Uncut for Palestine with George Galloway

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In a far reaching interview London Mayoral Candidate George Galloway talks about the Balfour declaration, Zionism, Palestine, international justice and much more.

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40 Responses

  1. Robb Davies says:

    that was brilliant

  2. Emeric Hitter says:


  3. Emeric Hitter says:


  4. Emeric Hitter says:


  5. makedonistoi says:

    george galloway u are a wicked and evil islamist who cant tell the truth that the arabs took israel in 610ad and the occupiers are ur evil people who cant stand a single jewish nation in existense……u know god will judge u,have u no shame

  6. Lisa Durante says:

    George is right about the need for the public to become more proactive in lobbying for justice in Palestine. Its important to focus on what matters to stop the illegal occupation and heal the generational trauma that fosters this zionist aggression.

  7. TheJessbeck says:

    A monkey could see that Isreal is wrong, take another country and call it your own. The bible is full of propaganda bullshit. Three mono religions – and they fight to uphold indifferent doctrines and ethos – there all delusional fucktards and the evil on innocence. Fuck Isreal and love to palestine.

  8. Truth Teller says:

    I went to Israel and loved it. So advanced in technology, science etc. Loved the night club scene…..and now you expect me to not like them and instead trust a bunch of Arabs who run around shouting 'Alahu Akbar'. LOOOOL No thanks.

  9. Aisha Little says:

    Both Zionism and Islam are political ideologies!

  10. Aisha Little says:

    To learn something of the Palestine/Israel question I recommend that you read "Catch a Jew" by Tuvia Tenenblom. A real eye opener!

  11. Rohilan says:

    Excellent and informative. Thank you Mr Galloway

  12. Free Ops says:

    stupid? Or are you prepared to research Sabbateanism? Rabbi Marvin Antelman, Chief Justice of the Supreme Rabbinic Court of America from 1974 to 2004, has put down the history of Sabbateanism in the two volumes of To Eliminate The Opiate. Antelman was only interested in conspiracy facts, not in theories. The Sabbatean-Frankist Jews, followers of Sabbatai Sevi and his reincarnation Jacob Frank decided that all evil was allowed in order to provoke God to interfere. They do everything what their Torah forbids. They hate orthodox Jews and Jews who don't do what they want. The Holocaust was their revenge towards orthodox Jews and the Jews who didn't want to emigrate to their Palestine. They developed Nazism, Communism, Fascism and Zionism. Their leaders, the Rothschilds, own and control our central banks. Time to become a bit smarter,

  13. Lenin Lives says:

    The Balfour Declaration was a case of the British Government giving away something it didn't own.

  14. Lenin Lives says:

    George Galloway for PM! BTW, if you run for Mayor of London, you'll definitely get my vote, George Galloway!

  15. adje says:

    the truth which the whole world knows but does not speak out and act according to it.
    May God bless you Mr. George.. your thoughts about the palestinian issue are a breath of fresh air.
    Palestine will remain Palestine and sooner or later its people will return.

  16. RERE RERE says:

    Very intersting I like this person. But it's very difficult to become jewish when your mother is not jewish.

  17. Yehuda H says:

    what george fails to mention is firstly, there has never been a state called Palestine in the entire history of the world! it has been occupied by a multitude of foreign powers since the romans threw the jews out after the destruction of the second temple. Even between 1948-1976 it was occupied illegally by Jordan after the Zionists originally accepted an two state creation and the arabs refused to settle for anything less than the river to the sea. Secondly, (besides for converts) studies have shown that all jews share genes that can be traced back to the region of Israel, of course after being hounded round the world for 2000 years we resemble the nations that we live amongst. That said as well as supporting Zionistm that doesn't detract from my fiercely proud Britishness, the two are not conflicting. Lastly to support the present Palestinian movement led by hamas and fatah is disgraceful considering they actively support and reward the murder of any Jew in Israel no matter what their age or political standing, that is what I call ethnic cleansing.

  18. G Michaels says:

    Thank you Mr. Galloway! #BDS #FreePalestine

  19. Paul Pilton says:

    Why why why are the public not taking note when Sir GG speaks about Israel? ???

  20. dave walsh says:

    George I selut you don't change fella

  21. luke dawson says:

    Rabble-rowser and rabid Jew-hater (very poorly disguised). Go and kiss ISIS's ass.

  22. Roll Eloric says:

    George Galloway u the best

  23. Godstolemybike Jones says:

    7:39 What zionists have in common with anti-semites is that after the holocaust Jews pay attention to anti jewish extremism. Besides, if Hamas, Hizbollah, Islamic Jihad, or Fatah held the land how would that be better for human rights for Muslims or Jews or Christians? At least under the Jewish population the Israeli Muslims, and ethnic, religious, as well as women have full rights and political representation in Israel, with one of the best standards of living in the World for all it's citizens.

  24. MGT Madness says:

    Such a truth speaker

  25. Saywhatyoumust says:

    This also applies to the UK and Germany.

    A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties by Oded Yinon.

    What's happening in the ME has ALL been planned for decades as you will see via the Yinon article.

    War is a Racket By General Smedley Butler
    Please remember to re-calculate the figures quoted to today's prices. Here you will see why we go to war and no it has nothing to do with freedom and democracy or being a defender of one's own country. Only an arse would believe that!!


