Zlatan Ibrahimovic Can Really Do Anything

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James gives his ultra-confident guest Zlatan Ibrahimovic a series of tests to see if he’s truly capable of anything. From flossing to naming the Kardashians, Zlatan can truly do it all, somehow including criticizing himself.

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27 Responses

  1. JustSlaiman says:

    Zlatan cant do anything.
    Anything does zlaten

  2. Vincent Bertilsson says:

    Lika ifall du är svenne

  3. LittleBird says:

    BDE alert

  4. I'm Deformed says:

    As soon as Zlatan entered the scene, it was no longer James' show anymore.

  5. Solus Darkcoat says:

    "… Can really do anything" Except get a good looking haircut, beard, face, an accent that doesn't make you want to vomit. Oh, and acting… But besides that? No, not much, he pretty much only does football…

  6. soulassassin0g says:

    Zlatan can have a staring contest with the sun and win.

  7. B V says:

    I had to come here after the french DJ asked the woman footballer if she can twerk… damn, poor zlatan.

  8. abdimajid ahmed says:

    is that zlatan wife

  9. Zainu Udin says:

    Nice. Z Ibrahimovic

  10. Ogge King says:

    Hahahaha Zlatan god floss

  11. JC D says:

    10 FACTS you need to know about Zlatan —>
    1. Zlatan is never lucky when he scores goals, goals are lucky to be scored by Zlatan.
    2. When Zlatan were sitting in class he didn’t have to raise his hand to say something, the teachers raised their hands to talk to Zlatan.
    3. If Zlatan is wearing sunglasses, it’s because of that he needs to protect the sun from getting burnt.
    4. If you have 2 dollars and Zlatan has 2 dollars, he has more money than you.
    5. Zlatan does not need to eat food, the food needs to be eaten by Zlatan.
    6. Football didn’t make Zlatan famous, Zlatan made football.
    7. Zlatan don’t have no friends, friends have Zlatan.
    8. If Zlatan is in your home, you’re the guest.
    9. When Zlatan looks in the mirror he does not see something, because there’s only one Zlatan.
    10. Zlatan don’t need miracles, miracles need Zlatan.


  12. _Troublemaker_ says:

    Who ist better Zlatan or Chuck Norris?

  13. Luca Aversano says:

    Rosamunde pike flirting

  14. sanket shukla says:

    Zlatan Created Kardashians

  15. Irebel Shafayat says:

    James:'are u confident? '
    Zlatan(GOD) :'I am Zlatan'

  16. Daniel says:

    I come here regulary just to see comments of zlatan's confidence

  17. DNAngel says:

    Zlatan is more powerful than Chuck Norris.

  18. Palatore says:

    Zlatan doens't eat honey. He chews bees.

  19. Koyar Kodo says:

    He is the best

  20. Arfan Munir says:

    One of the best comment section ever

  21. alejandro GODOY says:

    how is name of the girls rightside of zlatan

  22. IAMROHIT 7 says:

    when zlatan visit your country you are a foreigner.

  23. leipe Video's says:

    When Zlatan answers a question wrong they appoligize for giving the question

  24. Ram Sanders says:

    I am not looking to Zlatan he is looking to me

  25. Help the needy not the greedy says:

    What a clown.

  26. 100 subs with no videos says:

    3:10 sounds like Russain

  27. 100 subs with no videos says:

    3:10 sounds like Danish

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