has a huge base who in the most will get behind Gerard Batten. Nigel took UKIP as far as he could but sadly he seems incapable of stating what the majority of people in UKIP realise & that is Islam (not this Islamists within Islam) is a dangerous & backward ideology.

  8. David c Petts says:

    tommy and nigel have the same boss,,,,soros,,,,the only good guy is gerard ,,,thats life ,,,,,,,,,its all planned like tranny may ,,,,the man

  9. rabcam1 says:

    i will vote ukip, the rest are traitors,

  10. rabcam1 says:

    stay on the gravy train,,thats all nigel wants, to stay on the gravy train, he made a grave error, slagging tommy,,,people like him, because he is one of us,,and your not,

  11. Hector Archytas says:

    Either Islam is an antic Arab noun meaning slavery, the name of a religion or now for more confusion even the name of a protected racial ethnic, it is the number one issue. What is the point to have a good house (economy), if our children might be forced to abandon it. We, French, got this lesson in Algeria during the years 1830-1962. If you don't confront it, you got to be ready to leave the boat.

  12. Joseph Bojtor says:

    Nigel is correct with the new UKIP. It is going far right and antii Islam, which was never what it was supposed to be. UKIP will be responsible for a lot of hate crime in the future under the new leader

  13. Dave The rave says:

    If Nigel stayed with UKIP I’m sure things would of been a bit different right now, but he didn’t he QUIT when brexit was just round the corner???? And he spent 20 odd years trying to get brexit? Hmmm

  14. siddle jack says:

    Mr Farage is really not wanting UK I to become a new idea party, and the fact that Islam is taking over the UK there has to be a move to stop it, and there is no other party that dare mention it, but general public want an end to sharia, and the spread of mosques.

  15. R M says:

    Farage as much as he believes in uk independence he's behaved like some pathetic bully and its all backfired on him now…

  16. A voice In the wildernes says:

    Ukip or now Newkip now farage has bailed

  17. Stouffer says:

    Batten is the best leader since Farage, Batten saved UKIP.

  18. rodney kitchen says:

    Gerrard surely does n't need a parrot on his shoulder like Tommy, UKIP has been a tremendous force in the UK thanks largley to the
    efforts of Nigel Farage, now he has left the party, it remains to be seen what happens, UKIP never was an anti Islamist ,till now. Remembering Gerrard is only a temporary leader. May UKIP continue as a force in UK politics !

  19. JL-CptAtom says:

    Tommy Robinson is Zionist.

  20. Chris Bell says:

    Farage is a turncoat shill, all respect for Farage gone.

  21. jack strop says:

    i quite like batten -he`s combative in the face of adversity but gotta say WOLF would have made a great ukip leader-unfortunately they didnt want him!!.

  22. Billy Clement says:

    Looks like Gerard Batten and the NEC have managed to avoid Farage's drama with a fairly minimal amount of effort. GB's support for Tommy is completely open, above board and very popular, while Tommy has no particular official standing within the party, so the main stream media can't tar UKIP with their slander and lies about him. Win-win. War Plan Purple takes another crucial tactical victory. Onward to victory! Service guarantees citizenship!

  23. Michael Knight says:

    Cameron jumped the ship when the vote went the other way. Nigel Farage is doing the same thing. Who are we to follow, Gerard Batten and Tommy Robinson.

  24. Brian Lodge says:

    You are so right UKIP is now the voice of the working class who have been betrayed not only by the conservatives but abandoned by the Labour Party which to be honest is a disgrace.gerard batten I believe will fight for the British people and their concerns over our national identities.

  25. Frank Keller says:


  26. Frank Keller says:


  27. Windle Straw says:

    1:45 "Getting the United Kingdom out of the UK" (Out of the EU)

  28. Iven Ireland says:

    Nigel Farage has become the very thing he preached against, biased, uncompromising, hateful and mainstream.Oh and he expects us the tax payer to pay him his EU pension when we leave.

  29. Alan Jones says:

    Sad day for UKIP!!

  30. terry ph says:

    Islam isn’t a cult, it’s a religion with cults
    within it like ISIS.or BOKO HARAM.

  31. Sam 7 says:

    Multi issues. =. Brexit. And islamofobia. Loooool

  32. bob rambo says:

    You know where you stand with GB I really trust this man unlike nearly all other politicians. The UK is facing a fork in the road the like of which is history making, the seditious left have infiltrated all the institutions and probably think it’s a fate accompli but they are as ever in a minority and are being challenged by the working class majority this movement being led by men of the hour, real hero’s and working class ones to who are not going give up a thousand years of history and incredible heritage unique in her achievements and mother of other nations, it will not be given up without a fight. George Orwell must be spinning in his grave.

  33. john barker says:

    It's the Abused becoming the Abuser. Nigel was unfairly called a Racist so he is calling Mr Batten a Racist.

  34. kevin underwood says:

    Batten 1 Farage 0 'once a plonker'!

  35. danthebrave says:

    Islam is not the problem,they are just a tool of the jewish supremacists.Nigel and tommy strangely never criticizes (((them))).

  36. Pat Johnson says:

    Nothing too stop the supporters voting UKIP Tommy is one his supporters are millions so tommy supporters vote UKIP anyway .

  37. Pat Johnson says:

    Farage has turned first blasts Ann Marie Waters now Gerald Batten and UKIP very strange Nigel why don't you say somthing without the name calling and see where you get speechless is what I say #voteukipgeraldbatten

  38. Victor Spencer says:

    Nigel you walked away ages ago, stop mouthing off about Gerard, he's a good patriotic leader, something you used to be once until you turned into an establishment man, as for Tommy the man is great, and it's alright slagging people off, why don't you man up and interview him face to face, thank you for the fight you showed for brexit, but stick to your chat show now.

  39. 22grena says:

    Final proof that Farage is a creature of the establishment

  40. andy bell says:

    Farage is now a failed character. He has become the very thing he used to rail against, that being the dishonest main stream media. Also Farage has an enormous ego and hates the idea of genuine patriots who represent the working class masses. He has form for this when he smeared Anne Marie Waters and gave his support to Henry Bolton, we all saw how that panned out. The fact that Tommy Robinson attracts such passionate support from the ordinary decent folk, those who are open minded enough to research the facts about him must grate on Farage intensely. Especially as Tommy unlike Farage has suffered and sacrificed for his beliefs and the truth, state persecution, imprisonment on spurious charges and fines accompanied by beatings and a genuine threat to his life. Farage on the other hand has been very well paid over the years pursuing his noble aims, and bar being accosted a couple of times by antifa when on the campaign trail and once in a pub has not really had to suffer too much by comparison at all. And of course Tommy is working class and at the root of it Farage is a snob.

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