Vince Cable BLUNDERS his ‘erotic spasm’ conference line

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Vince Cable has fluffed the key phrase from the 2018 Autumn Liberal Democrat conference.

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6 Responses

  1. William Baynes says:

    This old timer needs to pack it in! Should be put out to grass! But they have nobody else! Last man was a buffoon! The one before him was okay but he screwed it up for himself and his party! Will he come back I wonder? But I think his wife holds him back! So they're knackered! Got no leader! It's a thankless job these days anyway! Liberals are finished I think!

  2. trailwayz says:

    he was reading auto-cue and he bottled it… sums him up really… i bet he watches 'naked attraction' though ….ex city of london : nothing to offer the working classes…dont be fooled…. mates with gina miller ( her hubby pulls the strings )

  3. John Fitzmaurice says:

    Perhaps Sir Vince couldn't consciously bring himself to say such a dirty thing – erotic spasm indeed!!

  4. Patricia Shaw says:

    Hope these liberals are not getting paid out of British taxpayers money, never do anything good for Britain except bash it .

  5. UBZUKKI says:

    More public speaking for Cable please……PLEASE

  6. jrbs says:

    What's is an erotic spasm anyway? Orgasmic! I would say it's really an exotic spresm.

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