What they won’t tell you about the UN Global Compact on Migration

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https://www.therebel.media/un-global-compact-migration-ezra-levant-rebel-media-politics Ezra Levant of The Rebel and Immigration Lawyer Guidy Mamann discuss the disturbing facts about the UN Global Compact on Migration. MORE: http://www.RebelUN.com

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47 Responses

  1. Garry Iwankow says:

    and they can VOTE after crossing the border , wow how to import votes God Help Canada

  2. Jane Cartwright says:

    One valuable thing – of many, that my Dad taught me – no, make that 'drummed into my head :

    Do NOT ' just sign' anything unless you're absolutely sure of what the hell you're signing FOR.

    If this Compact is 'not legally binding' WHY are countries being asked to sign it ????????!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just how stupid ARE they ?!
    In the case of Trudeau ? We already know.

  3. Rancher says:

    Canadians are only nice when they are respected, do not ever piss Canadians off; just remeber the first and 2nd world war. Canadian soldiers were the shock soldiers as they always won.

  4. Paul Clothier says:

    Watch this: Anti Global Compact petition hits 100,000 signatures.

  5. Yoho Hoho says:


  6. Tim Xoque says:

    Is the UN obsolete today?

  7. john besmith says:

    wow.. dumb as dirt… you just have to look at Agenda 21 and 30 to know voluntary or not our political leaders are working towards these UN resolutions at a very fast pace… its presented as non-binding voluntary but non-the-less the UN appears to be in charge.. by saying anything else your on the wrong side of this argument

  8. Susan says:

    I bet our morons sign it (U.K). What's the point of trying to get out the EU if the friggin UN are doing the same thing! The luminati have been slowly socially engineering the public so that in the end no-one identifies, or has any allegence with any country and consequently become easier to control in the new world order.

  9. Lex Abnett says:

    The EU laws have taken over Irelands laws. No doubt the United nation will now run your countries

  10. Lex Abnett says:

    Many women are pregnant when they arrive with two or three children in tow.

  11. Lex Abnett says:

    Dont forget the diseases that will be allowed to enter the countries that are invaded.

  12. Lex Abnett says:


  13. Lex Abnett says:

    Is it not too late? Canada is racist to white South Africans and this Compact has clearly stated not for whites.

  14. KLM738XO says:

    One thing this "compact on Migration" does not mention- the wishes of the population of the country targeted by the migrants. In other words they are going to impose this without even bothering to ask the receiving local population, that is going to pay a very heavy price for this.

  15. Paulin Mazurek says:

    Blair brought in uncontrolled immigration for VOTES that is what these left leaders are on the same train BEWEAR.

  16. KORBEN WALLACE says:

    Here in Quebec ,Trudeau let the lacolle custom open ,and its the only custom without any control in the country, plus we have to deal with migrants $ than federal can gov decide how much and when they pay for their globalisme Virtue.Manipulations!
    We been put in front of already decided migrations politics decisions.They obviously wants to divide, create conflicts,( ordo ab chao )Diviser pour mieux regner , its not like we have no economics issues with ourself at the base.And they do that without consulting ppl.Sorry for my English, here french Canadian who try to put light on Trudeau administration migrants politics.
    Ah yes, all medias follow thoses Globalisme ideas thinking or giving the idea that talk about migration is racist so here we now are muzle with the fact that talkin about it make us racist we are grabed by the neck they have found the way of shuting us up ,period!

  17. the Unrepentant says:

    Anyone that criticizes migration is an unbeliever and a denier and does not fake belief in Canada's de facto official faith that has displaced Christianity.


    ² At the Altar of the Sun (Salem, Soloma, present day Jerusalem) that was already ancient in his time where Abraham sought a blessing, human beings were sacrificed during the fire ceremony each spring to the god of justice and righteousness that was proclaimed the Supreme Being. This spirit that was derived from and empowered by human sacrifice facilitated the intrigues of its proponents. Abraham was fabulously wealthy, ostensibly a just man and his son whom he loved dearly was his most precious possession. But so egoistic and selfish was he that when put to the test revealed that he was prepared to slit the throat of his own son in order to inherit the Earth and the increase that it yields.

