UKIP Nigel Farage MEP vs Lib Dem Graham Watson MEP heated exchange – Nov 2011

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Rememberance Day 2011m. UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage MEP in heated exchange with Lib Dem Graham Watson MEP

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23 Responses

  1. David Mausaw says:

    Another Lid Dem loser, rejected by the electorate in 2014 and you can see why when you listen to him.

  2. notrut says:

    Watson the Hypocrite …
    He's Scottish but represents the South West
    He wants a UK Republic but accepted a Knighthood from the Queen
    More faces than a Rubik Cube

  3. ConsideringPhlebas says:

    Devastatin' argument there, buddy. Well done.

  4. kiwikiwi kiwiikwi says:

    Graham Watson is great!

    Farage is taking the easy route of populism and prejudice.

  5. TheJinkedful says:

    God graham watson is a cunt. i had the misfortune of meeting him once. slime slime slime.

  6. ts757arse says:

    They should all be sat on electric chairs and zapped when they say something stupid. Graham would most likely be vapour by the end and the world would be better for it.

  7. bigfatplums says:

    Graham Watson is so typical of the Marxist Left. Spiteful and emotional in his arguments you can see him boiling up when he addresses Nigel. The look on his face when Nigel said that it was only his and Watson's job on the line was priceless. He knows it true which is why he wants the gravy train to go on.

  8. Jake says:

    Graham really is an idiot.

  9. Beast Inblack says:


  10. Beast Inblack says:

    'UP AGAINST CHINA?' So the EU exists to be involved in WW3.

  11. Beast Inblack says:

    Ok 1 in 10 jobs may depend on the single market – BUT NOT THE EU.

  12. Beast Inblack says:

    Say that to Athens.

  13. lawrence roper says:

    Graham Watson the FIB Dem MEP spouting his usual party line bile. His video's have less than 10 views, seriously less than 10, compared to any video with Farage speaking which runs into thousands and often 100's of thousands. Go Compare? Go away Watson no one believes you or any member of your repugnant, yellow, spineless party any more. FIB Dems the clue is in the name. VOTE UKIP.

  14. superdonyoungy says:

    Farage is a legend.

  15. 19AFC88 says:

    1 dislike seriously? WAKE UP PEOPLE! We cannot keep having OUR country run by some unelected officials. We live in a Democracy apparently but, under the EU we live and always will live in an European Dictatorship.

  16. Steve W says:

    Deeply unpatriotic? How is a political party who wants their country's sovereignty back "unpatriotic". As if anyone is going to believe that. It's like making up anything to stay in the argument…

  17. Tycandrias says:

    if the UK joins the EU what the fuck happens to the commonwealth? what does the UK belong to a greater federation and we are just crust on the side? just colonies clinging to the side of the ship that is the UK? the last time i checked Australia, New Zealand, UK and Ireland were all in it together… am i wrong?

  18. doire7 says:

    This graham guy is a joke and completely contradicted himself. He says they inherited the labour mess but somehow would have enforced rules in europe on countries overspending. How are you going to do that if you can't get your own govt to stop spending or does he not realize how much debt the UK is in. You can't have it both ways graham, you moron.

  19. doire7 says:

    Am i the only one who smells bullshit? If we are stronger by keeping the european union together then why do none of these politicians ever explain why we are stronger. If The UK is dependant on the EU for 1 in 10 jobs, why does someone not ask these liars how they came up with that number. It's the same with these politicians all the time. If we don't do that or don't do this, the world as we know it will cease to exist. End the EU now.

  20. Vector3 says:

    the world war 2 argument was pathetic!! such a cheap disgusting argument, no relevance, just trying to trick ignorant people to agree, im insulted he thinks we're so stupid

  21. Jonathan Batts says:

    the things that make Europe so amazing, is Europe being a collection of separate countries, and nationalities, and cultures. too bad immigration and liberals have fucked it up

  22. Al Parkes says:

    I have to disagree.
    Watson made a very cheap and irrelevant emotional argument, based on WW2.
    The year is 2012, not 1939. Since the end of WW2 Western Europe has been at peace, without the need for a United Europe.The United Europe concept seems to be a strange religion, rather than an Economic model.

    As we say in Australia "it all just sounds like a load of wank".
    I reserve the right to discuss European matters, if the emotional argument rules are about spilling blood for freedom.

  23. Von Steinmetz says:

    United states of Europe….gives me the shudders

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