Will the budget deliver on the government’s pledge for housing?

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Polls consistently show housing as one of our biggest concerns but it didn’t generate many headlines from the Chancellor’s budget.

Philip Hammond announced an additional £500m for the Housing Infrastructure Fund – which now stands at £5.5bn and the government hopes will contribute towards the building of 650,000 new houses.

Chief Executive of Pocket Living, Marc Vlessing joins Sky’s Ian King to discuss whether the government really is doing enough.

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8 Responses

  1. Richard Goode says:

    Brownfield land for a housing estate or a farm land for sale as to a own as share of a home a policy for a point.

  2. Grey Chip says:

    No because there (((banker))) masters love mass immigration as it keep raising the prices of housing which in turn makes them more money. That's the reason why immigration will never be stopped as bankers make to much money from it.

  3. KEVIN HESKETH says:

    The government won't scrap the right to buy council houses because they protect the private landlords and those who decided to take out buy to let mortgages instead of a pension.Pensions ruined by tax relief changes brought in by Gordon Brown.The social housing crisis goes al
    The way back to thatcher but New Labour didn't reverse anything.On new build with the leasehold now turned into casino speculation for the home owner,I'd never buy a new house ever.

  4. Patricia Shaw says:

    Where will the immigrants live do they come before British people?

  5. jon smith says:

    We wouldn't be talking about this if successive governments hadn't sold us out with mass immigration.

  6. Malcom Canning says:

    British politicians and justice is a myth

  7. siva siva says:

    Council house's cost the same as normal rentals anyway

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