    ³ Holocaust Religion is a thinly disguised political tool employed as a shield and catalyst. Faking belief on the part of public officials is obligatory. Denial is unlawful and prompted by its inquisition unbelievers are subject to imprisonment.

    ¹¹ Miraculous cremation: Nine thousand corpses (maximum daily) laid out head to toe in single file form a line 9 miles long and take 900 tons of coal to reduce to ashes. A line of corpse 6250 miles long (total) requires 600,000 tons of coal to reduce to ashes. Excluding those shipped east of the Urals that did not die and ancestors from several generations back that were already dead leaves a discrepancy of greater than 5,950,000. Demographics reveal a slight increase in numbers over projected growth from pre-wartime levels. A ploy to gain exemption from Agenda 21 population reduction.

    ¹² It is written: “The elder shall serve the younger.” [Genesis, ch. 25, v. 23.] “And I will give unto thee, and to thy seed after thee, the land wherein thou art a stranger…” [Genesis, ch. 17, v. 8.] From Morocco, Turkey and elsewhere the heirs of Ishmael and Esau arrive to claim their inheritance. Giving thanks to their Maker for this bountiful gift they are advocating for Sharia Law in Great Britain, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, and throughout Europe.

    The conflict being staged between the heirs of the elder and the younger spellbind a gullible public. They are kin. Relations fight. But blood is thicker than water. In the final analysis relatives divide the spoils, as they did for 700 years when Muslims invaded Spain, before they were driven out and their cousins were expelled. Neither side of the family will forsake The Promise. Possession of the Earth abides with them. Each knows its destiny and engages in complementary worship: The former prays privately three times daily, while the latter through mass media publicly proselytizes nations and kindred, peoples and tongues, and unbelievers into adopting its veritable fantasy with an unrelenting campaign morning, noon and night seven days a week, ad nauseum.

    ¹² Israel: A composite title derived from that of an Egyptian deity Isis, plus an Egyptian deity Ra and a Canaanite deity El. Is(is) + Ra + El = Israel.

    ¹³ Solomon: Sol = sun. Om = priest of the sun. On = city of the sun. Sol+om+on = Solomon. (Omon a transliteration of Amen, a first dynasty ruler of Egypt that was proclaimed the intercessor to the Creator). Solomon consecrated the temple to the dark forces before opening it to the public.

    Third temple to continue sacrifice of human beings to the god of justice and righteousness, which is the arch demon-evil, at the altar of the sun.

    ²¹ Jesus was fully cognizant that the provenance of this grasping spirit at (Jeru)Salem that is a curse fueled by bloodshed was human sacrifice:

    “And the devil, taking him up into the high mountain, shewed unto him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time. And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give unto thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me: and to whomsoever I will I give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine. And Jesus answered and said unto him, Get thee behind me, Satan: for thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve.” — Luke, ch. 4, v. 5-8.

  18. Art Walsh says:

    Sign petition on YouTube

  19. P Daniel says:

    So the two girls shot on the Danforth are meaningless collateral damage in the eyes of the Trudeau government, Andy Scheer and the NDP. Time for a serious revolution in this country. Our very country is at stake. Join the Canadian Alternative Party

  20. P Daniel says:

    ONLY the Canadian Alternative Party will stop mass immigration immediately. We believe our immigration should be tied to the GDP. Canadians should be hired first, no money at all for immigrants coming to Canada or for foreign nationals in education.AND we would shut the border with the U.S. and return these fake refugees to the U.S. Let them deal with them.

  21. Peter L says:

    Have no fear Ezra this pact is designed to completely over whelm all Nations that are foolish enough to sign this insanity ! Other civilizations inhistory have suffered their demise from to much uncontrolled migration and the UN is well aware of this fact ! NWO !!!!!! Destroys Nation States ! Control through Chaos !

  22. Jon Heimsjø says:

    Bulgaria said NO! WWG1WGA

  23. AJota Rider says:

    Shut down the UN disband Nato and euthanise the deep state NWO for heavens sake

  24. John Hayward says:

    It looks to me like the islamic nations wrote this. They are the only ones that are united.