    The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin to see who benefits/profits $$$$$$$$$$ via the wars/recessions/poverty and so much more and it sure as sht is NOT you.
    Yet the idiot sheep out there is only too happy to sign up to fight for these wars on lies and so certain interest groups profit immensely at the masses expense.

    Gee, what will/does it take to wake people up?

  26. Jesse Haffner says:

    Wow, yeah sorry about this effin rant i do below here – but anyways i also gotta apologize to the ridiculous amount of grammatical and spelling errors, i am to to effin lazy to go through it all. So yeah, sorry and bare with me – also – i hope it's at least relatively legible. Sorry again

    Thank you Mr. Galloway for mentioning Saladin and the crusades – because it completely obliterates this ridiculously-simplistic, bigoted, and while being intellectually-illiterate, – it is simply empirically counterfactual – "New Atheists" or both mainstream and especially conservatives are consistely displaying completely moronic and factual inaccrate framing of what Islam is all about and how it's praciced and so forth, but with ther New Atheists – you have this say rediculously untrue and simplistic analyses of Islam, but they do this in the guise of liberalism and intellectualism but are nothing more than far more effectivly converting those who check these figure heads like Harris above all, and quickly ae pulled into this proported fact-based and logical analyses and are just brave enopugh to stand up and call a spade a spade, which is hilariously conter-factual to the point of near hilarity! And their big thing, along with the mainstream corporate-media and more so in the rightqwing, who incessantly push this nonsence that some islam is inherently more brutal, barbaric, and violent than all the other religios like the two westt biggies of Judaism and Christianity. And yet in the crusades, when the Templar conquered Jeruslalem, ya know what they did????? They slaughtered each and every person within it's fucking walls. And when it was the Arab legions under the leadershi of Saladin – who was a Kerdish member and commander in the Fatimd Caliphat, which is known as being the Egyptian caliphate as it also though spread into Asia a little bit to), and when they took it back they allowed any and all Christians , (eben ones from Europe), just as long as the put down al their weaponry and could just live there along side the Aras majority pop and was ruled by those same Arabs. And for those who constantly assert that "well if you have to go all the way back to the crusades to show how aful Chritians and Jews could be – well then your reaching and shows how weak your assertion of all three being every bit as barbaric and humain as the others." -which i hear alot, but this cutts to the cut of the matter though, if the religion and those practicing their faith and and act upon the religeous doctrine as some sorta directive or whatver, and that it's inherently violent and barbaric – well then it should be every bit as violent and barbarc as it was then and on up to this very day. If Islam qwas somehow this inherently ubombnable scurge on the Earth, explain to me where were they waging Jihad against westerners back forty or fifty yeas ago……? In fact in the thirties and 40's – it was the Zionists who bombed cafes and comitted some awful acts of terrorism, on par with what similar Muslim and Christiann – stylisically that is. Where were all these barbarians back hundred s of years ago even? Well, while the west dove into the dark ages upon therelization that the western Roman empire was being over run and had zero neigherbers with which to do comerce with and help grow or maintain the sdurability of the empire – while moving the capital to the Greejk Metropolis of Byzantium, which soon became Constantinople before now being of course Istambul. They this because at the time the mid-east was the most culturally, scintifically, iand intelectualy advanced and both economically and socially the most thriving area in the entire fuckin world at the time. Where you saw the creation/developement of the mathematical formula now known as Algebra all qwhile literacy when off a cliff i9n the west. It wasn't until it was partly conquered by the Mongolian Hordes and then soon after their departure or atleast the dsintigration of it being one joint unity empire from china to Palestine almost, fater faling the Turks who arose as a different people's and cuture which was sorta a hidge-bodge of Persian Arab and Mongolian. so for on and off – the vast majoroty of the past five to six – hundred years, they were conquered and not only occupied but brutally dominated by their rulers. It was only then that the Arab and Persian (to a slightly lesser degree), fell into this state culturaly and socaily that they are still in many ways this very day and with every chance of break-throghs of this spell – it was we in the west who cracked down and expunged each and every oppertunity for social/cultural/political progress due to it threatening western econ and energy – based interests in the region which also used and funded and in some ay to this day, fund crazy far rightwing fundamentalist and Islamist groups into order to act as a bulwork to Arab and persian secular-nationalism let alone something like some sort of leftist movements

  27. Michael Samander says:

    Thank you George, blessed the peace maker.

  28. katemccrew says:

    Everyone should see this and wake the hell up!!! YOu speak TRUTH! THank you!

  29. Dan says:

    ""haaram" for me". So are are a Muslim George?

  30. manifestman132 says:

    Anti Semitic Zionism is what created Israel it was not for the Jewish people it was to get them out and maybe destroy Islam as the Christian Right have been trying to do for hundreds or years.

  31. byron elenica says:

    Well said George.

  32. Entry Fragger says:

    One day we'll all look back on this like we look back on apartheid Africa, and George will be realised as the hero that he is.

  33. Gaza West says:

    Nobody can argue with his truth. Good, honest man George!

  34. Haroon nisar says:

    gg for bdf

  35. Phoenix Green says:

    Why hasn't this wonderful man received the noble peace prize?

  36. les havell says:

    yo …..free palestine

  37. Dj Diemonte says:

    Beautiful. You sir are a great men. Speak the truth

  38. 2minstral says:

    Thank you George Galloway! You are a good man and a true leader. Than you for standing up for what is right. 🙂

  39. John K says:

    10000.000000.000000000 %
    TRUE !!!

  40. نشر الأفكار says:

    if he gets it why cant the rest?

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