UKIP’s Suzanne Evans quits party over Tommy Robinson appointment

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“It’s probably just as well she’s left, our business at the end of the day is to win votes” says UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Gerard Batten after Suzanne Evans Politics quits the party over Tommy Robinson’s appointment.

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47 Responses

  1. tretiger1 says:

    Love Tommy he is a hero.

  2. Tommy DH says:

    gerard batten is THE MAN!

  3. crsbt says:

    BYE BYE. Shut the door on way out !!

  4. 1wannabee1 says:

    Just goes to show you what a DUMB,STOOPID Cow this woman is then!

  5. Mind Games says:


  6. TheTigersbay says:

    Treacherous bitch .

  7. jim magee says:


  8. David Carpin says:

    Join UKIP now. Support Gerard and Tommy and be part of a fast growing movement.

  9. Mitchell klein says:

    They only hate Tommy because they are PRO-islam. How disgusting.

  10. Richard Innes says:

    BULLSHIT! Evans!

  11. Richard Innes says:

    Bore off Evans!

  12. Richard Innes says:

    Gerard and Tommy march on!

  13. Richard Innes says:

    UKIP doesn't need Libtards!

  14. Richard Innes says:

    Too bad so sad bye bye!

  15. Richard May says: I'm joining now!

  16. Greg A says:

    Suzanne Evans? Sounds like a foreigner to me, that’s a sheep shagger’s name isn’t it? Not a proper British name like a Robinson. She should change it to Robinson, just like good old Tommy Robinson did from his bog hopper name. Come to think of it, Farage sounds like a onion muncher’s name?

  17. Gus Gone says:

    Good riddance. BTW Tommy Robinson is not far right.

  18. Lagos says:

    Anyone else find it very strange that two snakes leave UKIP within 14 days of several major Tory seats opening up due to mass resignations?

  19. Kim Mcilwain says:

    We don’t need weak leaders, there is some dirty work that has to be done, so if you can’t stand the heat…get out of the kitchen..!

  20. Peter S says:

    "a popular party" lmfao

  21. John Teasdale says:

    Fuck her wee dont need her

  22. JOEY 1882 says:

    Well said Mr Batten

  23. Bony sorsbin says:

    Good Riddance!

  24. John Stephen says:

    Gerrard Batten is a genius! I've just watched a video about Sky News…by a Sky News fake interviewer talking twaddle……talking about Tommy's prison sentences. But the Attorney General himself is accused of Bank Fraud…..everyone knows the banks operate investments fraudulently eg investments to bomb Yemen so as to sell arms to Saudi. And Philip Green Hero of Sky News who swindled BHS Pension Funds

  25. Mjstic Art says:

    good reddens to bad rubbish, self righteous nut needs to be put down, they stick phobia at the end of words to ridicule people and get their own way every time… are wearing dresses!!!wake up world

  26. 20 20 says:

    By Suzanne no one liked you anyway! What a dummy she is

  27. ray swann says:

    Wont be missed

  28. Dermot O'Logical says:

    The UKIP party will win on this issue. the way the UKIP voter feels about the crusade (that has been vilified beyond ALL reason by the British press) will mean this is a right decision for the fairness angle. Whether he proves worthy or good as a politician we have to wait and see. One thig I do know (and not as a UKIP member) is he is totally patriotic and if that in 2018 is despised I will vote for him. This other policy of a menagerie of peoples all doing their own thing in one cage is a fcuking disaster. AND on such a level I don't think there will be any winners in this plague on the UK, or any politician, judge, police inspector or lawyer who has advocated and WON the argument for more diversity that will go down in history as anything more than idiots, traitors and civil warmongers.

  29. Robert Sharos says:

    So the Zionist are destroying UKIP. All those mongs that follow Tommy are blind extremist

  30. Jimmy Lynn says:

    at least she has good principles, i wouldn’t want to stand with a mossad supporting zionist either….. #FuckZionism #FuckIslam

  31. BATTLECORE says:

    Labour far left, Muslims far right and conservatives globalist. UKIP is the party of the centre.

  32. Joe Flanagan says:

    Yeah farewell Suzanne you stupid lady …. no one even knows you ! And how dare you make claims ppl who have legitimate concerns over Christianaphobia and the attacks we are receiving from islamists …. wake up ppl …. there is an evil
    Form of Islam which needs confronting – not the majority but a worrying % which is intent on killing he West …… research it – Tommy Robinson is right . He isn’t a racist – don’t sleep walk into this it’s really serious – we all
    Need to come together .

  33. Joe Flanagan says:

    And let’s get one thing straight – the Muslim community are not under attack – the Christians are under attack in the Middle East- being slaughtered! Literally ! Read it up … Islam is wiping out Christianity in the Middle East ….. who is attacking who ? Manchester attack ! Westminster attack ! Borough market attack ! Etc etc …. WAKE UP ppl .

  34. Joe Flanagan says:

    Good riddance – tommy Robinson is far more useful

  35. Suley Mehmet says:

    8000 have joined but how many have left?

  36. Harragoth the Lonely Smegol says:

    One sec, who???? Bye then

  37. baldieman64 says:

    Don't let the door hit you on the way out luv.

  38. raymond majer says:

    It's a pity she didn't speak out so loudly about our children being blown up and raped by their thousands up and down this country. Jog on Suzanne.

  39. Clayton Wiffen says:

    Good. Batten is the man. Join UKIP. Get up off your sofas and get your country back.

  40. Terry T says:

    Batten, a true leader. willing to have the hard conversations that no one else will.

  41. Brian Jones says:

    Which is it Suzanne Evans? Are you the originator of some of the slander against Tommy Robinson, or are you just echoing the mainstream media lies? You in your ignorance of the facts are a traitor.

  42. A A says:

    Tommy Robinson isn't even his real name, its Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, hes a Zionist, the very same Zionisim funding imigration to Europe, dont trust this slimy git. Zionist are already funding ukip. Been Co-opted now, don't trust them.

  43. john tudor hallelujah says:

    Did i hear him right? "4 a month membership fee" …fuckin' what? £48 a year….yeah alot of unemployed and low income people can afford that…..Typical right wiing party attitude, wannabe city spivs.
    UKIP would do sweet fuck all to help working people….eg. they were conspicuous by their silence when our steel industry was under threat…they would undoubtedly look to privatise the nhs by stealth…..they would look to revamp TTIP with the USA which would effect our pay and conditions.

  44. jessxxy says:

    Oh Tommy Tommy" yes, god forbid you all listen to the Truth right? Tommy has 1.6 million supporters…. how many does Cross dresser Farage or some old scrout in another type of skirt have….. thats right, NONE!! Its no secret that Tommy was stitched up by the fake law system… let alone This Fake News programme. Boo fucking hoo you Wankers!!

  45. Certified Marine says:

    Love how you clowns at Youtube block my comments. You wouldn't want anyone knowing the truth, or reading opinions of people that don't align with yours!! That's the type of world you morons want. Monopolize all of media, so you control what information people have available, and there fore, control how they think, and what they do!! Shameful!! Can't wait until you have competition, and you lose half your subscribers overnight!!!

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