  25. Hammerstein says:

    Would any sane person vote for this? NO!!! It's the death of all civilized Western nation's

  26. Gail Ramsay says:

    How do we stop this? Can we fire Trudeau sooner than later?

  27. JAFO says:

    Are the "rights" of the native citizens mentioned? I doubt it.

  28. Wade C says:

    Canada will be in the same state of rioting as France in not too distant future. Trudeau is pushing the very same agenda if not more. Trudeau is not only just letting illegals come through the Canadian border. He is a leading promoter of the United Nations global migration compact. he wants to erase our borders altogether. He is working every angle to steal more of our money through another carbon tax, spend our tax dollars indiscriminately while at the same time he is making it impossible through gender concerns, environmental laws, etc… for the work to get done that he is spending our money on. He increased the family child tax payments only to bring in more immigrants with very large families to give more of our tax dollars to. He is working every angle to destroy our economy and remove our sovereignty by erasing our borders altogether.
    I suggest that Trudeau will become the next reelected leader of Canada. Not because the Conservative government is too much like the liberal government in policy or because the PPC will split the vote. It will be because main steam media is still the predominating factor propagating liberal news in Canada. We will soon after be like France with yellow jackets in the streets throwing and flaming what ever they can as soon as people wake up to the truth. Let us just hope it will not be to late to get our Country back.

  29. d birkin says:

    sounds like he'd reading one of Hitlers speeches…wtitten by the UN= United Nazis

  30. Patricia Aguerreberry says:

    This is the most stupid idea ,UN has to go they ,all that people get big salaries just to mess up the world

  31. Rahbour El As says:

    Many, if not all, problems could be solved by defining the term "human" – what are the minimum characteristics required to consider a being as human? Should a murdering pedophile be considered "human"? etc.

  32. macsikar Mackay says:

    A common figure quoted on many of these YouTube comments on the number of migrants expected to enter western countries is 300 to 400 million.
    If we count the number of countries who are willing to take quotas of these migrants as roughly 10 to 12. If each country takes an equal number, that would mean 20 to 30 million in the next decade or so!
    Even for the richer economies, is that number even sustainable?

  33. CB BC says:

    The US is poised to withdraw membership in the UN, with H.R. 193. It is there waiting on outcomes in this UN Migration Pact and UN Refugee Pact.

  34. CB BC says:

    The new political majority are the migrants. Forget that an elected representative loses support in the present. That's of little consequence, as the migrant population grows. Sharia law ahead!

  35. Vanessa Smith says:

    Agenda 21 – global government  – 1984 is here and working in the UN, the EU, and any other large government body around the world.

  36. Mat Crichton says:

    Mad Max! Mad Max! Mad Max!

  37. Caroline Siegel says:


  38. pseudopetrus says:

    We need to fight for Canadian sovereignty, we need to crush Trudeau, before he crushes Canadians!

  39. Douglas Taylor says:

    Please do not tell me that anyone is going to sign this shit.

  40. Judy Davidson says:

    Are Canadians aware a Moratorium and Statement of Claim has been filed to stop any signings of documents like the compact or TPP?

    We can play the political game or do something that is a lawful and peaceful process to claim our true rights that have been hidden from us.
    http://www.myfreedom2017 dot com

    The time to take action is today.

  41. clay fada says:

    From a start our crowd of gangsters can't do safe and orderly.and most countries are the same.

  42. janetitus1 says:

    No borders no country, welcome to the New World Order

  43. Swedes Are White says:

    Ultra violence is the only answer against this crap

  44. serpens8 says:

    progressive societies believe in free progressive speech…..

  45. Kevin Olesik says:

    Stop the New World Order from infiltrating our systems ! …

  46. Cassiel Cirta says:

    This agreement,it’s selling your country to the UN and they will use it like a dumpster

  47. Maria Schick says:

    .Just ship more refugees and asylum seekers the Canadian taxpayers have tons of money to spend on migrants

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